Chapter 32 – Everyone Went in the Small Bath Together

「Ah, paradise.」

I healed the fatigue I got from farming in the bath while I sighed as I looked at the two moons.

Taking a bath is great after all.

The food is good and I’m surrounded by beauties….perhaps I’m living a better life compared to the one I had in Japan.

However, there is slavery in this world and “boom” I could have ended as one. In addition, I’m currently living in a monster den.

In fact, it seems like my life here is in hard mode.

It’s thanks to a number of mysterious skills I have that I don’t need to worry about those things. I really should be grateful for my isekai transmigration privilege.

And then—

「Bath♪ Bath♪」

Sonja came into the bath.

「The bath is great desu ne.」

Maria came in too.

「Master….I would like to rest in the bath if you don’t mind….」

Ouroboros came in too.

「I came to purchase materials but before that, I’ll take a bath.」

Arisa came in too.

「I came here to inspect the vegetables before the trade but….I heard that the bath is amazing and felt good.」

And so is the elf queen.

I mean, this bath is a simple goemon type bath so it’s small.

And since it is deep, the basic style is to enjoy it while standing. Of course, now that everyone went inside, it’s tightly packed.

And since it’s packed, body-to-body contact is a matter of fact and that will make…a lot of things happen.

In other words, it’s all according to these carnivorous women’s plan….


And so, my moan melted into the darkness of the night.


The next day.

「The bath is broken?」

「Yes, master….Sonja is being reckless.」

The disgusted Ouroboros can only shrug her shoulders.

I mean, I feel like everyone was reckless and not just her….let’s put that aside.

「The number of residents has increased so I want to make a proper house. I also want a proper bath and not a simple bath like that.」

「I see….」

Ouroboros made a difficult face—-

「I heard what you are talking about. However, Tatsuya-nii is also reckless.」

Arisa barged in through the door like always.


「If you want to make something right, you have to call craftsmen from a village. You will need both artisan and workers.」

「Maa, I suppose that’s true.」

「You have to hire a lot of people from the village and it will be a huge expense. As you know, this place is a high-level dungeon. They won’t go unless they are being escorted by high-level adventurers.」

That reminds me, you said that before too.

「It will be a life-threatening construction project in a high-level dungeon so you’ll be charged at a rip-off price. In addition, you have to keep high-ranking adventurers stay for several weeks. The total number of people needed should be between 15 to 30….and they’ll work for several weeks with their lives at risk.」

「How much will it cost?」

「It will cost around four thousand gold coins, materials not included. High-rank adventurers are like luxury goods especially when they’ll be dispatched for a long period of time in a dungeon…you can only hire them with that price. 」

All my money is sucked into the offering box….honestly, I’m like a fool.

「Is that your trouble?」

And then, the elf queen hit her palm with her fist.

「How about I send 10 of your young ones and craftsmen? It’s fine if you’ll just give us the right amount of compensation.」

「I appreciate your proposal but….the problem is, elf building skills is basically using trees, right? Is that okay for Tatsuya-nii?」

Maa, when we went to the elves’ place last time, it felt really fantasy-like because their houses are basically hollowed-out trees.

It’s like, remodeling a big tree as an apartment.

To be frank, I don’t like it that much.

If you’re looking for a place to stay for one night, it will be a fun experience but if you’re going to live in a place like that…..

「Then, how about we talk to the dwarves?」

I smiled after hearing those words.

It seems like I’ll meet one fantasy race after the other…

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