Chapter 693 – Joro Merchant Group II

My name is….maa, it is inappropriate to say my name.

Then, let’s just say I’m Dan.

Yeah, Dan.

Don’t you think it sounds good?


Now, we are currently infiltrating the demon king’s kingdom.

The purpose is to investigate the demon king’s kingdom.

Failure in this dangerous mission will certainly lead to death.

With that in mind, tension never runs out so I have to cooperate with my companions.

I have to….

In front of me are my companions who are full of tension about their favorite kind of curry.

Beef curry has beef as its main ingredient.

Pork curry has pork as its main ingredient.

Chicken curry has chicken as its main ingredient.

Seafood curry has seafood as its main ingredient.

Katsu curry has fried food called katsu.

There’s also the nan bread which is a bread specially developed for curry.

Though I think butter chicken curry is the best partner of nan.

Each of them doesn’t give up on saying their favorite curry was the best.

It’s unsightly.

It’s an unsightly fight.

It’s just food….

Can’t you just be thankful that you can eat?

I’m not saying they all taste the same.

It can’t be helped since from eating tasteless food, we all now can eat something enjoyable.

In addition, this store even receives orders per individual.

Just ask for whatever food you like.

Isn’t that right, leader?

「Mou….curry udon. This is something new. Simply amazing.」



I’m doing what I can to bring everyone together, please don’t increase the faction.


My faction?

No, I’m not….

D-don’t force me to talk….

I’m on more toppings faction.

I think the spinach and tomato toppings are the best.

Yeah, as long as you put them, I don’t mind any curry.

In other words, if all factions gather, there will be more and more toppings and this unsightly conflict will also subside!

Right, leader?

「Curry fried rice….this is also something new. Delicious.」


The investigation team is experiencing its biggest crisis.


From a long time ago, we’ve been told about the new dishes in Shashaato City so everyone, including me, is already prepared for it but we still went out of control.


However, maa, I think it can’t be helped.

First of all, curry is delicious.

And rice is partnered with curry.

It’s a kind of food produced in our country.

Rice is the food of our soul even if other countries ridicule it as horse food.

We’ve been away from our country for a year and never ate rice, the food of our soul.

It can’t be helped that we lose control.

Moreover, the rice we eat here is more delicious than the rice we eat in our country.

It’s been ten days since we arrived in Shashaato City and we have done nothing aside from eating curry.

There’s also rice but rice is something you eat with something.

And that something being curry is perfect.

By the way, the nan faction doesn’t want to admit that the rice here is better than the rice in our country.



How can they make such delicious rice?

Until I came to this city, I’ve never seen a place producing rice.

Is the demon king’s kingdom hiding their rice farm?

No, if that was the case, they wouldn’t sell it out in a store.

The price of curry is also not high.

In other words, rice should be common in the demon king’s kingdom.

No, at least it should be common in this place.

That means….

I’ll find out how they make that rice if I look around Shashaato City.

That reminds me, there were rumors about Village Five.

I heard that you can go there in about a day.

Since I heard about it from several people, that should be correct.

Is there a possibility that Village Five was the base of rice production?

That sounds possible.

……I want to find out.

However, I can’t do that without permission.

We’re here to investigate the demon king’s kingdom.

I should throw away my selfishness.


Isn’t rice an important source of income for Shashaato City?

I mean, isn’t that what we should be looking into?

I think so.


I proposed to my companions the investigation of the rice production area.

My companions did not object.


As expected.

However, we can’t afford to all go to Village Five.

The targets of our investigation are the royal capital and this Shashaato City.

We can only send a few selected individuals to Village Five.

How many should we send?


Alright, five.

Then, I’ll recruit those who want.

If the number of applicants is high, let’s settle it with draw lots.

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「I hate draw lots!」

I shouted that in the square of Shashaato City.

That time, there was a strong-looking demon who seemed to fully understand how I felt.

I’m glad you understand.

By the way, who are you?

Ah, you’re a baseball coach?

I’ve heard of baseball.

It’s a competition that uses sticks and balls.

You’re going to play?

Then, let me watch….I can participate?

But I’m…..

I see. It seems like demons are not the only participants. Humans play it too.

In other words, it can be enjoyed by both demons and humans.

I see.

I’ll do my best.

Though I don’t know the rules that much.


I was disappointed that I could not go to Village Five to investigate but I was able to feel baseball so I feel fine.

Now, I’ll aim for a home run.

Maa, don’t look at me like that.

I did not forget about work.

This is some sort of survey of this city.

But I’m only at the early stages.

I can’t do something dangerous and am always picking up rumors around the city.


It seems like there’s a strange golem north of this city.

Even for a golem, it’s strange. It moves very fast and comes to sell things.

It’s really weird.

First of all, a golem is a synonym of slow.

How can it move so fast?

 …..I want to see it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a dangerous existence.

Can I look into it alone?

No, the more you go north from this city, the more dangerous monsters and demon beasts appear.

In addition, the mountain range in the north is where dragons live.

This is a famous piece of information that even people of my country know.

As long as you don’t go there, the dragons won’t do anything….

I think I’ll just go north until it’s okay to go.

I told my companions that I wanted to check the golem out.

They cheered and supported me.


Aren’t you going to accompany me?

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    It’s an unsightly conflict.

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    Can’t you just be thankful that you can eat?

    I’m not saying they all taste the same.

    It can’t be helped since from eating tasteless food, we all now can eat something enjoyable.

    In addition, this store even receives orders per individual.

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