Chapter 68 – Has Borne Fruit….I Did My Best

When I got up in the morning, I found the 30 farming corps lining up in my bedroom.

You should really stop doing something scary like that.

Are they trying to harass me?

I don’t think so or at least that’s what I want to believe.

I stared at the farming corps and all 30 of them stared back. Scary.

…..The field is ready for harvest?

Then, why did you all come here?


The field is ready for harvest but all I did for it was sow seeds and water it once.

After that, everything has been taken care of by the farming corps, the chibi ants, and chibi spiders.

I have never cultivated vegetables before but I know that we have a good harvest.

Though I don’t even know that it is already harvesting time.


The plan was to harvest the 10 kinds of vegetables that look familiar.

They look edible but I don’t know how they taste.

There’s even a possibility that they are not edible.


I went into the field and found a new building next to the rocky mountain.

….it was a warehouse where anything related to farming was stored. When did we have it?


Let’s just focus on harvesting.

Out of those 10 familiar-looking vegetables, we’ll harvest 7 today.

I poured a little water into a rock pot and put a rock plate in it.

Then, I put one of each of the 7 kinds of crops that we had just harvested on it. After that, I put a cover on it and put it on the fire to cook them.

I only want to steam them to know their tastes better.


When I removed the cover, I smelled something good.

I took them all out and it looks like there’s no problem.

The first one, it tastes and looks like a potato.

The second one, hnn?

The texture is good but the taste is too thin….regrettable.

The third one, sweet and sticky, like sweet potato.

The fourth one, kind of refreshing and it’s similar to radish.

I tried it raw. It’s delicious but nothing I’ve tasted before.

The fifth one, sticky potato. Is this some kind of taro root?

The sixth one, it’s sweet, however, I don’t think it should be eaten as it is.

The last one, it’s watery and feels weird but it’s delicious.

Except for 2nd and 6th, everything else will be moved to the storage room.

The 2nd and 6th will be moved to a temporary room on the 1st floor.

That day, I cooked meat with the harvested vegetables.

They are edible and make things more delicious.


The next day, only one of them was waiting by my bed.

When we went to the field, the ants and the spiders were already plowing the field.

They seemed to have liked their tastes.


—Scene Change—


It took 10 days to harvest everything.

There are 7 potato-like crops. Their taste, texture, and sizes differ.

There are 3 radish-like crops. Their sweetness and sizes differ.

There is 1 sweet potato-like crop. It’s quite sweet.

There are 2 taro root-like crops. They differ in size.

There were also crops that were not under the ground but on top.

There are 3 pumpkin-like crops. Their sweetness and sizes differ.

There is 1 ginger-like crop.

There are 4 onion-like crops.

There are 13 other crops that I’ve never seen before but all of them taste good.

There are 34 kinds of crops in total, a great harvest.

We left 10 of each on the field. We’ll turn them to seeds later.

The rest will be moved to the storage room.


There are 4 types that I rejected after tasting.

3 of them were super bitter and had eerie tastes.

We’ll turn them into fertilizers later.


The crops that are light tasting, sweet or long-lasting will be preserved.

If I succeed, my seasonings will increase and that’s what I want to happen.


We did our best and the harvest was completed without anything being wasted.

I think that’s good. 

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