Chapter 76 – Garm Ai

-Ai’s POV, which is definitely a dog-

For a long time, we’ve been fighting an invisible enemy.

From time to time, one of our companions will be swallowed, lose himself, and attack others.

We have been living like that while preparing for our end.


Still, when I was pushing myself to the limit, all I could do was watch how my friends fell one after another.

While looking for a place to rest, we wandered through the forest and came upon a cave.

It looks like a place built by one of the kings. I huddled with my friends to fight the evil eye magic in that place to the very end.


I wondered how many days had passed when a sudden pleasant breeze flowed through the cave.

My consciousness was about to be swallowed, I was suddenly freed and felt lighter.

What happened?

I looked around in the cave but couldn’t find anything unusual.

I became nervous since 1 major change in the forest might lead to terrible things.


I managed to stand up and stay alert then, I felt the wind again.

Wind containing magical power.

Gentle magical power that comfortably heals every part of my body.

The power of the evil eye magic completely disappeared from my body.

The rest of my companions seem to be the same. They were surprised that their bodies became a little lighter too.


They seem to have lost a lot of strength and even though they can stand up, they can’t move.

I wanted to see what had happened in the forest but given my body condition, I did not do so.

My companions and I decided to check the forest once we regained a little more strength.


—Scene Change—


I don’t know how many days have passed since the first change but I’m too deprived of physical strength to move around.

Even so, I did what I could to get out to check the forest and found that the power of the evil eye magic that was flooding the forest had disappeared.

Moreover, I could see the magical power that had healed me that day was protecting the entire forest.


It may still be too early to think that the threat is gone but I’m still relieved.

A few of my companions are already close to their limits.

I’d like to go hunt for some prey but it is impossible to do so given my current state.

In the last few days, healing magic came with the wind.

Thanks to that magical power, my physical strength is returning slowly.

If I recover more of my physical strength, I will be able to at least hunt small creatures.


—Scene Change—


I was able to hunt small prey.

Though I never thought that I would be ragged with just that.

Still, thank you, healing wind.

Thanks to that I’m recovering my physical strength faster.

Though it’s hard to recover since I’m not even fully healed myself.


A few days of rest.

I heard a noise from the entrance of the cave.

I keep my vigilance up since my other companions can’t still move.


The king of a part of the forest, Fenrir.

Next to it is a dire wolf.

Why are so many different species together?


Is that an arumearenier?

Although I never heard of an arumearenier being able to use web.

Given how it looks, it should be an arumearenier.



Why is a human here!

Humans are enemies!


The Fenris and dire wolf got angry when I intimidated them.

I was surprised to see the dire wolf turned into a giant.


Their consciousness should be taken over by the human but they are definitely stronger than us.

We can only surrender and see what will happen next.


The human approaches.

I suddenly felt fear and almost attacked him but the Fenrir protected him by sending me bloodlust preventing me from moving.

When I was no longer able to move, magical power passed through my body, four times.

I’m surprised by those magical powers.


It’s the same as the healing magic brought by the wind.

Each magical power has its own characteristics so you’ll feel the difference in magical power.

However, I can feel that the magical power from this human is the same as the magical power that dispelled the evil eye magic and the healing magic.

And the physical discomfort left my body all at once.

So, this human is the source of the magical power that saved us.


The fenrir and the dire wolf who served him gained the power to break through the limit.

His magical power made the arumearenier evolve.

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My tail can’t help but wag.

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