Chapter 692 – Joro Merchant Group I

My name is Joro.

I’m a peddler.

Even though I say I’m a peddler, I’m not alone.

I lead a considerable merchant group.

We have seven large wagons and ten small wagons.

I have more than sixty subordinates.

In other words, I’m that skilled of a merchant.


I’m sorry, I lied.

I’m only leading a group of this scale not because of my ability.

With my true ability, even if I work hard, I’ll only own one small wagon.

Even my two subordinates are only my subordinates because of kinship.

I’m aware of everything.

Even so, I still managed to lead a large merchant group.

It is all thanks to a certain request from a certain country.

No, I’m neither thankful nor it is a request, I was threatened.

「I want to send troops to investigate the demon king’s kingdom. The number I’ll send is sixty. I think you should be able to sneak them since they are only a little, right?」

A certain evening, I was wandering around a certain city, looking for a certain inn, I was suddenly taken into a certain dark room.

Honestly, I don’t remember how I answered.

My only thought that time was I’m going to be killed so I remember desperately talking about something.

As a result, I received the advance payment that I won’t be able to earn even if I work for fifty years. I decided to go to the demon king’s kingdom leading a merchant group in disguise.

With this money, I can even start my own small traveling merchant group.

And I have no choice but to do it.


The destination is the royal capital.

However, it was also planned to investigate Shashaato City along the way.

The sea route is the best way to get to Shashaato City from our current location but the ships coming from human kingdoms will be strictly checked.

And Shashaato City is reputed for being quite strict.

Because of that, we decided to detour and go to another port city and from there, travel to Shashaato City by land.

I thought that the security check might be strict even in another port city but it seems like it is lighter than expected.

It’s dangerous so I won’t ask for details.


The journey was calm.

As for me, I’m doing normal business.

It’s a bit of fun to be able to buy and sell in quantities I’ve never dealt with before.

「Leader, I heard this from the people of this city. It will take two days to travel to a neighboring village but there’s a possibility that food can’t be bought there. It seems like it will take five days before we arrive in a city where we can buy food.」

Got it.

Thinking of emergency, I always issue instructions to secure enough food and water for 10 days.

Those merchants in disguise follow my instructions without complaint.

Probably because they don’t want to blow our cover.

Those disguised as merchants have received some degree of education.

I won’t be surprised if some of them are nobles.

I’m the leader of this traveling merchant group but that is only a role given to me.

In terms of power relationships, these people in disguise are higher than me.

I’m at the lower end.

So, there was a possibility that they wouldn’t listen to me….

They are well trained.

No, it’s because it’s an important part of the mission to act what you disguise.

Ah, no no.

I’m a traveling merchant.

Leader of a medium-scale group.

I shouldn’t be concerned about the identity or mission of these people in disguise.

The product I can sell, the products I can buy, and the weather today and tomorrow.

It’s going to rain tomorrow morning so what I have to be concerned with is our lodging place.


The land journey of our merchant group lasted for about a year.

We approached Shashaato City little by little.

Of course, rumors about Shashaato City have come into my ears.

「It is a city that has suddenly developed in recent years. Ah, don’t buy timber there. Use all your resources to buy seasonings instead.」

「It is a city deemed important by the demon king’s kingdom. There are a lot of security personnel there so the security is good.」

「The power of Goroun Company in that city is next to no one. However, they don’t control everything. You can get a good deal there and no one will stop you.」

「There’s a restaurant there that serves very delicious food. If you go there, you will not be able to leave for another city.」

「It seems like there’s a baseball(a kind of ball game) epidemic there. Even high nobles of the kingdom are participating themselves.」

「Even if you can’t supply them, if it is something strange, the Goroun Company will buy them. However, you should be careful, if you dare overcharge them, something scary will happen.」

「There are facilities there that can make you travel to distant cities and villages by magic. Is that true?」

「It seems like the city is being run by a young maid. No, it’s true. I’m not lying. The young maid has more power than the governor of that city.」

And so on.

Maa, they might be wrong but I’ll keep them in mind.

I have to consider everything in order to conduct business properly.

Well, the story about the young maid is fake for sure though.

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「Leader, I’ve also heard about a village called Village Five. It seems like it is not inferior to Shashaato City.」

One of the disguised merchants said that to me.

We have been together for a year so it is normal for us to chat.

「I heard something about that too but it’s not Village Five but City Five.」

「Did Village Five developed and become City Five?」

「Maybe Village Five and City Five are two different places?」

To be honest, just stories about it already make me doubt its existence.

Dragons fly frequently there, a giant tiger bought alcohol, there’s also the serpent shrine maiden….

Village Five or City Five seems to be near Shashaato City but I don’t know how far is near.

Perhaps it was a rumor to hide something in Shashaato City.

Maa, we’ll know that once we arrive at Shashaato City.

Even if we won’t immediately know, these people in disguise as merchants will surely find out.

I hope they won’t do anything dangerous.

I only need to worry about my own safety but we have worked together for a year.

I shouldn’t worry too much.

Even if I say something, they won’t listen.

I sighed while my traveling merchant group was advancing towards Shashaato City, our first destination.

If nothing happens, we will be able to reach it in ten days.

Only if nothing happens.

I want to get there before autumn.

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