Chapter 71 – Complete!…Is it Summer?

At last, I finally made iron using the rock and the yellow-greenish thing.

I never thought that it was necessary to mix the two ingredients together.

It took me 1 week until I realized it.


I only realized it when I softened the rock and the yellow-green part using magic like clay.

When I mixed them together, their color changed and became more iron-like.

Truly materials from another world.

However, when I used it continuously, who would have thought that it would crack? It is probably because I used it as it is and not made it using high temperature.

When I was happily using it, it cracked on the 3rd day.

I was quite depressed during that time.

I was really depressed and even became desperate.

……well, thanks to that, I knew that I should make it under high temperature.

Though I was really depressed at that time.


The iron I saw on Japanese TV was melted at high temperatures and poured into a mold.

Because of that, I casted magic on the frying pan to make it hot.

Black smoke suddenly came out of it and it didn’t even melt. I was scared at that time.

However, when the smoke disappeared, a glossy, black frying pan came out.

It was originally blackish but it’s now pitch black.

What’s more, it’s glossy.

I stared at the frying pan without any idea what had occurred.


I went to the kitchen with a pounding heart.

I’ve completed the frying pan I know.

I grilled meat and vegetables and they were cooked right.

However, I did not let myself indulge in joy again. Who knows if this will break again? Maybe I’ll fall to the bottom of despair this time so I observed it for a week.

1 week and counting but it’s not breaking.

Officially complete!

Though until that day, I’m always tense.


The next day, I suddenly realized that I was uselessly worried.

I decided to forget it.


—Scene Change—


After making a frying pan, I reclaimed around my residence as a change of pace.

The reclamation took more than a month.

It was almost the same period as when I made the frying pan.


I think that was not a change of pace.

It’s increasing stress.

From now on, let’s think firmly first before doing something.


I just noticed that the temperature is quite high.

The same high temperature has been ongoing for the last few days.

Is it summer?

If so, it’s kind of easy to spend summer in this world.

Maa, I shouldn’t let my guard down yet.


Various ingredients brought by the farming corps are lined up in front of me.

When I woke up in the morning and went to the dining room on the 1st floor, I saw ingredients that I’ve never seen before at the table where I sat.

Are they here to confirm if they can be eaten?

…..though I think it would be better to check them out after breakfast.


When I looked to the side, I saw two members of the farming corps staring at me.

……don’t scare me!

I’ll eat them.

This is such a pain even though I just woke up.

Good luck to me.


I found a pepper-like seasoning.

That’s good.

And I found grapes too.

I don’t care if it is 5 times bigger than the grapes in Japan but it tastes like grapes… means I can make wine!

I wanted beer but that’s impossible so I can only try to brew wine.

For the time being, I asked the farming corps to bring more grapevines.

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By the way, please don’t make me taste test something again in the morning.

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