Chapter 31 –Elf is Erofu, Terrible Pun

Then, there was a big banquet.

「This sake is delicious desu♪」

Sonja is drinking sake with the elves.

It is a distilled liquor made from fermented potatoes…maa, it’s basically shochu.

「However, Tatsuya-dono is such a meanie. If you came here to trade vegetables, you should have said so from the start….」

The elf queen glared at me while drinking shochu.

「No, you guys suddenly attacked us…..」

Maa, if I say that again, it will only start with a fight so I better keep my mouth shut.

That aside, the queen’s attitude softened when we fed her my carrot just like what Arisa suggested.

The elves are originally busy working to export weapons and tools that are magically enhanced. It seems like they are too busy that it is too impossible for them to farm.

There is a high demand for magically enhanced products from various countries and you can say it’s a business where money flows non-stop.

However, they are living close to the forest of no return so it is very hard to carry fresh vegetables there.

It seems like a stable food supply was one of the weaknesses of the village because they only rely on imports for food.

Given their situation, they have no choice but to wage war against Sonja and the hand-riding rabbits.

「Maa, let’s pour the past into the water and just enjoy the superb vegetable and sake today.」

The queen is pleased but it seems like there’s more sake than vegetables.

In fact, they even brought me smoked meat from a certain hut while they served me more and more shochu.

 「By the way, how did you make these vegetables taste like this?」

「It’s a trade secret.」

I’ve confirmed it with Maria but it seems like I’m the only one who has farming-related skills in this world.

In addition, we were in a state of war just a few moments ago so there’s no way I’ll reveal my cards.

「Maa, given how they taste—-it is normal that you want to keep it a secret.」

The queen seems to especially like the petit tomatoes since she has been eating them since earlier.

And she also drinks shochu while eating.

The sweet little tomatoes are like strawberries but I don’t think they go well with sake….

「By the way, queen-san, why don’t you try putting this on vegetables and eat it?」

「What’s that?」

I tried to put mayonnaise on a small plate because it is good and I thought they would like it.

Along with it, I gave her carrot and cucumber sticks.


While tilting her neck a little, the elf queen sticks the tip of the stick to the mayonnaise and puts it on her mouth.

「…..what is this?」

The queen quickly ate the sticks on her mouth after dipping them in the mayonnaise—she’s so intense that she had to drink shochu to unblock her throat.

「I can only think of this as a work of the spirits of the forest…..what is this taste? Is it alright for something this delicious to exist in this world?」

Next time I come, I’ll bring some vegetable dressing.

Maybe you’ll forget everything once you taste it.

「You’re exaggerating.」

When I answered with a smile, the queen shook her head with a serious expression.

「This taste….I can’t think of it as a product of human hand.」

Then, the queen turned her gaze to Sonja.

「And of course, if you have this kind of carrot, you’ll certainly get this girl…」

「I also ask them to not steal anymore.」

Then, the queen giggled.

「Yeah, they don’t need to.」


「I mean….after tasting it….they can only think of your carrot….」

Maa, I don’t feel bad being praised.

「Your vegetables are really delicious.」

The queen is eating mayo cucumber while drinking shochu. Then I thought, how many glasses have we drunk?

I mean, this place smells like alcohol already.

「Well then, it’s time we go home….」

It is almost duck and today’s purpose of establishing friendship has been achieved.

I will leave the deal later to Arisa…..if we continue drinking like this, we won’t be able to go home at night.

「Even if you say you’re going home…..everyone’s already sleeping.」

Sonja and the hand-riding rabbits are sleeping drunk.

Maa, the little children gang are done for and Maria and Aria are sleeping in a velvety state.

「Looks like it…..」

When she heard me say that, the queen smiled.

「By the way, Tatsuya-dono.」

「What is it?」

「You are strong, aren’t you?」

「Ah, that seems to be the case and it just happened for some reason.」

Then, the queen said with a lustrous sigh which was strengthened by alcohol.

「I heard from those three that you are also very strong in that…..」

Oi oi, how much did they drink to tell others about that…..

Before I knew it, there were already ten elves surrounding me.

「Oi, are you going to take revenge after you got us drunk?」

I have to defend myself… I took out my hoe.

The queen shook her head.

「Have you noticed that there’s no male elf?」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Our race continues by getting seeds from other races.」

Then, along with the ten elves around me, the queen’s cheeks turned vermillion red while looking at me with erotic eyes.

—-oi oi, this pattern….could it be….

「We’re looking for seeds of outstanding me so—stay here today!」

As expected.

I can only shrug my shoulders.

「No, but….we just met today, right?」

「There are ten beautiful elves here, right? Are you saying you don’t like them?」

Everyone is sad to the point that they are teary. It looks like they’ll start crying any moment.

And so—I said this with my honest feeling.

「I don’t dislike you at all.」

A lot of this happened after that….I literally mean a lot.

There’s even a time that I almost got scared because of the sheer number of people but other than that, there’s no problem.

If I don’t have the skill “King of the Night” I might have been killed.

No, I’m just exaggerating but they are strong opponents even individually.

Well, I won in the end.

—-given that, I concluded that elves are erofu.

TN: As the title said, it’s a bad pun. Elf in Japanese is Erufu. Ero is short for erotic.

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