Chapter 2.16 – Cutting Bad Luck

After parting with Milan and sitting on the couch again, Eseria gravely said something to the other party.

「Sabine-sama, let’s me tell you this first and foremost, there’s no secrets, tricks, or cheats to win vagrant life.」

「It can’t be!!」

(Eseria-sama! Why did you suddenly tell her the truth!?)

Milan was upset when he saw Sabine’s heartbroken expression and surprise. However, Eseria still continues saying outrageous things with normal expression.

「If there can be one, that is burying your opponent before the battle.」

「I can’t do something that horrible!」

(What the heck…..what are you saying? Has this noble girl gone mad….)

Milan was seriously stunned but Eseria’s claim continued.

「However, since Sabine-sama, who still has the ability to say that against my idea, it means that you haven’t reached the point that we have to start using inhumane means. That also means you still have a chance to win.」

「Is that true?」

「Yeah. In short, you can use your resolve into luck desu!」

「…..luck, is it?」

When Sabine heard that, she was kind of embarrassed. Milan, on the other hand, is getting more and more stunned. Eseria continued talking regardless of the reaction around.

「Yes. Sabine-sama has gotten bad results in your every game. While playing, you are probably thinking “What should I do if I lose again?” or “I’ll be in trouble if this number comes out” and that number you are thinking will naturally come out.」


「Think of the games you played and tell me nothing like that happened.」

Sabine seriously considered that question and immediately became impatient and asked back.

「Certainly, that happened so….what should I do, Eseria-sama!?」


Then, she received something from Misty, who had just returned. She brought it in front of Sabine, making her confused.

「Isn’t this a wooden sword for training? What does it has to do with it?」

「Using this, you can cut bad luck and gain the power to get the number you want! I will be with you until the end so just rely on me! Come on, Sabine-sama!」

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

(Eh? What’s wrong with these two noble ladies?)

Milan was seriously confused when she saw Eseria’s claim as if she’s the rightest person alive and Sabine getting convinced by her and taking the wooden sword from Misty. However, Eseria doesn’t care if he’s confused and stands by Sabine while giving instructions to her who’s holding the sword with both of her hands.

「Then, hold that sword.」

「Y-yes. Like this?」

「Yeah. Then, thinking that bad luck is in front of you, swing it down and cut it using the sword while shouting the number you want to show up. Yeah, just follow my lead! Oooonnnnneeeeee!」


In contrast to Eseria, who shook the sword down while shouting vigorously, Sabine shook the wooden sword down modestly with a small voice. However, Eseria rebukes her immediately.

「Your voice is too small!!」

「Ye-yes! Ooonnnee!」



(Mou…..maybe I should go home.)

Seeing Eseria and Sabine waving wooden swords while screaming, Milan looked at a distance.





When he was looking at the two who are full of fighting spirits, someone asked him from behind.

「……Milan, what are those two doing?」

「Ah, Najek-sama, it’s a long story. Actually…」

Looking back in a hurry, he immediately recognized Najek and explained briefly the situation. Upon hearing the whole story, Najek’s expression changed into pity.

「I see……You have it hard. If you have something to do, just go home. I’ll tell Eseria later.」

「Thank you very much.」

After seeing Milan off, Najek turned to his two companions and apologized.

「I’m sorry. It looks like you have to wait.」

Ryell and Izfein responded with a smile.

「I don’t mind, Najek-dono.」

「Look at how high-spirited the two of them are. Yeah, their spirit is quite something. I even feel great obsession.」

Looking at his friend nodding to that, Najek asked with a strange expression.

「Eh? Izfein, those two, are they scaring you?」

「No? I think they’re doing great.」

「I see……..」

After Najek asked his friend, Eseria finally noticed his older brother’s group. She stops what she’s doing and calls them out.

 「Ah, aniisama? Even Izfein-sama and Ryell-sama are here. Do you need something?」

Upon hearing that, Najek sighed.

「Eseria… completely forgot that these two were supposed to meet you today.」

Najek says that with a subtle blaming tone. Eseria’s expression changed and bowed to them immediately.

「Ah!! That’s right!! Two gentlemen, my apologies!!」

「Ano! It’s my fault that Eseria-sama forgot her promise to the two of you! I came here uninvited! I sincerely apologize!」

Sabine also apologized after Eseria but Izfein appealed to them with a bitter smile.

「No, don’t mind it. We even admire your overflowing spirit.」

「Maa, then, does Izfein-sama find us annoying?」

「Of course not! I’m even praising you in my heart. I heard about the situation from Milan-dono. So, you are trying to attract luck to win, right?」

「You’re doing great but if it’s an adult with bad character, you just have to raid his house before the game or put something in his cup of tea.」


Ryell also agreed but Eseria and Sabine who heard his comment looked at each other silently. Seeing the reaction of the girls, Ryell was kind of confused.

「Is there something wrong?」

「……no, nothing.」

「Then, let’s all have some tea first. Miss Sabine, you should be thirsty after yelling that much, right?」

「Y-yes…..I mean, excuse me.」

Affected by Najek’s calmness, Sabine reluctantly joined them.

「Speaking of which, I did not ask the reason for your visit.」

After everyone sipped some tea, Eseria asked that question. Ryell opened his mouth with a bitter smile.

「I’m sorry but it is the usual.」

「You want me to teach you about the game again?!? How bad is the relationship of your houses!?」

Hearing Eseria’s immediate response, Ryell can’t help but make his smile more bitter.

「It’s not bad, right?」

「However, I can say that it has become an indispensable means of exchange of both houses.」

「We came to the conclusion of working hard and enjoying the game together if possible.」

「But our parents said, “It’s boring if you play cooperative game….”」

With Izfein and Ryell alternately explaining the situation, Eseria sighed out a long sigh and expressed her unreserved comment.

「………if they really want their sons to do it, they should do it themselves. Annoying fathers.」

「Eseria, I understand how you feel but please choose your words….」

Najek begged her little sister and the guests who are already familiar with this can’t help but laugh. After that, Eseria enjoyed talking while drinking tea with them for a while. Suddenly, she thought of something after seeing Izfein and Sabine sitting next to each other.

(I feel like I’ve seen this scene before…..I have seen someone like Izfein and Sabine somewhere but where?)

After thinking about it for a while, she remembered it. As soon as she remembered where, she dropped her teacup to the saucer and screamed.


As expected, everyone else was surprised and all turned their gaze to her at once.

「What’s wrong, Eseria!?」

「Miss Eseria!?」

「Is there a problem?」

「Are you okay? Are you hurting somewhere?」

「No no, it’s nothing! I just daydreamed!」

Eseria made an excuse but everyone around became more and more suspicious.


「Are you sure you’re okay?」

「Y-yeah, of course!」

Then, they started drinking again in a calm atmosphere. Only Eseria was thinking something in secret.

(Wait a minute! Sabine is the rival character in Izfein route! Is this their first meeting!?)

Looking at the two laughing happily, Eseria became secretly impatient.

(Moreover, they have such a good atmosphere….No way, given what’s happening here, they’ll become betrothed like in the game!? Will things go like in the game’s scenario??)

Eseria decided to avoid bad end without knowing that she’s already listed as a fiancé candidate of Gradict because of Dione’s behind the scene work.

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