Chapter 39 – The Finale is Chanko Nabe desu yo♪

And so, we invited some craftsmen to come to our house to renovate our house.

You can hear clang clang and blam blam everywhere.

The dwarf girl….Katya, who looks like a 12-year-old girl, is indeed skillful. My house is being renovated under her watch.

The work speed is also not bad since we hired ten elves that know carpentry.

The metals needed were brought from the dwarf village. As for wood, they’re growing everywhere. Let’s just cut some.

「I can finally have my own room desu yo♪」

「Even though I’ve been an adventurer for a long time and used living in a group…I still value my privacy.」

「Master….you even bestowed a room to a maid like me….」

Everyone’s excited.

Maa, it can’t be helped since we’re all living in a shed.

It was so small so we were really restricted.

The kitchen is also going to be built properly so we would have a place to eat.

We have been eating outside but now, we’re even going to have a large living room.

There will also be a dismantling place that Arisa will surely love.

We’re also going to dig a well so we won’t have to worry about drinking water. Of course, we’re also planning to build a bathhouse big enough for everyone.

I’m embarrassed to say that our toilet has always been the outside world but once the house is complete, we’ll have one inside.

It’s also been leaking badly and I’ve been fed up with it.

In addition, we built a place dedicated for the altar to make it more magnificent. That Zenigeba god says that if we do so, he’ll give us a little discount.

TN: Zenigeba is a manga about extreme poverty.

I plan to make sake in the future so I also have a workshop for multipurpose use….

Maa, it’s going to have a long construction period because it is a large-scale project. However, they are going to build the private rooms of the main house at a rapid pace so we can live in them after a few days.

Anyway, this will raise our standard of living in a stretch. I’m kind of emotional when I think about the time when I can only eat snakes.

Also, everyone says they like their own private rooms after all.

We used to sleep on the same bed until now.

With this, I can finally rest my body at night….when I was thinking of that, Sonja began to say something.

「So, can you make a sturdy bed for the bedroom where we all sleep?」


「I agree. I was worried about the bed breaking when Sonja is going pyon pyon as a cowgirl.」

Certainly, when Sonja is riding on top of me….

No, rather than pyon pyon, she goes full pyonpyonpyonpyonpyonpyon……

「Are we still going to sleep together? Don’t you have your own rooms?」

The three stared at me indirectly saying “What are you saying?”.

Ah, I see.

Their rooms are just their private rooms….when it is time to sleep, everyone will still sleep together.

I can only smile bitterly as I think how hard this was going to be.

「Alright, let’s stop working and have dinner.」

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