Chapter 75 – Hot….I Don’t Care

Who said it’s okay?

I did!

It is I!

Hot, not this hot.


Summer is in full swing.

It’s hot like hell.

I don’t even have a thermometer but I’m pretty sure it’s close to 40 degrees. Wanna bet?

There’s not even anyone I can bet with.


…..ah, the heat is driving me crazy.


—Scene Change—


It feels great.

I’m glad there’s a river.

It’s a river and not a pool but I don’t care.

The river is so clean and the water is very much transparent after all.


…..there are also a lot of things in here but I don’t care.

Those lobster-like creatures but look a little different.

Fishes that appear and disappear.

I won’t be able to play in the river if I care about those things.


By the way, I’ve been riding something since a while ago.

What is this something? I wonder.

Dropped into another world... His lordship riding an amoeba


It looks like a transparent amoeba…is it some sort of creature?

I don’t really know.

Ah, it’s a creature. I found its eyes.

There are only eyes…..there should be a mouth somewhere, right?

It’s transparent so I can clearly see the whole thing.


It is around 3m big. Or is it bigger than that?

I don’t know because I feel like I’m in the water.

This guy’s cold.

It feels good.

It’s not an enemy, is it?


I drifted and drifted past the field, behind the house, and into the fruit forest area.

The river passes through the forest.

After a major renovation, the forest area has been expanded for around 2 times.

It was completed in a few days because there’s not really much to remodel but….compared to its size when we started reclaiming this place, it is now 5 times the original.

I don’t really oppose the farming corps standing in line at the foot of my bed when I wake up in the morning.

Though I must admit, I’m scared.

……..I thought they were going to curse me.


I continue drifting in the river in the forest area.

This place is really big.


—Scene Change—


I’m slowly drifting on the river with the amoeba.

When I looked at the sky, I suddenly saw a tree flying in the air.

It’s flying! It’s flying!


I was so surprised that the amoeba stopped.

What a good guy.


I see… the trees of the fruit forest were transported by flying in the air.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and it turned out to be this.

I can’t believe the roots can look so amazing from below.

…by the way, how many trees are they transporting in the air?


The sight of trees flying one after another.

It’s not scary but it’s kind of a subtle scene.


Ah, there’s a spiderling on the tree?

When I was staring at it, it waved.

I waved back. Do your best.


I can see Shion and Kurou running in the sky between the trees.

Hnn? In the sky?

Shion and Kurou are running in the sky.

Perhaps they are using magic.

So they can’t just use fire magic, amazing.

Can Koa, Soa, and Hio do that too?

….I envy you.


Ah, perhaps it is the last tree. Shuri’s riding it.

I waved at her and she raised her leg.

The antlings show up from the leaves and wave their legs too….amazing.

It should be Shuri’s family who dug the roots of the trees.

They are amazing when it comes to soil.

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But it’s so hot.

I continue to ride the amoeba and cool down at the river.

I thought I’m already used to it but there are still many things that surprise me.

Let’s just focus on not caring about anything.

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