Chapter 691 – Explosion Settlement

The explosion may have scattered dangerous items around the area.

That’s what Gucci said and Miyo conveyed that to Governor Ifrus of Shashaato City.

The result.

By the order of the governor of Shashaato City, Shato City and the area around it are now off-limits.

It is now closed to the public and the duration is until Gucci and his subordinates confirm that there are no more dangerous items.

Of course, our investigation mission is also suspended….perhaps aborted is the correct word.

It’s a shame.

However, I don’t want anyone to go to a dangerous place and I won’t let anyone go to a dangerous place.

The mission being aborted is just fine.

I even feel guilty for sending Rigune and the three impure dragons to such a dangerous place.

Rigune and the three said that it’s okay since it is the responsibility of the advance scouting party to check for any danger. As an apology, go and relax in Village Five.

For now, go stay, eat, drink, and enjoy anything in Village Five and I’ll take care of all of your expenses.

Or that how it should have been….

In Big Tree Village, Rigune and the three impure dragons were involved in another explosion.

What are you doing?

An experiment on how to protect yourself from an explosion?

Rigune dashed and dashed away so she’s safe but the three impure dragons looked ragged…No, only Ojess is ragged.

You used her again as a shield?


Isn’t Ojess resistant to flame?

Why do you look like you just escaped from a burning house?

The flame and explosion are different?

The explosion in Shato City is not that hot and powerful?

I don’t get what you’re saying but I guess you are right.

Just don’t overdo things.

You two who are using Ojess as a shield, study the angle first before making her a shield.

Also, Loo and Tier, suppress your explosion magic a little.

The sound and impact of the explosion will surprise the livestock.


There’s no way the livestock of the village will be surprised with an explosion of that level?

I guess the horses and chickens are already used to it.

However, there are still those who are not used to it yet.

Like the pegasuses.

They were startled by the sound of the explosion and tried to escape to the forest.

Well, their formation was good but I don’t think this is the time to praise them.

Even though they saw me, they still rushed into the forest.

The kuros were worried so they chased them…areh?

They flew into the forest because the kuros are chasing them?

No, that shouldn’t be the case.

Anyway, suppress the power of your explosion.


After saying that, I joined the pegasuses search party.


All pegasuses were found and protected.

They were found by the kuros.

They were protected by the spiderlings.

The pegasuses will try to fly and escape so they are tied up with webs to restrain them….excuse me, I mean protect them.

Yeah pegasuses, I understand your complaints but you will be attacked by monsters and demon beasts in the forest. It’s a dangerous place so please forgive them for tying you up in order to protect you properly.

I’m sure you panicked so much that you didn’t follow instructions, right?

When the beastgirls who were taking care of the pegasuses in the ranch arrived, they finally calmed down.

Are they hurt?

Oh, they’re just stressed from being tied up.

Since they have the energy to complain, I guess they’re all okay.

I apologize for the explosion so return to the ranch area.

I’ll give you some freshly harvested pumpkins and sweet potatoes.


You want carrots too?

Okay okay.

However, I’ll give the horses too.

If I only give you, the horses will sulk.

I’m glad you understand.

Alright, negotiation will end here.


After taking the pegasuses back, I went back to my mansion to pick some pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and carrots I promised to the pegasuses and found Gucci waiting for me.

Perhaps the search for dangerous items is over.

Three big dangerous items and sixteen small dangerous items were recovered.

Are those all the items that scattered?

Governor Ifrus’ immediate response to ban the entry on that place is good.

It will take a few more days to make sure that everything will be picked up?

Of course, safety first.

Thank you for taking care of it.

So….why are you here?

Do you only want to report that to me?

Ah, you want me to check the dangerous items you found?

I trust you so there’s no need.

I don’t think Gucci will exploit any dangerous items so handle them as you see fit.

It was originally managed by Gucci so you should know how to handle them, right?

I’ll leave everything to you.

Hearing my reply, Gucci politely bows.

So picturesque.

If Irre was here, he would have taken a picture.


When the ban is lifted, the explosion site will be checked… that necessary.

Originally, it was planned to be a city dedicated for shooting but it’s now a bad idea because of the explosion.

Miyo is already selecting another place.

She’s checking out the villages that have become relay points of the short-range teleportation gates.

They are good candidates since transportation is not a problem.

It would be also good to develop one of those as a tourist destination.

It seems like Michael-san of the Goroun Company is cooperating with Miyo.


There are two additional petitions for the mitigation of Miyo’s punishment.

They are from Governor Ifrus of Shashaato City and Maron, the son of Michael-san of the Goroun Company.

They sent those to me as soon as they heard Miyo was caught but it only arrived now since they were delivered via official route.

Maa, I’m not even going to charge Miyo with a crime and since it has already been settled, these are just useless petitions. However, these mean Miyo is cherished.

Especially the one from Governor Ifrus.

He wrote that it was a mistake to capture her and that it should be investigated again. He pointed out how hard-working Miyo is and that I should consider the good for everyone. He wrote it in a very polite way.

So, this is how to properly write a petition. I learned something new.

Next time, I’ll show it to Alfred and the others.

As for Maron’s….

When Miyo was away, businesses related to Big Roof Shashaato malfunctioned so he requested to leave her head and hands if I’ll ever punish her.


There’s no way I’ll show this to Alfred and the others.

Let’s hide this in a place that Miyo won’t find.

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