Chapter 30 – Elf Queen

「Even if you say that…..」

I’m a farmer. To be honest, I’m just an ordinary person with skills.

「Now, draw your weapon!」

No….even if you ask for my weapon, the only thing I have is a hoe.

「The only weapon I have is a hoe….are you okay with it?」

The elf queen laughed.

「Is your hoe even for plowing field? Yes, your hoe….you are probably using it to plow your enemy’s head!」

What an amazing imagination.

—plow the enemy’s head…..

「No, wait a minute! Listen to me!」

「We already attacked each other. The war has started and it won’t end unless blood flows!」

By the way, I heard that the elves are fighters.

However, it seems like they are not fit to fight alone.

「I guess so, however, if I win, will you listen to me?」

「Before we start…..losing is not something you can find in my head!」

Then, the elf queen shot an arrow at me.

No….four arrows were released in a single shot.

She’s a skillful archer.

One on the head, two on the torso, and one on the foot.

The arrows flew at a tremendous speed to me and the trajectory is very accurate.

—-however, that’s naïve of you!

Four flashes.

I intercepted the arrows in the air and cut the distance by dashing towards the elf queen.

「It’s over! You won’t be able to use your weapon at this distance!」

When I dashed and raised my hoe—the elf queen laughed.

「You are the naïve one! World Tree Gospel: (Ruby: Green Holy Flare)!」

I felt something behind me, I turned around—-and found a green sphere of around two-meter radius popping out behind me.

Looking at it closely, it came from the magic circle on the ground and is now advancing towards me.

That means there has always been a magic circle there and she’s baiting me to do what I’m currently doing?

「That is the base defense ritual magic circle that us elves have built over several decades! Even the demon king won’t be able to handle that— that is the maximum power of our village, our supreme magic, taste it with your body!」

My intuition is speaking to me.

—it will be bad if I get hit!

However, the green sphere is already just a stone away. I can’t evade.

And that time—

Skill: Farm Work Level 10 has been activated】


—-I can feel overflowing power in my body!

All my motor nerves and reflexes are sharpened to the limit.

It seems that everything around me has stopped – with that, I evaded the green sphere by doing an acrobatic backflip.

Then, when I managed to stabilize my stance, I waved my hoe!

The green sphere disappeared in one blow.

For a few moments, the elf queen who saw everything was stunned.

「……No way! How can you move like that?! How did you do it!?」

I want to know too.

How can I get transcendent physical ability with farming skills? How can I destroy magic with just a farming tool?

Then, she lost all hope and looked up at the sky.

「……No, admitting defeat is also…a warrior’s honor.」

As she is, she let go of her bow and arrows on the ground and knelt down.

「……I lost….kill me」

I shook my head to the left and right.

「Our purpose is not to fight. We came here to establish friendship.」

「Friendship? I don’t know what you are planning behind the scenes to say that but, do I look like an idiot who’ll believe the enemy’s words?」

「Anyway…..once you had a taste of my carrot, we’ll be good friends.」

Hearing me say that, the elf queen stares at my crotch.

Then, blushes and dropped her gaze to the ground.

「Kuh…..kill me now. I won’t be humiliated!」

I’m not sure but it seems like she misunderstood me.

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