Chapter 37 – Hyper Penance Time! You Little Bastard Needs to Dogeza Before God Anubis!

「No, wait a minute」

「As you wish」

Ouroboros backed down with an unconvinced expression. I mean, as expected of a noble of the demon world. Killing someone is always an option.

Her expression is so serious that I’m sure she’ll do it if I say go ahead….

That aside, Miyamoto made a confused expression.

「Eh? Could it be that you don’t like me?」

「Yes. I’m afraid I have to decline.」

「Eh? Why not? I’m definitely better than that old man, right? I’m young, good-looking, and a hero.」

I have to deny that “good-looking” part, Miyamoto.

Perhaps to youngsters, a delinquent like you is strangely popular with some girls but you are mistaken.

Once you’ve officially entered society, no decent woman will be attracted to you.

「It’s okay it’s okay. How about we share a little coffee?」

Then, Miyamoto grabbed Ouroboros’ right hand.

Is this guy….planning to drag her into the tent?

You should stop that! I can already see blue lines on Ouroboros’ face.

I only temporarily stopped her but she will kill you for real.

And then…….

「Ufufufu, a big catch nano desu♪」

Sonja and the hand-riding rabbits arrived here while dragging a boar.

As soon as Miyamoto saw Sonja——

「… can such a cute girl exist in this world?」

As soon as Miyamoto saw Sonja, he started to dash towards her as fast as he could.

And immediately told Sonja—

「I am a hero! I’ll tell you directly! Be my woman! You can have all the money and honor you want!」

No no Miyamoto….there’s no way those words can seduce anyone.

Then Sonja said “Fufu” and kicked him.

「Ufufufu, this person is terribly disgusting desu♪」


Miyamoto was blown away with tremendous force and crashed into the wall of the cave.

Or rather, slammed into the wall.

「I kicked a disgusting person, my foot is now dirty♪ I’ll wash it thoroughly later desu♪」

Her tone was mild but her face was filled with ferocious discomfort.

Maa, she was suddenly seduced by a stupid blonde, with missing teeth, and disgusting person. I guess her reaction is normal…..

And then, Ouroboros walks up to Miyamoto who’s jerking into the wall.

「….I can tolerate what you’ve done to me however, you mocked my master as a piece of garbage, right?」

He grabbed Miyamoto’s collar and pulled him off the wall.

Then, while holding Miyamoto with her right hand, keeping him suspended in the air, she continued to speak.

「Have you arranged your properties? Have you written a will? If you haven’t, please forgive me since you no longer have the chance to do so.」

Apparently, Ouroboros seemed to have recognized Sonja’s blow as my go signal.


Then, Ouroboros gave out a cold laugh.

「If you can summarize it in 20 characters, I would at least hear it.」


However, Miyamoto did not respond to Ouroboros’ words.

It seems like he fainted from Sonja’s blow.

「You just boasted you are the strongest hero and yet…..fainted with Sonja’s blow.」

Then, a loud “pashin” was heard. Ouroboros slapped Miyamoto.


It seems like that slap woke up Miyamoto. He was stunned seeing the situation he’s in.

「You are far from the strongest. Let alone master and Cornelia-sama, 5 seconds is enough for me to kill you.」

Then, Ouroboros continued to feed Miyamoto with slaps back and forth.










Both cheeks of Miyamoto swelled up and looking at him, he is worse than a person with mumps.

Oi oi, he totally looks like a manga character.

Ah, a tooth flew out.

As if it was something filthy, I evaded Miyamoto’s tooth.

「Ple………preessss stop….gya!」


「I don’t understand a damned bug’s language.」

Then….the back and forth slapping began again.





「Isn’t this the mouth that insulted master?」


「Isn’t this the mouth that should be burned in the flames of hell?」


「Using this filthy mouth, repent to the God Anubis in the underworld, okay?」

「Nooo….please do-n’t….gubera!」

Ah, this time, it’s a straight right into the bridge of his nose.

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