Chapter 698 – Joro Merchant Group Omake 2

My name is Samos.

Samos Touchphone.

I was resistant to eating raw fish but when I tasted it, I started to think that it’s not bad.


Where can you get this seasoning called soy sauce?

Can I take some home?


A problem occurred.

Our five companions who went to Village Five did not return.

Considering the number of users of the teleportation gate device, it is not surprising if there is some delay. However, two days have already passed since the day they’re supposed to return.

I heard that from Shashaato City to Village Five, you only need to travel on foot for one day.

It’s strange that they were not able to return even if there’s some trouble with the device called teleportation gate.

Did something happen in Village Five?

Should we send additional personnel to Village Five?

However, I’m not the leader of this merchant group.

This merchant group is made up of personnel from different factions so the hired peddler Joro was made to be the leader.

Let’s leave the judgment to Leader Joro.

Leader is….areh?

Where is he?

I thought he was only eating curry in the cafeteria called Marla like he usually does…..

I asked my companions if they knew where he was.

「If you are looking for leader, he went to Village Five with the others.」



……..why don’t I know of it?

「I think he decided to go there with those who are with him that time.」

Why did he do that selfish action?

「If he’s alone, he can be called selfish but he took a few people with him so he can’t be called selfish, right?」

Well, technically, yes, but…..mou.

「By the way, I’ll also go to Village Five tomorrow.」

What’s your purpose?

「Watching baseball. I’ll watch Dan and Mick play. I want to cheer for them so I’ll go to Village Five tomorrow.」


Can I come with you?

No, I won’t watch baseball.

My purpose is to find our companions who went there earlier and to join with leader’s group.


Village Five.

It is a city made by overcrowding a small mountain. The moment I saw it, I thought it was a gigantic castle.

Was that their purpose?

Village Five is more prosperous than I had imagined.

No, perhaps lively is the right word.

There are so many people.

I think there are more people here than in Shashaato City.

I’ll be acting alone in order to not stand out but I think that’s a useless thought.

I think finding my companions and the leader’s group who went ahead in this village is very difficult.

Yeah, why do they even call this place a village?

Even a city is not as lively as this place.

When I was complaining so, I immediately found my companions and the leader’s group.


Leader’s group was participating in a game of finding hidden opponents held at an event facility at the foot of Village Five.

They seem to be enjoying it a lot.

Even though they already saw me in the bleachers, my companions didn’t give a damn and continued playing.

You’re not playing?


Even if you say that…..

If you did good, you’ll get a prize?

Oi oi, are you bastards still the members of the glorious second knight order?

The prize is dazzling….meal tickets from a delicious restaurant in Village Five?

Do your best, I support you.

You know what I mean, right?

You should share your blessings with your friends.


Although I cheered, I’m disappointed with the leader and my companions for not winning the prize.

Leader, if you want to leave the city, you should have at least informed everyone.

Even if you’re going to be back soon….at least leave a message.


You did but it looks like it did not reach me?

How did you leave your message?

You asked Dan and Mick to tell everyone?

I see.

It was my mistake to blame leader.

I’m sorry.

The two of them are in the stadium next door so let me go there to beat them up.

Yeah, that’s the baseball stadium.


The purpose of leader’s group was to search for our companions who had left earlier but they hadn’t found them yet.


For the time being, I headed to the stadium with the leader’s group to beat up the two who did not convey the leader’s message to me. However, I was stopped by the man called coach.

He wants me to do it after the game.

It can’t be helped.

I left the leader’s group there and decided to look for our companions who went to this place earlier.

Though they went to this place earlier, I found them in a place called ramen street.

They are working as sales clerks for some reason.

In several stores too.


Everyone, gather.

Yes, gather over here.

I’m sorry, manager.

Let me borrow them for a while.


Ah, this is a mess. Are you being punished for dine and dash?


You are working there to become apprentices?

All of you?


I understand.


I’m sorry but, thinking about it, I really don’t understand.



Ah, you want to try the boss’ ramen in order for me to understand?

If you want me to eat, then I’ll eat….

Hold on.

Looking at the serving, no matter how delicious they are, I can only eat two bowls at most.

There’s no way I can taste them all…..ah, there’s mini ramen?

It was made to make people who want to enjoy different flavors in one sitting.

You’re kind.

Got it.

I’ll try my best to eat everything you’ll serve me….however, let’s have a draw lots to decide the eating order.


Although they are smaller servings, I still had a stomach ache after eating five bowls.

I finally understood why they wanted to become apprentices.

Those ramen are delicious.

I even want to become an apprentice myself too.

However, I can’t accept this.

I can’t say it out loud but we have a mission to accomplish!

How can you forget that!

In addition, aren’t you from the faction that wants to continue to wage war against the demon king’s kingdom!

How can you apprentice here….

Don’t change principles easily!

Come on!

Don’t be stubborn!

You too!

Since you’re from the faction that wants to solve everything by allying with the demon king’s kingdom, try to find clues on how to improve our relationship with the demon king’s kingdom first!

That would be possible if you master ramen cooking?

Ramen is delicious but there’s no way it’s that versatile!

It’s just food!

Ah, sorry.

I said too much about food.

Yeah, sorry.

Ramen is delicious.

It’s not just food, is it?

No, I got a little too excited….

Ah, thank you.

Let’s start again.

As expected, it is impossible to ask them to quit suddenly. It will take time to….

Ten days later, you should all return to Shashaato City.

I won’t listen to any reluctant answer!

Make sure you’ll do it.

Promise me.

Okay, let’s dissolve.


What is it?

Which ramen was the most delicious?


You probably plan to start a fight as soon as I answer, right?

I’m with curry’s side.

So, I will remain silent.



I’m currently in a certain bar in Village Five.

When I went to beat Dan and Mick, the man called coach stopped me again and invited me to an after-game banquet.

After that, he’ll allow me to hit them.

He’s a man who’s good at taking care of others.

Ah, I was satisfied with the soup stock alone and I no longer want to hit them.

In addition, the two of them look remorseful so I’ll just forgive them.

Ah, I’m not carried away by the banquet.

This can be considered as part of information gathering.

However, I refrained a lot because I didn’t even watch their match.

The purpose of this banquet is to celebrate their win in the baseball match.

Thus, I decided to stay at the corner of the venue.

When I was observing everyone, I saw that a lot of people who have not been to the match also participated in this banquet.

There’s also Leader Joro and the others.


My reluctance is getting smaller.

Meat, delicious.

Alcohol, delicious.

Before I knew it, I’m already near the center of the venue.

Ah, thank you for reminding me.


Village chief from a faraway place?

It’s great to be young.


No no, I didn’t really play baseball…those two over there were the ones who played.

They are part of our group.

We are working together in a traveling merchant group.

We plan to stay in Shashaato City for a while.

By the way, as soon as you came in earlier, there was a woman who got tied up and taken away…..


She put a dangerous item within children’s reach?

That’s crazy.

You have to be careful.


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My name is Samos.

Samos Touchphone.

A man who’s looking for a contact person that will make us able to negotiate with the demon king’s kingdom.

Also, the next morning, a man who eats delicious ramen to deal with hangover.

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