Chapter 74 – Making Seasoning…..Magic, Areh?

Tasteless vegetables and sweet and gooey vegetables, I prepared both.

I hope that I can make seasonings from them according to my knowledge from Japan.

I’ll make starch from one and sugar from the other.

I want to increase the number of seasonings I can use aside from salt and fish sauce.


The tasteless vegetable has a familiar potatoish texture.

It’s a pity because it’s tasteless but from what I remember, potato starch came from potatoes.

And I remember how to make it.


I peeled and grated the tasteless vegetables first.

For this, I made my own grater.

The silver ore is very easy to use.

I need to be careful with my fingers though since it’s super sharp.

I put the tasteless vegetable in a cloth and mash the cloth in water with a rock bowl.

I mashed it earnestly.

It is lighter than I remembered but what I need came out from the squeezed fabric.

I squeeze the fabric with the ingredient firmly to get everything out.

I left the rock bowl for about 20 minutes.

This is the start of the heart throbbing part.

After 20 minutes, I gently dump out the water from the rock bowl.

If something was left at the bottom of the bowl, there’s a good chance that I succeeded.

「There it is.」

When I poured the water out, there’s a white thing left.

I put water in there again, stir, and leave it for 20 minutes.

I dump the water and repeat the process.

After pouring the water out for the third time, I transferred the remaining stuff on the bottom of the bowl to a plate and let it dry.

I dried it using magic. I crushed the white stuff and it became white powder.


I sprinkled it on the meat and fried it in oil.

This is only a trial so I’ll only fry 10 pieces.

The seasoning is salt.


…..finally tasting something this good after a long time, tears run out of my eyes.

A spiderling is hanging from the ceiling.

Keep it a secret for now because we only have a little starch.

I gave it a bribe.


All the remaining tasteless vegetables were turned into starch. I worked non-stop for 1 whole day to process them all.

Then, I remembered the existence of magic before I went to bed. Why did I punish myself by working manually!


—Scene Change—


Today is the time to challenge sugar-making with magic.

In Japan, sugar beet was used.

I heard that sugar beet is sweet and it is also gooey.

Thus, I chose a vegetable that is both sweet and gooey.


This vegetable looks a little creepy.

The color is purple and the surface is bumpy. Is this okay?

Maa, I have no choice but to try.


How do I make sugar….

I only glanced at my mother when she’s making some before so I am uneasy.

I think she boiled it.

Maa, let’s try boiling it.

If I want to boil out the sugar component, I probably need to cut it into small pieces.

Then, I put them into an iron pan, add water, and boil.

Lye came out.

If I don’t clean this, it might affect the taste.


Nothing changed after an hour.

I’m afraid that I failed but I can’t stop here.

Just a little more.


Ah, the purple color has deepened.

Did I succeed?

I took the fire out for now…’s not hardening.

I put it on fire again and after 30 minutes, the color became vivid.

I took the fire out again….it hardened.

I tried to crush a small piece for tasting…..sweet.

This is sweeter than the sugar I know and there’s also an umami taste.

I did it!


I used magic to boil down the rest…..but when I did, it failed.


I worked hard to boil them down manually and got a large amount of sugar.

Does magic have its weakness?

It’s great that I made a big pan so I finished boiling everything by evening.

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I tried making teriyaki from the meat of the winged lizard.

I want white rice but it’s also delicious when I eat it with the leafy vegetables from trees.

I got scared of Koa and the others’ eyes so I made a lot.

I need more fish sauce.

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