Chapter 35 – Apologies to All Miyamoto-san in the Country

And so, we proceeded to the depths of the mine.

I don’t know why Katya was sulking but I don’t care.

However, sometimes, she’s giving me some…. hot stares but I don’t care about it either.

「Charge desu!」

「Let’s do it desu!」

「Hahaha, our army is invincible.」

「Let’s beat them desu!」


In any case, the monsters we have encountered were beaten to a pulp by the hand-riding rabbits as soon as they were discovered.

Incidentally, Katya said “Eh? Those guys are the hand-riding rabbits?”. Her legs gave out for a moment after learning that.

I think we should thank them since these lovely creatures are helping us to get rid of monsters along the way.

Then, as if we were going through an uninhabited field, countless monster corpses, slain by the hand riding rabbits, are piled up along the way….

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A giant crystal….No, it’s not. It’s an ore.

Anyway, we found the giant crystal-like, pale iridescent ore monster.

「This one is the adamantite king.」

I see, so this guy was the one who Katya explained to me yesterday.

「I’m the dwarves’ chief’s daughter. I want you to give me adamantite according to our ancient contract.」

Katya took out the sword that was imbued with magic by the elves from her backpack and handed it over to the adamantite.

「….I’m sorry but I can’t.」

「What do you mean? Are you going to back out from the contract….」

「The adamantite in my body has already been taken. There is a limit to the amount of adamantite my body can refine. If I make more, it will take my vitality….」

Katya’s expression stiffened.

「What the hell is going on?」

「In the deepest part of the mine….evil doers have settled in. They are humans and seem to be researching….alchemy.」

I see.

So it was that alchemist that took the ore.

「They took the adamantite from my body by force as if I’m just a normal rock.」

「How can they do that?」

「If that is the case, it means that it is alright for us to take that back by force.」

Everyone aside from Katya nodded but the adamantite king said in a gloomy tone:

「However, they are being escorted by…a hero from another world. That’s why I, the king of the mine, was defeated.」

「Hero…..from another world?」

「It was a young man. I’m sure his name is….Miyamoto.」

That’s a nostalgic name.

I didn’t think we’d have a reunion at this place.

Miyamoto, the leader of the high schoolers that left me in the forest of no return.

I clenched my fists and headed for the deepest part of the mine.

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