Chapter 5

The next day, Hirose’s trying to get close to me like yesterday. My classmates’ eyes are looking at me awfully a lot these days but no one dared ask. Maa, it’s probably because I’m watching over Shinozaki’s study when it is break time.

According to the class president, who’s watching Shinozaki’s study with me, she can’t allow Shinozaki to repeat a year so no one should bother us. That saved me from questioning.

Shinozaki, thanks to you, I was saved but I’m losing confidence with the capacity of your brain and obviously, all of our classmates are worried about it too.

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With Shinozaki’s company, half the day passed in a flash and it’s time for lunch.

「Areh? You’re not having your little sister love bento today?」

When I placed the plastic back from the convenience store that was hooked on the side of my desk onto the desk and took out some onigiri, Shinozaki asked me that.

「It seems like their school is serving lunch starting this year. I could have made it while I was preparing breakfast but I had to deal with you.」

Even if I used all my lunch break, I’m not sure if he’ll pass the retest. Next year, if you still use your time leisurely, you’ll probably call me Amene-senpai! I have to avoid having Shinozaki do that.

Shinozaki seemed to have guessed what I was going to say and ate his bento at the speed of light. It is at a level where I became a little worried about his physical condition. Maa, it’s this guy’s case, he should be more concerned about his grades than his health.

Lunch break was half over. There were only around 20 minutes left. My facial muscles, which I usually don’t use since I don’t talk with other people too much, are reaching their limit. On the other hand, Shinozaki is surprisingly motivated. Would my face muscles last before I teach the scope of the retest to Shinozaki?

I turned to Shinozaki, who seemed to be overheating already. It looks like he is already processing beyond his capacity while I was worrying about my facial muscles. I need to give him a break. He still seems motivated and gradually fills in the answers to the calculation questions on the paper. I hope he’s not doing it wrong. As I looked at how he was solving the problems, I felt something cold against my cheek.

「How are you?」

When I turned around and checked, I saw the flashy group led by Ashi-san. It was Hirose who spoke to us and she’s also the one who pressed the cold juice on my face.

「It is as you see. So, why are you here?」

「Mei came here because she’s worried about you and this is how you treat her?」

Ashi-san’s sharp eyes caught us. Scary.

「Ah, I’m sorry.」

「What’s the point of apologizing to me? Apologize to Mei.」

「Hirose-san, I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.」

「It’s okay but, will you be alright?」

I was finally freed from the sharp glare. However, I can’t let my guard down. Ashi-san’s eyes are not good for my mental health. I almost instinctively handed out my wallet. Maa, it doesn’t even have a thousand yen though.

「Maa, I think so, somewhat. The real troubles are classics and Japanese history.」

I handed her the sample test paper that I had just finished checking. The average score is around 50%. His average score for classics and math are barely above 40%. That’s barely enough to pass the retake. I’m not very good at classics either and I barely get 70. However, that’s still enough to teach Shinozaki.

「You should take a break then. You can drink that.」

It was the can of juice that had just been pressed against my cheek. It must have cost 110 yen at the vending machine next to the store. I turned over my wallet to look for 110 yen and handed it to her.

「I just bought it on my own.」

She just poked it back. I tried to pass it to her several times but the result is the same. It seems like she’s not going to accept it no matter what. The idea that she doesn’t need my money touched my brain for a moment but I decided to forget it for the time being. Or rather, I have the confidence of dropping out of school if that’s not the case.

「I’ll take it for now.」

While Hirose-san and I were having a silly conversation, the rest of their group was talking with Shinozaki. Shinozaki is very popular. Maa, I don’t have anything in common with him even though we talk with each other. I wonder if Hirose isn’t going to join them…..

「Hirose-san, are you not going to join them?」

「Why? I’m talking with Amane right now.」

I see, you don’t want me to be alone? Aren’t you a good girl? Perhaps she confessed to me in that punishment game to make me the point of contact with Shinozaki? Since we’re in the same class, she knows that Shinozaki and I are kind of close. Ashi-san’s group wants to speak with Shinozaki so they need someone from their group to get in touch with me and have that person talk to me while the rest of them would talk to Shinozaki. This is not rare. I understand now. I finally arrived at the truth. Yuna, oniichan did it!

 「I see.」

「Definitely wrong.」

「It’s not like that.」

In the end, Hirose talked with me until lunch break was over. That said, we just had a very casual conversation. By the way, I wonder if Shinozaki’s retest will be okay. Maa, he’s happily speaking with the girls so she should be okay.

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