Chapter 66 – Squirrel with Horn?….Not Really

On the 5th day of my search, I found another cave.

It is within the barrier and it is too wide.

Looking at it from above… looks like it is widespread.

It’s a cave system!


I can’t find what I want.

In the newly found cave, there were shining red ores and shining blue ores.

Fluffy, who came with me, looked very pleased but they are not what I’m looking for so let’s leave them behind.


This cave system is also like a gigantic maze….we might get lost if we go too deep.

This will eat up my time too.


Day 5.

Though the entrance was covered in vegetation and it’s a little hard to see, I noticed a cave.

The atmosphere is a little different from all the caves I’ve been to before.

Then, upon entering, I found a squirrel with strange color in front of me….it looks like it’s on ice.

There’s no change even if I casted purification to it. It seems like it is not cursed.


….scary and creepy.


I want to turn back immediately but it already took my interest.

I tried touching the ice but it’s not cold.

I stared at the squirrel inside this not ice thing.

I mean, this squirrel has a horn on its head….its color is also blue-green.

Since it has a horn….is it ferocious?


I don’t feel it’s dead.

Or is it dead….?

What a mysterious phenomenon.


When I touch the ice-like thing, it cracks.

…I caused it but I didn’t intend to break it.

If this ice-like thing continues to crack, it will shatter soon.


What should I do?

How do you fix this ice-like thing?

When I looked around, I saw Kisa being vigilant.

As for Soa, not much.


….is it dangerous?

I stared at the squirrel inside the cracked ice-like thing.

….its eyes are opened.

It’s alive, what should I do?


The squirrel-looking creature looked around and checked its companions who were also inside other ice-like things.

And then, stared at me.


—Scene Change—


I broke all the ice-like things.

The squirrels come out one after another….it looks like every one of them is fine.

There are 34 squirrels in total.

They look like behave little creatures so there shouldn’t be any problem.


I was relieved that Koa and boss-san came with me.

The squirrels looked surprised when they saw them.

However, they don’t look scared.


The squirrels are friendly.

I’m a little scared of their horns but one of them is already on my shoulder.

They are cute but I’m not that familiar with their color.

Since they’re good little creatures, I decided to take all of them home.


—Scene Change—


However, I can’t just go back.

I went to the cave where I found Chata and the others since it’s on the way home.

When I was checking the cave, the magnet got stuck.


Then, I remember that I’m in a different world.

Who said that iron is supposed to be silvery?

The color of the rock that the magnet got stuck on is mixed black and yellow-green.

Does that mean that iron here is yellow-green?

Is it iron to begin with?

Even if I’m in a different world, I’m uneasy even if the magnet is sticking on it.

Then, what should I do now?

…..there’s no point in overthinking things and I should just do what I can do.

Let’s secure some yellow-green rocks.

After I try, I’ll be able to find out.

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Let’s go home and introduce the squirrels to others.

Looking at the squirrels, I can’t distinguish which is which.

It might be impossible to name them.

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