Chapter 701 – Aftermath of Cultural Bomb Research

Presently, there are two types of movies that are available for viewing.

Movies that are dubbed from old video records, and films that have been recently produced.

The quality of the recently produced movies is higher than that of old video records.

I think they should think of what they should film first because recently, they are prioritizing filming what they can do and what they want to do.

It can be said that the cameramen and the performers prioritize fun and there’s a lack of perspective to entertain the audience.

Maa, watching videos is fun and everything but it can also influence the viewers.

Perhaps they are already influencing people. Looking at the old videos, you’ll naturally know the lifestyle during those times.

They even influenced food and alcohol a lot.

In the video, a dish that looks delicious appears and seeing the performer eating it deliciously, you will find people who are already asking what it is and how it is made.

The same is true for alcohol.

What kind of alcohol is that? Some people even argue about what the ingredients are.

In Big Tree Village, those people are the oni maids and the dwarves.

The oni maids tried to recreate the dishes.

Fortunately, most dishes were easy to distinguish from how the dishes looked. As for the taste, they’ll determine it from the impression of the performers so it was possible to make something similar.

The oni maids are satisfied.

Meanwhile, the dwarves were struggling.

They don’t know what the ingredients are with just looks.

They can’t even get a hint from the impression of the performers since they only say “good”.

It would have been better if they said the smell, how strong it is, but given that they are only shown shortly in the film, there’s no way they’ll say more lines.

However, the dwarves did not give up.

They collected various hints from the video.

They predicted the ingredients from the symbols, letters, and designs used to label the barrels and bottles of alcohol. They identified the taste from the atmosphere, the menu, and the cuisine of the restaurant where the alcohol was served.


Since they are part of the video, their analysis should be spot on but if you want to make a video like that, it will be empty unless your propsmen are fully committed.

Don’t just do it because it is fun.

Ah, wait a minute.

Given the line of the performer “Give her this alcohol”, I assumed that the alcohol is weak but it’s the opposite.

Maybe it is sweet and easy to drink but it has high alcohol content.

When I brought it up, the others said “What a good guy. Giving a woman strong alcohol.”.

Maa, I guess that’s cultural difference.


The next influence was clothing(fashion).

Zabuton and the spiderlings were inspired so they were making clothes.

Rather than making old clothes in the videos, they amazingly made changes to the clothes they made to make sure it still copes with the current style.

However, there’s no way they can be worn as daily clothes.


Zabuton, that’s not something I can wear every day.


Got it.

Only today.

However, the hat and glasses don’t have many changes.

Ah, those things are never outdated?


And finally, magic tools.

Loo, Tier, Flora, and the mountain elves are excited with unfamiliar magic tools.

Ancestor-san and Versa know about them and explained the use and the manufacturing method. However, on those things the two are unfamiliar with, nothing can be done.

Thus, they started to research about it….eh?

Loo, Tier, and Flora won’t do it?

You’ll only research on functions you want but not on you don’t want?

In addition, doing follow-up research for something that has been already completed won’t motivate you as a researcher?

I see.

However, that tool that processes the garbage seems very convenient….

It is unnecessary because we have slimes here?



By the way, the mountain elves made something with all their might.

What took your interest?

Then, in front of me, they brought out an electric shaver…, it should be called a magic shaver.

They had a very hard time making it and funds were spent as much but the mountain elves are satisfied with the completed product.


This magic shaver is a tool that can shave your beard safely.

It seems like you can adjust the length of your beard to shave. In that way, it becomes a trimmer and not a shaver.

But that’s a shaving tool.

And there were few people in the village who shave their beards.

The dwarves and the titans are races that are more pleased the longer their hair is.

The angels, high elves, lizardmen, and lamias don’t have beards.

Only some beastkins, demons, humans, minotaurs, and centaurs will shave their beards.

Maintaining the shape of your beard is proof of financial strength so there are almost no people who shave beautifully.

In a certain country, it seems like shaving beard is a kind of punishment for adult men.

Even I don’t shave that much.


Even if I want to shave, I have no facial hair.

I already have children so I think having a beard can make me look more dignified but, what’s with my body?

Though I must admit that I never have to worry about shaving every morning.

Anyway, there’s almost no market for that magic shaver.

Though it’s a shame if that shaver can’t be used. However, this world doesn’t mind facial hair that much.


If a cultural reform doesn’t happen somewhere, there will be no place for the magic shaver.

However, I want to use it since I’ve invested a lot of money for it.

The mountain elves have improved or disassembled the magic shaver.

They turned it to a magic hair trimmer.

Now, the mountain elves have an electric clipper….

Ah, you didn’t make this by disassembling the magic shaver?

This is a new one?

You just made the clipper work automatically with magic, didn’t you?

No, this would certainly make it easier to clip the sheep and goats.

Got it.

I agree.

However, don’t call this magic hair trimmer. Call it magic hair clipper.

Also, mass-produce it.

We have to give some to other villages.

Read the latest update only at

By the way, I’m just curious but, why have you become interested in the magic shaver?

There were many other magic tools, right?

You were stunned by how it shaves without damaging the skin?

Moreover, it is only small enough to hold it with one hand.

I see.

I understand.

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