Chapter 2.17 – The Initiator of Change

As usual, Millan went to Duke Sjogren’s residence but unlike the usual, an uproar broke out.

「Milan…..In fact, for the last six months, I was seriously thinking about how to break my catastrophic future.」

After sitting face to face and drinking a sip of tea, Eseria told him that with a serious expression. Milan was nervous thinking what’s going on before replying.

「Ano….Eseria-sama? For the last six months, I thought you have been actively working on writing the “Shining Star” series, and developing a number of useful items like those scissors-like things called nail clippers….」

「That’s it, that’s exactly it! The first thing anyone will do is to distract themselves from irritation and distress is to do something fun!」

「….Excuse me but, what do you mean by “catastrophic future”? Presently, I’m sure Eseria-sama has no enemy and I know that’s how you feel too.」

Hearing Milan’s question with a confused expression, Eseria told him loudly.

「That’s exactly where the pitfall is. Because of that, I decided to resist fate with everything I have.」

「Haa, is that so….?」

(I have a bad feeling about this……..what is she planning this time?)

Seeing Milan horrified with what she said, Eseria looked at Misty who was standing beside her. She walks towards Milan and silently gives him a bundle of paper.

「Now then, Milan, I want you to read this and tell me what you think.」


「What’s wrong? This isn’t the first time you’ll read a new manuscript of mine.」

「Of course….let me read it.」

Contrary to his expectations, it was only reading a manuscript. Milan was kind of surprised and received the manuscript obediently. At that time, he thought Misty’s eyes are kind of lifeless. Even so, he immediately focused his attention on the manuscript in front of him.

(Isn’t this just a manuscript? What’s with the “catastrophic future” and “resist fate” she’s saying? Sometimes, Eseria-sama exaggerates things.)

Milan was immediately relieved of his worry but after going through a few pages, he felt a bit of incongruity.

(Areh? The main character this time is a man? Then, this should be an adventure or tragic story. I’m sure she hasn’t written any of those stuffs. So that’s why she’s bothered.)

Reading something different from her usual style, Milan continued reading but soon, strong reaction could be seen in his expression and a little later, he raised a question with a low-key voice.


「What is it, Milan?」

「Before anything else, I would like to confirm something. The main character of this story is a young man name Jest, right?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「So, this Jest has an older sister named Rihanna, and this elder sister has a fiancé named Elder, right?」

「That’s right. I’m sure it should be written clearly so why are you even asking?」

Shortly after Eseria’s question, Milan screamed and slammed the manuscript in his hand to the table.

「The more I read it, the more I don’t understand because this story doesn’t make any sense!! What is this even about!?! No matter how I read it, I can only think of this as a love story between Jest and Elder!!」

「It looks like you understand it clearly. Why are you having a tantrum as if you don’t know what’s happening?」

Seeing how calm Eseria replies, blue lines that don’t match Milan’s age show up on his temple.

「In addition, given their description, Jest’s model is Najek-sama, Elder’s model is Ryell-sama, and Rihanna’s model is Cornelia-sama, right?」

Only after hearing that, Eseria’s expression changed and asked for his opinion.

「Yeah. I have changed their names and even made them 10 years older than their actual age but it seems like people who know them can guess who they are modeled after. Do you think I should change the setting a little more?」

「That’s not the problem!? Why do you write characters that are modeled to someone you know!?」

「That’s because if I use familiar people as models, the portrayal is more credible.」

「How can you even say that with a straight face? And how is “breaking your catastrophic future” related to this? Rather than thinking about that, I think you should think about how this thing can ruin you and the who’ll Sjogren family reputation and even the Wallace Company will surely collapse!!」

In response to Milan, who already has bloodshot eyes, Eseria screamed back at him as if not trying to lose.

「This is the result of a lot of simulation and a lot of planning!! If I create something that doesn’t exist in this world, it will transform the world itself and the scenario will collapse! That’s why I thought, in order to survive, I have to make a lot of fujoshi(rotten girls) in this world! Their destructive power can change this quiet world!!」

Scenario? Fujoshi? I don’t know anything about those! Please speak in a language I can understand!!」

「What are you saying? We have been having a good conversation since a while ago.」

「There’s no communication at all! Eseria-sama, are you sure your brain is not rotten??」

「Of course not! There’s no way it will rot since I can write BL!! This is even a way of life!?」

「No, it’s a crisis of life!! Have you ever thought what would happen if anyone finds out that you wrote something like this!」

「What is happening? You have been shouting at each other since a while ago.」

Hearing that coming from the door, the two of them were stunned at the same time. Then, seeing Cornelia standing there while being puzzled, cold sweat flows down Milan’s body.

「Ah…..m-my apologies! Cornelia-sama, I’m sorry for my rudeness!!」

「I just passed through the hallway so I don’t mind….oh, is that a new manuscript? Eseria, you haven’t shown me anything for a while, how can you show it to Milan first?」

When Cornelia saw a bunch of papers scattered on the table, she asked about it with a smile. Eseria barely nodded while keeping a smile on her face.

「E-ehto…..maa, I almost forgot….」

「Then, can you show that to me now?」

「N-no, you can’t!!」

Milan hastily refused and raked the manuscript towards him but Cornelia’s eyebrows moved sharply when she heard that.


Although he immediately understood given her expression and tone that he offended her, Milan desperately made some excuses while holding the manuscript.

「N-no! Right! I don’t think this is not suitable for Cornelia-sama’s taste.」

「Isn’t that for me to find out after I read it?」

「That might be the case in normal situation but this is something that violently shifted from normal situation.」

「Give it to me now.」

「Misty! What’s wrong!?」

Since Misty is Eseria’s maid, it’s not a surprise if she knows the content of the manuscript. She could no longer handle the tension and collapsed on the floor. While seeing her being taken care of by Alana, Milan can no longer resist. He presented the manuscript to Cornelia.


「Thank you. Then, I’ll read it right away.」

He gave up his seat to Cornelia who’s smiling gracefully. Milan sat down on the sofa just across the table. Then, Eseria scolded him in a low voice.

「How can you give her the manuscript!」

「Eseria-sama, do you think you have the right to tell me that!?」

「If you cross that line, there is no going back!」

「Excuse me, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do so I must leave.」

「W-wait! How can you run away!? I won’t let you!」

「Silence! Sit down and behave!!」


「I’m sorry…..」

In the midst of their heated exchange, Cornelia sharply scolded them. Eseria and Milan are no longer able to escape. They can only sit there while shivering a little.

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