Chapter 5 SS – Daily Life of an Adventurer

Arda is an adventurer who has just gotten out of the beginner level.

He became Rank D three years after becoming an adventurer.

His speed is neither slow nor fast. It can even be said that it’s the normal speed.

However, not many people have reached that point without having to form a party like him.

Most of them are members of parties.

There is no particular reason why he’s not joining a party.

He has been invited several times to form a party but it just happened that those who invited him are not the people he wants to party with.

A turning point came to Arda when he was eating at the cafeteria of a certain inn of Ryuusen.

One of the members of a party that had invited him several times came to talk to him.

「Hey, Arda, have you heard about the tower? 」

At that time, Ryuusen has on heard rumors about it.

According to the rumor, there is a building near Ryuusen that will be able to teleport you to the tower.

「Ah, yeah, I heard of it. According to the rumor, you can forage materials that can’t be found around here. 」

「So you know….that’s actually the reason why I approached you. If you are free, why don’t you come with us?」

It was a party invitation.

They have worked together a number of times so he’s already familiar with the other members.

If it’s that party, he won’t need to act as a bait because his combat ability is low compared to others.

That is the reason why he has been partying with them.

「That’s….do you really want me to party with you there?」

「Ah, it’s not that I really want to….or rather, those eye-catching guys are already taken by others.」

Hearing the reason with a wry smile, Arda was convinced.

For them, they can’t help but get anyone with skill with them.

As for Arda, he wants to check out the tower and he can even earn with guys he can trust.

Arda is not offended in any way.

He’s even excited since he’ll be able to visit the place from the rumor.

「I see….Then, there’s no problem. When do we go?」

「Ah, tomorrow is the day of preparation. It would be the day after tomorrow.」

「Got it.」

「Alright, let’s meet at the usual place the day after tomorrow.」


After deciding on the schedule, they broke up.


—Scene Change—


「……I see. This place will be very popular.」

That’s Arda’s impression as soon as he saw the 5th, 6th, and the Tower Village.

By the way, it seems like they have yet to understand why the half-finished place they arrived at when they were teleported from Ryuusen is called 5th floor.

「……I know right. However, this place makes will make us relax once we hunt at the upper levels.」

The one who said that was the one who invited Arda to join their party the other day, Zeto, the leader of the party.

The party members nodded to what their leader said.

What they meant is how often they encounter monsters.

Obviously, less than the place around Ryuusen.

Since that is the case, they have more time to forage.

There are many medicinal herbs that grow around Ryuusen too but the monster encounter rate is too high that they can’t afford to forage.

If they bring these things to Ryuusen, they can sell them at a high price, of course.

However, if a material’s supply is high, the price will drop.

Arda thought that it would still be enough to earn enough money.

The same is true in the village on the 5th floor where they can sell things.

They purchase at a price cheaper than selling to Ryuusen but considering the toll and labor when passing through the teleportation gate, it would be better to sell to the stores in the village.

While thinking about such a thing, the party advanced.

By the way, the party only advanced to the next floor after the 6th, the 41st floor.

They don’t have any problem with the monsters they encounter but they turned back because it would be difficult to bring back the things they collected if they advanced further.


Arda, who later broke up with the party, eventually decided to make money on the tower.

One of the reasons was that he won the lottery for one of the completed apartments.

If he didn’t win, he planned to live in an inn but the probability of the inn being full is too high.

Anyway, since he won an apartment, he started to become fully active.

Unfortunately, there’s no official guild in the village yet so it is not possible to get requests but you can earn enough by foraging materials from around the village.

As expected, the number of adventurers has increased and it has become impossible to forage as easily as before but that’s not a big problem.

If you go to a further place, materials are still abundant.

By the way, adventurers have rough images but they follow an unwritten rule of observing how they forage in order to not exhaust resources.

If they take them all out, they will lose their means of income so it’s only natural.

There are those who did that in the past but it seems like they could no longer continue to work as adventurers after being found out. Not only adventurers ignore them but also merchants who sell materials and craftsmen who make something from those materials. Stories like that are inexhaustible.

Of course, the same rule applies in this tower so if they found a colony, they would make sure that they would leave enough.

Even if you spread the place where you found a colony in the village, the others won’t go and take everything on that place.

With that, it means that the income of the village(in this case, the tower manager) will be continuous rather than the adventurers.

Since the village is rapidly spreading, there are times where requests will suddenly be posted.

Since there’s no guild yet, requests have been posted on the bulletin board of the temple that manages the teleportation gate.

Requests are first come first serve basis so it was treated the same as other public guilds.

There’s only one shop in the tower so far.

However, the tower manager doesn’t prohibit street vending. The only reason there’s only one is because building buildings can’t catch up.

Therefore, there are a few things that are missing in the tower.

Essential products for adventurers are available at the only shop in the village and the price is the same as that in Ryuusen so there’s no reason for the adventurers to be dissatisfied.

However, since there are no craftsmen in the tower, armor and weapons are expensive but that can’t be helped.

There are new rumors saying that a craftsmen store is already being built so if that is true, they won’t need to go back to Ryuusen to take care of weapons and armor needs.

Then, more and more adventurers will go to the village.


—Scene Change—


When he got used to the life in the tower, two rumors started in the village.

One is that the manager of the tower founded an organization called Crown.

It seems to be an organization similar to a broader guild.

It is an organization that combines adventurers guild, merchants guild, and craftsmen guild. It should be a fairly large organization.

Up to this point, Arda never really paid attention to it since he thought it had nothing to do with him.

However, when he heard another rumor, he could no longer say that.

The other rumor is that there will be teleportation gates that will be connected to cities other than Ryuusen.

It was confirmed as true when a poster about it was posted in a crowded place in the village.

Fortunately, Arda can read so he confirmed it himself.

Zeto even talked to Arda about it.

「Hey, Arda, it’s been a while.」

「Oh, Zeto. Did you come here to check the contents too?」

「That’s right…..what do you think?」

When Zeto asked him, Arda immediately replied.

「Of course, I’ll apply.」

「Maa, I guess so.」

They are talking about whether to join crown and of course, there are disadvantages in joining crown.

However, for Arda, the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages.

「….as for me, I can’t decide on my own. I’ll have to discuss it with my party members before deciding.」

「Yeah, but you better decide soon.」

「I know.」

The founding of Crown and the connection of teleportation gates with other cities are already facts.

It is better to sign up before being connected with other cities.

At the time when teleportation gates with other cities are operational, there will be more and more applicants.

And what had happened was completely beyond Arda’s expectations.

Fortunately, before the new gates were opened, Arda was already a member of Crown so he was not involved in the ensuing chaos.

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By the way, Zeto’s party saw off the application period but told Arda afterward that he would have applied without hesitation if he knew that there will be three new teleportation gates.

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