Chapter 38 – Do You Know That Even an Ambassador Can be Damaged by an N2 Mine?

Ouroboros is smiling so much. She has a wide smile but looking at her eyes, she’s beyond scary.

I mean, she’s basically a demon so I guess this is her true nature.

I’m really glad that I’m lucky enough to have a positive relationship with her.

So, when Miyamoto’s face was so deformed that even Frankenstein would run away, I extended my helping hand.

「Ouroboros…that’s enough.」

「But master…」

「Just stop」

「I agree desu yo♪ Even if that thing is disgusting, you don’t have to kill it desu yo♪」

Just don’t kill.

After this, let’s just tie him with a rope and hand him over to the city guard or even Arisa to have him judged by the law.

A hero running away from training should be a serious crime.

And Ouroboros threw Miyamoto down with an unconvinced expression.


After being released, Miyamoto looked so frightened he tried to crawl back to the big tent…..but he stepped on Sonja’s backpack that she had placed on the floor.

Then, I heard the sound of carrots being crushed.

Ah…..blood leaves Sonja’s face and her shoulders are trembling.

—-that guy stepped on a landmine.

And stepping on a land mine is the last thing he should have done.

The hand riding rabbits can’t be reasoned with, so this is really bad.

Then, the hand-riding rabbits began to buzz.

Their ears perked up and their blue eyes instantly lit up with vermillion flames of rage.

 「Weren’t you taught by your mother to not waste food?」

「This rotten bastard actually….crushed a carrot!」

「The only thing that you can pay for the crushed carrot is your life!」

「If we don’t do anything here, we will be disgraced by the hand-riding rabbits generations to come!」

「Ane ane-san! Permission to fight!」

「Rooaaarrr!! Ahhhhggghhh! Oooouuuuu! I can’t take it anymoreeeee! Let beat him uppppp!」

With a big smile on her face, Sonja thrust her right fist forward and stuck out her thumb upward.

Then, she flips her right hand over making her thumb points downward.

「Now, little rabbits? Do it thoroughly until you are exhausted desu yo!」

Ah….his death sentence.

He’s absolutely dead alright.

—maa, he got what he deserved.

I stopped it. I stopped it twice. I no longer have any obligation to stop it anymore.

Then, the hand-riding rabbits jumped to Miyamoto.

I slowly close my eyes, write a cross on my chest, and pray for the dead.

「Miyamoto….go to heaven.」

And then—


Miyamoto’s scream echoed through the cave.

The basic equipment of the hand riding rabbits is needle-like spears.

Using those, every one of them is stabbing Miyamoto’s body…..



Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab


The scream and the scene can only be described as hellish.

And then, the hand-riding rabbits started to glow.

Ah, can these guys use magic too?


—–Miyamoto’s on fire.

Yeah, he’s burning.

He was burned.

Miyamoto was burned.


No, to be precise, dozens of flames as big as a lighter’s fire are burning Miyamoto……

Well, he looked grilled but to the point of being burnt.

「That’s terrible….」

I mean, they are small attacks but I didn’t hear the tsuk tsuk, blam blam, burn burn stop for even a second there….scary.

I’m really glad that these guys are not my enemies.

The burning, stabbing, and relentless attacks on Miyamoto by the hand-riding rabbits did not stop for around 20 minutes.

 「….are you alive?」

I don’t know what to say…..for now, I asked Miyamoto, who’s lying on the ground, in a hideous state, but he did not answer.

He looks like a blood daruma with smoke coming from all over his body.

I poked him with a stick I found nearby.

Ah, he twitched.

He seems to be alive.

As expected of a hero, he has lots of vitality.

「If you’re lucky, you should be able to survive. After that, do something about yourself.」

I left a bottle of potion near Miyamoto’s head. I at least showed some mercy.

Now, let’s speak with the grandfather alchemist who’s doing some dangerous research….

「Ah, ahhhh….ahahaha…..hand ri….hand riding rabbits….so many….even the queen….in addition….a demon world noble….however….why in a maid’s clothes……..」

He has been muttering something since a while ago. Then, someone pulled my clothes and whispered.

「Now, what should we do, master?」

「Right….」I nodded.

「For now, tie everyone with rope and restrain them. They are doing something illegal so let’s hand them over to the adventurers guild. Of course, that includes Miyamoto.」

Well, in Miyamoto’s case, he needs to survive from the border of life and death first or he can’t be caught.

「As you wish, master.」

Ouroboros bowed after saying that.

By the way, we decided to put to good use the large amount of ores the alchemist had collected.

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