Chapter 5.10 – Luan

The party headed to the 46th floor but summoning was postponed.

They want to see the current abilities of Nana and Wanli.

Before going there, they went to the management floor first to set up a base.

Kousuke installed the usual base though he didn’t even know if it would be utilized.

Anyway, it’s for Nana and Wanli.

The result, they managed to win but not that easy.

Of course, Nana is in her big form and Wanli is in her fox form.

They can still win even if they were surrounded by several monsters.

However, there are only intermediate monsters on the 46th floor and they don’t attack alone.

There are also strong intermediate types though they don’t appear near the base.


By the way, here’s the reaction of those who watched Nana and Wanli,

「…If I let my guard down, they’ll likely catch up to me soon…」

「…No way I can fight against them…」

「…No way I’ll fight them…」

「…Their magic is strong~…」

They are happy for them but they also feel melancholic.

「…If the two of them team up, can they fight against an advanced monster…?」

That was Kousuke’s impression.

Mitsuki and Kouhi answered Kousuke’s query.

「If they did, they have a fifty-fifty chance.」

「That’s right and I think they can only do that with a weaker advanced monster. Maa, they need support in that battle.」

「I see.」

Hearing the conversation of the three, the other four had an expression like they gave up.

Normally, wolves and foxes won’t become so strong.

However, the two of them have already stepped into the existence of legends.

Given that they still have room to grow, everyone has no choice but to admit it.


—Scene Change—


After finding out Nana and Wanli’s power, they finally move to their original purpose, summoning.

Kousuke has two objectives for this summoning.

The first one is to find out if it is possible to summon a summoned beast that is not in the tower’s list of summoned beasts.

The second one is if he summoned a new summoned beast, will it be registered in the tower’s summoned beast list?

Those two.

By the way, he’ll be summoning in a different way compared to Kouhi and Mitsuki’s.

The basis of his summoning circle was the summoning circles available in the tower.

The beast that he’ll summon was something he found in a book and used it as a reference.

To put it simply, he remodeled a summoning circle of the tower to summon the beast he wants.

Kousuke doesn’t have the power to summon multiple individuals so compared to the tower’s summoning circle that summons multiple beasts, the summoning circle he devised to only summon one.


So, he started the summoning.

As usual, the summoned beast appeared in front of the summoner.

Since the summoning circle was devised to only summon one, only one appeared.

A big bird appeared.

It’s a bird called Luan.

Its wingspan is around 3 meters.

It is a blue bird and looks very beautiful.

It perched on the stable’s fence and when Kousuke approached it, it screeched with joy.

It didn’t hate being touched by Kousuke so he tried to check its status while petting it.


Personal Name: Lanka

Race: Lanka

Inherent Skills: Sky Attack LV5, Flight LV5, Beak LV6, Evade LV5, Detection, LV5, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV1

Blessing Skills: Telepathy LV3

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar


He named it Lanka.

Since it is an intermediate class monster, its LV is high.

Since it is summoned in a place where intermediate monsters live, LV like this is necessary.

By the way, there was also the standard slime summoning circle there and it was eating them happily.

Seeing that, Kousuke thought that maybe slime is the favorite meal of all monsters.

Anyway, with that, it means it will not starve to death.

When Kousuke was thinking about that, Nana and Wanli were exchanging greetings with Lanka who came down to the ground.

Wanli is clearly behaving like a fox when she’s in her fox form and he is thinking whether Wanli’s thinking changed together with her form.


For the time being, the newly summoned Lanka together with Nana and Wanli, were left on the 46th floor while Kousuke’s party returned to the management floor.

It is to confirm his second objective.

When he checked the summoning circle list, he found a newly added <Luan Summoning Circle(10)>.


Name: Luan Summoning Circle (10)

Rank: Monster Rank D

Installation Cost: 100pt Divine power or Holy Power + Magic Power = 50,000pt

Description: Can summon blue birds. Those beautiful birds are said to possess the power of the spirits.


However, only <Luan Summoning Circle(10)> was added and there’s no normal version.

It is necessary to verify whether it is really not originally on the tower’s summoning list.

No, it might not be possible to fully verify it so it can only be guessed.

Kousuke doesn’t even know how the tower LV up in the first place.

Since his purpose was achieved, he decided to stop it for now.

Though the verification is still incomplete, he’s not a perfectionist in the first place so he thought it was good enough.

In any case, he installed two <Luan Summoning Circle(10)> that came out in the list and headed to the 46th floor again.

He summoned twenty birds and named them and put an end to the whole experiment.


—Scene Change—


Nana and Wanli have grown more than he thought so he brought them to the management floor again.

In particular, he thought it would be okay to have Wanli(now in her humanoid form) manage a floor so he asked her and she replied positively.

Kousuke immediately gave her access to the management floor but everyone else was worried.

He also asked Nana and she also gave him a similar reply so he decided to really give it a try.

Now, the two of them can freely enter and leave the management floor.

He decided and executed it easily.

That’s also true with regards to being managers. However, everyone’s concern was the entry and exit of the teleportation gates.

Because of that, Kousuke decided to use the manager restriction function of the teleportation gates of the tower.

Nana and Wanli are beasts so if they went out to a floor where there are humans and demi-humans, they might be subjugated by mistake so he’s grateful to that function.

By the way, after seeing Nana and Wanli’s strength, Kousuke decided to let them manage intermediate-level floors.

He first set up two <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> on the 7th and 9th floor where the pack of wolves are.

Then, he took a total of 27 wolves from each floor and had Nana lead them to the 47th floor.

On the 47th floor, Kousuke set up the usual base set he had been installing. Since Nana will be staying there from now on, he also moved the <Moon Jewel>.

On the 8th floor where the spirit foxes are, Kousuke installed 3 <Spirit Fox Summoning Circle(10)> to increase the number of foxes by 30.

Then, he decided to take 20 of them and have Wanli Lead them on the 48th floor.

The base set up on the 48th floor is the same as the bases on the 8th floor.

However, there’s only one base for now.

He’s going to increase it when the time is ripe.

Both of them should stabilize in the respective floors first. This is a big move so he hopes that he can recover the divine power and even generate more for him in time.


—Scene Change—

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“Summoned Beast Habitat Summary”

7th floor(Beginner) Gray wolf pack, Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable X 3, Divine Stone, Several Black Wolves (60 wolves in total)

8th floor(Beginner) Spirit fox pack, Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable X 3, Shrine(Small), Divine Stone, Sun Fragment, Moon Fragment, Star Fragment, Multi-tailed fox, several sky foxes, several earth foxes (approximately 60 foxes in total)

9th floor(Beginner) Gray wolf pack, Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable X 3, Divine Stone, Several Black Wolves (60 wolves in total)

46th floor(Intermediate) Luan flock(21), Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable , Divine Stone

47th floor(Intermediate) Gray wolf pack, Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable , Divine Stone, Moon jewel, white wolf(21 wolves in total)

48th floor(Intermediate) Spirit fox pack,, Small Spring(Divine Water), Stable , Shrine(Small),  Divine Stone, Sun Fragment, Moon Fragment, Star Fragment, Multi-tailed fox (21 foxes in total)

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