Chapter 69 – Plow the Forest….Rock Dolls are Efficient

The farming corps and three eyes wish to expand the field.

They are looking at me with eyes full of expectations.

Fluffy also wants to expand the pond….again?

Currently, the front of my rock house has fully turned into a field.

Hnn~ Is it okay to continuously reclaim the forest?

Or is it not?


For now, since they are my only companions, let’s talk about their opinion….I would like to at least follow their wishes.


I decided to make a big square with the house as the center.

The first blueprint I draw on the ground is a square 10 times the size of the rocky mountain.

At one of the corners of the square is the pond and on another one is Shuri’s burrow’s main entrance.

I have to ensure the size before implementing this.


Looking at the completed square…Koa and the others seem glad.


Since the square is decided, let’s plan the field next.

There is a place added in the field and I don’t know what it is for.

And unfortunately, they can’t talk so we can’t communicate well.

Maa, it seems like the farming corps and three eyes are planning something.

Let’s just believe in them.

However, if I leave them to do as they wish….rather than a wide field, they’ll make a vast field.

They want to make the field 10 times bigger than the current one…alright, let’s do it.


When the vast field’s plan has been completed…. the chibi ants and chibi spiders celebrate.


Enclosed by a river.

Wait a minute….who wished for that?

According to Fluffy’s wish, the river will be connected to the pond….I see.

Are you sure we should enclose the square with a river?

Eh? Am I going to make the square bigger?

Maybe in time but not now. In the end, we added the high fence and moat that Fluffy requested.


Why did it come to this?


Koa and Chai wanted huts of their own.

Since I accepted the other’s wishes, it will be troublesome if I don’t give others my consent.


Ten slim huts with solid foundations will be built along the fence of the square.

I see. So you really want your own huts huh.


Karen’s wish is to increase the number of perches.

The one eyes accepted the job.

The giant worm and three eyes have wished for nothing.

Boss-san wished for a dedicated room on the 2nd floor and the one eyes would make it according to her wishes.


How can they tell what they want with just gestures?


—Scene Change—


I did my best to take care of the huge number of giant trees.

I seriously did my best.

Cut a tree, cut another tree, cut another tree, cut another tree, cut another tree, cut another tree, cut another tree.

I took a break.


After I cut the tree’s everyone else will move fast.

Shuri will pull out the stump and boss-san will move it.

The antlings will move the soil.

The farming corps will level the soil and the one eyes are divided into fence making and hut building teams.


The river was being dug by Fluffy with the help of the chibi ants and chibi spiders.

They should have been very small but they have grown to around 50cm.

It seems like their work is progressing well.


Ridges are being made in the place marked as the field.

They are already planting potatoes and other crops while making the field.

The spiderlings are also helping making the progress fast.


I cut and cut and cut and cut trees…..

I can’t keep up with the processing.

However, I have no choice but to do it.


When the river was completed, water flowed and everyone took a break to play in the water.

There was a strange creature there but I didn’t care.

That only means we have another companion.

We took a break from time to time.

Koa and Chai’s group are helping us by hunting.

Food security is also important.


The little onis learned to dismantle prey.

Thanks to that, my work has lessened.

I don’t really mind doing it though.


I cut and processed a tree outside the river.

I turned it into a bridge….while I was doing that, I saw the tree stumps disappear, then the place was plowed and turned into a field.

Everyone’s motivation is scary.

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We had a yakiniku party that day.

I’m finally freed from cutting trees. Great, really great.

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