Chapter 77 – Chuarenier Boss-san 2

-Big Spider, Boss-san’s POV-

My child is dangling from the ceiling in front of me using a web.

Is it really a web?

Our race has no ability like that.


My body is strengthened in fire, we are a race that wears hellfire

Aside from our body that is strong enough to move freely in magma, we move fast.

It doesn’t change whether we are traveling on magma or trees, we are fast anywhere.

That’s how our race is….or at least should be.


That web….what kind of web is that?

I wonder if it can’t be cut or affected by fire since that is the power of our race.

Can you freely make web?

How fast are you if you’re running on a web?

It looks like it’s as fast as usual.

It is also a convenient way to catch enemies without being seen.



You can use it to set a trap?

You can make it sticky?

Sticky huh.

It doesn’t come off when it sticks which is convenient.

How did you do it?

Melting the web a little with heat?

Is it resistant to heat?

It nullifies some of the effects of the web. I see.


How effective is it?

There shouldn’t be any prey in the forest that can escape from it.

Yeah, a pretty good evolution.


—Scene Change—


So, half of my children can now use webs….

Hnn? You succeeded in enveloping the web with fire?

You’re doing great. That’s amazing.


His lordship is still in the river today.

The river is a very pleasant place.

Even I, who possesses hellfire, can’t stay away from it.


His lordship’s magical power surrounds the river.

The water in the river is purer and gentler than anywhere else because of that magical power.

I look at the water spirit carrying his lordship.

The water is so clean that its entire body is clear.

I’ve never seen a water spirit like that before.

Hnn? It seems like the water spirits have gathered.

His lordship often plays with the spirits in the water.

There shouldn’t be any problem even if they increase.

His lordship’s magical power knows no bound after all.


Oh, today’s prey is a red death frog?

That dire wolf is evolving over time.

The difference in power between it and the other dire wolves is becoming obvious….Hnn?

The other dire wolves are getting stronger too.

As expected of a race recognized by his lordship.


The golems are dismantling it.

And they are fast.

Did his lordship put some new power into the golems?

Some of them have been running out of our residence to the forest lately.


It seems like his lordship is leaving the river.

That means it’s time to eat.

I can’t wait for the food that his lordship will cook.



Is the web entangled?

To deal with this, you need to spread magical power all the way to the end of the web.

If you do this, you’ll be able to remove any tangled part.


Look at this.

Are you watching?

I pull out three webs from my back and spread them in three different directions.

Then, I made another one from my leg.

I can move each of them freely to make shapes and show them to my children.


Web is interesting.

It took me a few tricks to learn how to use it but once you get the hang of it, you can use it for both attack and defense without any problem.

 You can also use the new technique called trap which is very convenient.

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What’s wrong, your lordship?

Is there something that surprises you?

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