Chapter 700 – Joro Merchant Group Omake 3

Bakers work earlier than anyone.

There is an old bakery in the middle of Shashaato City.

Recently, their sales of bread have increased more and more.

It’s because of the baker’s works.

Dozens of craftsmen even gather there before the sun rises.

Some of them seemed to have fallen in line overnight.

Of course, no one’s greeting anyone out loud.

The sun has yet to rise so it would bother the neighbors if they do.

The day begins with the craftsmen greeting each other with hand signs.

My name is Samos.

Samos Touchphone.

Every morning, before the sun rises, I’m standing in line to buy the best bread.


You are probably thinking that there’s no need to line up at the bakery so early but you will never be able to buy the bread you want unless you line up.

Those who are here to line up are the only ones who can get the bread they want.

「Good morning. You are early as usual.」

A regular has greeted me so I greeted them in return.

I guess since I’m alone like him, he thought I’ll be his talking buddy until we buy bread.

I guess I’ll just talk to him….

In fact, I always see this regular customer.

And he made me curious.

The age of demons is hard to find out but given his appearance, he looks around 50.

He talks in a calm manner and he looks like someone with good personality.

He even looks like a head of a noble house.

However, why would a man like him line up to buy bread every morning?

If he’s rich, he can just ask the bakery to deliver the bread to him. If that’s not possible, he can ask his servants.

Why isn’t he doing that?

Is he a fallen noble?

That’s what made me curious.

「Actually, my son’s wife works here. I came here to buy bread because I want to support them.」

I see.

You really have a reason to come and buy bread yourself.

That’s convincing.

Now, the curiosity I had for a long time has been settled.


When we were talking about something, the sun began to rise.

Then, the door of the bakery opened. The bakers came out and lined up.

It was their morning meeting before they started selling.

The daughter of the owner of the bakery raises her voice in front of the lined-up bakers.

「What are we!」

The bakers responded to the owner’s daughter.

「「「「Bakers desu!」」」」

「Hnn? Just bakers?」

「「「「Bakers who bake the most delicious bread in the world desu!」」」」

「Good! What is our purpose?」

「「「「Bake delicious bread desu!」」」」

「Who is our enemy!」

「「「「Those who don’t eat bread desu!」」」」

「What should we do!」

「「「「Bread to the world!」」」」

「That’s right! Feed everyone in the world with our bread!」

「「「「Glory to bread!」」」」

「Alright, let’s do our best today as well! Greetings!」

「「「「Welcome! Which one do you want! Understood! Here’s your change! Thank you!」」」」

Their morning meeting is always full of energy.

Oh, I have to move.

The line is moving.

It seems like the bread sales has begun.

My target for today is soy sauce bread, miso bread, and yakisoba bread!

These three are popular but you can buy them if you get into the position where I line up.

Yeah, I managed to buy them.


It is all thanks to the rule of only five of a kind per person.

Ah, it seems like the regular customer was also able to buy the bread he wanted.

By the way, did you meet your son’s wife?


Your son’s wife is the owner’s daughter?


I won’t say that you’ll have a hard time in the future.

It’s a good thing that you have a reliable daughter-in-law.

By the way, his son is an informal security officer at Big Roof Shashaato, where the store that sells curry is located.

He’s informal because he’s helping the formal employees in their work.

Perhaps I’ve already met him.


I brought the bread I bought to the inn and ate them as breakfast.

Yeah, delicious.

Ever since we arrived at Shashaato City, I have always been happy when I eat.

Contrary to my happiness when eating, I am riddled with problems.

For example, our five companions who went to Village Five and apprenticed to ramen stores.

Their promised date to return has passed but they have yet to come back.

Instead, they quit.

Even if I have to hit them, I’ll do it to bring them back.

Most of our companions are fiercely fighting about curry and ramen.

Why are they even fighting about food…..

Everything’s delicious so what’s the problem with that?

And a few of my companions are obsessed with baseball.

As long as it doesn’t affect our mission, I don’t really care.

You haven’t forgotten to gather information, have you?

There were even those who said that it would be great if they could settle in the demon king’s kingdom.

We’re not here to look for a place to settle down.

Do that once we get back to our country.

If you really settle here, you’ll only be in trouble.

As for me, I haven’t met anyone high enough to be our contact person in order to negotiate with the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m in trouble.

Big trouble….

In fact, a new and important problem has emerged.

In Village Five, there is a show called a movie where you can enjoy music and voice in old videos.

Given its reputation, I watched it in order to gather information.

It was quite interesting.

So, I watched it three times.

Even the third time, I still thought it was interesting enough but then, I noticed them.

Yeah, I noticed something.

I’m familiar with the three tools that appeared in the movie.

In our country, there are three sacred treasures that were passed down to the royal family and two noble families.

The sacred treasure handed down to the two noble families are well known because they are open for public viewing once a year.

The sacred treasure of the royal family is not easy to see but I was able to see it because I’ve been acquainted with the prince.

I don’t know the purpose of the three sacred treasures but they are mysteriously glowing.

Just seeing them like that already makes me feel happy.

A sacred treasure was washing dishes in a scene in the movie.

A sacred treasure was cooking something in a scene in the movie.

And the last sacred treasure was processing garbage in a scene in the movie.


Honestly speaking, I noticed them when I watched the movie the second time.

I watched it again the third time to confirm.

I thought I made a mistake.

But I was not mistaken.

What should I do?

The sacred treasures of our country are those kinds of things.

Should I inform them?

No, I can’t do that.

I should keep my mouth shut.

In particular, I must not tell anyone that the sacred treasure of the royal family is a device that processes garbage.

I must never…….

But that’s what makes the movie interesting.

I feel like it will be transmitted to our country in the future.


What should I do?

I want to forget.

Let’s eat some bread……

I’ve already eaten everything.


I should have enjoyed the taste more when I’m eating.

Yeah, it’s a little early but let’s go eat curry.

Maybe I can meet the son of that regular customer.

The name should be….I think Gilspark.

Yeah, if I ask someone there, I’m sure I’ll find out right away.

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