Chapter 690 – Trial

In the courtyard of my mansion, there is a thin sheet of clothes that looks hastily laid on the gravel. Miyo is sitting there in seiza.

Standing in front of Miyo and asking questions is Bell.

「Are you trying to say that all of these are nothing but an accident?」

Miyo did not reply to Bell’s question.

The one who answered was Gou, who’s standing next to Miyo.

「Yes. They are all coincidences. That accident was only a result of overlapping coincidences. We insist on innocence.」

Gou seems to be Miyo’s defense attorney.

「Then, witness, I will allow you to speak.」

Nana, who should be working in Village Five, raised her hand when Bell said so.

「After checking the explosion in Shato City, I headed to Shashaato City to arrest Miyo but she had already fled. Her quick action is a proof that she planned all of these.」

Gou objected.

「Objection, the accused(Miyo) did not escape. She just moved to confirm the situation.」

Bell accepted Gou’s objection.

「According to the report, Nana arrested Miyo in the royal capital. Are you telling us that she confirmed the situation in the capital?」

Hearing Bell, Gou was speechless.

「Miyo looked for Ursa-sama, Alfred-sama, and Tiselle-sama in the royal capital to ask them to intervene. If it was an accident, is there a need for her to suddenly ask them that out of the blue?」

That’s obviously her goal.

「…….then, you have nothing more to say, right?」

Bell said so as she looked at Gou.

「N-no, wait a minute. She only asked Ursa-sama and the others to defend her because she panicked when she heard about the accident. That’s a normal thing to do to defend yourself. It is still too premature to conclude that she planned that accident.」

「Panicked, is it….However, if she really wants to defend herself, shouldn’t she have gone to Big Tree Village and not the royal capital? Why didn’t she do that?」


「When Miyo saw the explosion, she guessed that her plan failed and fled to the royal capital immediately. When she perceived that Nana’s on her tail, she cried to Ursa-sama’s group who happened to be in the capital. Do you think this is just a product of my imagination? Or the truth? 」

Bell gently asks Gou but her eyes are sharper than knives as she looks at Miyo.

「…..any more excuses are unsightly. I also acknowledge the accused’s guilt. 」

Gou gave up.

Miyo looked at Gou with despairing eyes.

Then, she laughs and glares back at Bell.

「I’m innocent! I’ve been framed! There should be someone who’s manipulating everything behind the scenes! If you check, I’m sure you’ll find out the truth!」

Unlike her previous silence, she screamed as loud as she could.

However, it did not move Bell.

「I understand. We’ll look into it after we execute you. Release the executioner.」

「Wa-wait, wait a minute, please! I’m innoce….」

Miyo, who was captured by the mask-wearing executioner, was about to be taken somewhere but….Irre broke in.

Irre quickly approached Miyo and grabbed her head.

「What the f*ck is that? You are condemned and about to be executed! Are you just going to accept that and won’t resist? And, when you give your excuse, you should have stared at Gou with bloodlust! He’s an enemy too! Everyone’s your enemy! Don’t forget that! But this script needs correction! No last lines. Yeah, you are innocent. Your facial expression should show the face of an innocent person.」

「No, how can you ask something that difficult to an amateur….」

「Do you want to be changed with someone else?」

「Kuh…….I’ll do it.」

「Well, that’s a good reply. Exceed my expectations!」

Irre said so and released Miyo’s head and turned back to Bell.

「Bell, your performance is good. You were amazing. Keep it up but can I just fix the script for a moment? No no, I got it. There’s no problem with your performance at all. Yeah, that’s the last scene but I let Miyo adlib so I plan to change the scene according to that. Do you mind? Thank you. Well then, it will be like this….」

Irre has different attitude per actor. Miyo is like the main lead but she didn’t mind what Irre was doing.


Why is that shooting taking place?

There was an incident but it was not complicated.

It all started with the Shato City explosion.

There’s no damage to the advance team and the reason of the explosion was also clarified by Gucci.

I thought it had already ended.

But to some, it’s not.

They are the mercuries of Village Four led by Bell.

They suspected Miyo of attempting to assassinate me since she’s the one who requested me to investigate Shato City.

Of course, Miyo wouldn’t even think of that.

In addition, if she really wants to assassinate me, I don’t think she’ll use something that uncertain.

I persuaded Bell but she said Miyo should explain her innocence herself so she sent Nana to Shashaato City.

However, Miyo was no longer in Shashaato City.

Miyo fled to the capital using the short-range teleportation gates.

It turns out she had asked Ursa and the others to intervene for her in the royal capital which angered Bell.

「That girl(Miyo) has been like that since the ancient time!」


A few days later.

A tied-up Miyo was pulled in front of me.

It looks like Miyo resisted but Bell and Gou have already expected that.

No, that explosion was an accident, right?

On what charges should Miyo be judged?

No, I’ll be troubled if you just tell me to do what I want….

What does a trial look like in this world?

By the way, Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle requested for the mitigation of penalty for Miyo.

They sent me a letter and the only content was “Miyo is innocent.”.

I feel like they’re not trying to protect Miyo that much.

Should I just give Miyo a gentle punishment?

Given the atmosphere, I have to give her some kind of punishment.

Well, not really the atmosphere…

「The mercuries want to dispel any doubts you might have for them. Do you think you can give Miyo light punishment?」

Loo told me that so I have to think about an appropriate punishment.

I thought of a lot of things.

When I thought of a light punishment, Miyo suddenly despaired.

Is playing a day with the kuros born this year not a punishment?



Miyo will become the lead actress of a film.

The content of the movie is my request which is a normal trial in this world.

I’m aware that the mercuries won’t think of that as some sort of punishment.

That’s why when they are filming it, Bell said Miyo should be sitting in seiza on gravel.

The thin sheet covering the gravel is gentleness from Gou.

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Maa, even if I call it a movie, it’s only a short scene or around eight minutes.

Since it will only be released in Big Tree Village, there’s no point in making it any longer.

「Eh? Why aren’t you going to publicize it?」

Loo was surprised. However, I won’t let anyone else other than the villagers watch it.

Miyo is the villain.

I’m not going to give that much punishment.

「However, what about Irre’s efforts….」

Loo urges me to look at their shooting.

Hmm, exciting.


I think you don’t have to go that far.

There’s no point in awakening Miyo’s actress’ soul.

Don’t force Miyo to do something she can’t and just praise how good Bell and Gou are.

They’re amazing.

But, well, yeah….this won’t be publicized after all.

Let’s make this a phantom work that can only be watched in the village.

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