Confession at the Rooftop at Dusk

I climbed up the stairs leading to the rooftop, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

I was expecting the usual punching of no one being there but I found a silhouette on the roof.

I took another deep breath and called out to that person.

「Hirose-san, what do you want from me?」

It was spring and the cherry blossoms were falling. The person who called me out, Hirose Mei, was looking at the reddening sky over the fence.

「What do you think?」

She looked at me and asked that with a smile. Her beautiful blond hair is fluttering with the wind. She has a well groomed face and the looks of a flashy gyaru. Her eyes are big, her nose is sharp, and she has a slender body. Her smiling face along with the sunset as background, simply picturesque.

Now, what is happening here? Is she soliciting me for a new religion? Is she going to invite me to join a painting business where you can’t leave until you buy something? Katsuage? A love letter for a friend?

TN: Katsuage is a slang word which means threatening someone for money. It is usually used when a senpai is asking a kouhai for money.

「I have no idea but I’m not rich.」

I flip my wallet in front of her and shake it. Clang clang two pieces of 100 yen coins came out. I only have 200 yen. She laughs. Apparently, that’s not the right answer.

「Then, what? Is it a love letter for Shinozaki?」

「Of course not. Why would I even call Amane to the roof just for that? If that’s all I want, don’t I just need to hand it over to you when Shinozaki-kun is not around?」

I see. Now that she mentioned it, she’s right.

「I have no idea. I give up.」


Don’t “eh” me. I only came here because you called me.

「A-ano, that, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You know, right? 」

「Ah, if you find it hard to say, you don’t have to say it in a hurry. I don’t have anything planned after this so you could take your time. 」

「No, I’m okay now. 」

「Good 」

「Here I go, Amane. I like you a lot, Amane. Please go out with me.」

Going out, going out with you huh. Where? I’m not going to give that cheap reply of course. By the way, who is this Amane? I look around but I don’t see anyone other than me and Hirose. Is that Amene me?

No, think about this calmly. I’m sure I haven’t done anything to make this girl like me. And as I showed earlier, I don’t have any money. In the classroom, if I’m not talking to Shinozaki, I’ll be pretending to sleep. In short, this is a fake confession. I’m sure this is some kind of punishment game.

「Punishment game? 」

「Why do you!? No, you’re right…. 」

Hirose confirmed it, she said I’m right. I won. I thought of saying something but that won’t change this punishment game so I did not do so. Well, my eyes are not clouded either. Middle school trained me well.

 「Maa, it’s okay. 」

I don’t blame her even if she falsely confessed to me. She’s also a victim of some kind of punishment game and was forced to confess to me.


She said that as she put her face really close to mine. Wai, close, you’re too close. That kind of behavior will make stupid boys misunderstand. Are you alright?


I nod my head strongly. No, I’m just a shadow in the class. If I were to tell others that I’ve seen through the fake confession of someone in the top caste like Hirose, I fear that my desk would disappear from the classroom.

She said “T-then, see you!” and left. Great, just great. I’m finally released.

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