Chapter 34 – Oya….? What’s Wrong with the Boku Dwarf Girl…?

A cave mine.

We took a dimly lit, cold, and rocky path.

The hand riding rabbits seem to have good night vision and are very useful in leading the route.

「Adamatite ore monster?」

「Yes. That’s our goal.」

「So, we are going to kill it to get the ore?」

Katya shook her head.

「Special ores can’t be dug, they can only be received. Adamantite is rare so it is very hard to find even you dig a lot.」

「But the other party won’t give us for free, isn’t it?」

「Ore monsters have a habit of collecting magic imbued metal products.」

Katya took out a sword that looks like a product of the elf village from her backpack.

「I’ll ask it to give us ore in exchange for this.」

「Why would it….take weapons?」

「This magic sword was imparted with magical energy using magic ore. Monsters can use that power to improve themselves.」

「I see.」

「Maa, just think of it as an ancient give and take contract.」

There are many kinds of monsters out there huh.

「That aside, it should already be dusk….」

And thus, we decided to set up a camp.


「What’s that….it smells so good.」

「Ah, this is called curry. Don’t worry, there’s enough for everyone.」

Retort curry is so convenient, right?

TN: Retort curry = instant curry.

This time, it’s not a solid roux but a packed one that you only need to add hot water and boil.


Then, Sonja said to Katya with a chuckle.

「You’ll be surprised desu yo.」

The water is already boiling so it is time to put it in hot water. After that, I served it to them with the rice I had cooked.

Katya tilted her head upon seeing the mysterious brown food for the first time.

She sniffed it and her stomach growled.

She looked like she was wondering whether she should eat it or not so I smiled and gave her a push.

「Don’t worry, that doesn’t have poison.」

Katya nodded. Although kind of scared, she thrust the spoon to the curry.

And then, put it in her mouth——

——the moment she tasted it, she’s on fire.

She started eating one spoon after another at a very fast pace as if she’s on fire.

She’s eating so fast that just looking at her made my stomach feel full.

She ate it all in less than a minute. She was so moved that she put her hands together in front of the chest and spoke.

「I’ve never eaten something so delicious.」

I laughed at her saying she’s exaggerating.

「It’s true desu♪」

「We’ve never eaten something this good either desu♪」

「So give us more desu♪」

「You guys eat it all the time!」

I gave the nearest hand-riding rabbit a stern look and it got teary-eyed.

「Katya, do you want more?」

「Of course!」

Katya had an adorable smile on her face.


After dinner and a cup of tea, it was time for us to go to bed so I took out the sleeping bags I brought.

Before going to bed, Sonja and Ouroboros asked for night action as usual….

「Eh? You girls…..what are you trying to do…..?」

Katya froze and blushed. She immediately goes back to her sleeping back.

This might have been too exciting for a 12-year-old girl.

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—-the next morning.

I was the first one to wake up. While boiling water and making tea for everyone, Katya woke up.

「A-a-ano….you guys were…..」

「Hnn? What is it?」

When I asked her that, Katya blushed.

「Do you always do that?」

Katya asked while blushing more.

「Maa, you’re supposed to do that before going to bed and when you wake up.」

Katya became redder.

「You’re saying…’s very normal to you?」

I’m not sure why she can’t look directly at me. She’s just glancing at me from time to time which makes it hard for me to talk to her.

「Actually, I’m kind of interested in that kind of…stuff」

「Heh, I see.」

「Dwarves have a low fertility rate. There are no men of my age in the village. The only men there are children, old men, and grandfathers.」

「Maa, you’re one of those children.」

「That’s why I’m interested. However, I don’t have a partner.」

「Such a shame.」

「…….like, ki….ki…..kissing….I’m interested in that too. I was so nervous last night that I couldn’t…… sleep. That’s why I waited all night, waiting for you to wake up.」

I don’t know what’s happening but I’m starting to get irritated.

「What are you trying to say?」

「……dwarves are blacksmiths by profession. We also have the power to detect whether a person is strong. If a person is not strong enough, we’ll not hand over our weapon to that person. And we’re also attracted to the strong.」

What does this girl want to say?

「I guess that’s also the reason why the oneechans are attracted to you.」

「So, what are you trying to say?」

「I’m interested, I’m nervous, I couldn’t sleep! I have no partner!」

「I’m sorry but I don’t get what you’re saying.」

Katya’s face turned red but in a different meaning—-

「Mou——-! I don’t care about you! I’m going to sleep!」

And she went inside her sleeping bag.

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