Chapter 702 – The Person to Watch Out for in Big Tree Village, Nana Foguma


My name is Nana.

Nana Foguma.

I’m a mercury made to manage the Sun Castle desu.

I’m currently working in Village Five.

I can only say that I do all kinds of work….

Maa, I’m similar to a handyman desu.

But yeah, behind the scenes.


I regularly come to Big Tree Village.

I’m making sure village chief won’t forget about me desu.

Ah, I don’t mean it in a romantic way.

I’m literally trying to make him not forget about it desu.

I don’t have any outstanding features and I even dress like a typical village girl.

In short, I’m difficult to remember desu.

And I’m aware of that.

Even in Village Five, people who have been working with me together for many years sometimes greet me like it was the first time we met.

Can you imagine how I felt when Youko-sama, who saw that, advised me to put a name tag?

And village chief.

He remembers me properly.

As expected of village chief desu.


Then, why do I have to show him my face regularly to make sure he won’t forget me?

It’s not that I’m doubting him but every time he meets me, he looks worried for some reason as if I’m not supposed to be with Youko-sama.

As soon as he sees me, he’ll look at Youko-sama as if he’s asking for help.

After that, Youko-sama will whisper something to village chief desu.

I don’t know what she’s whispering but I’m worried.

Yeah, I’m worried.

I believe in village chief but I’m worried.

Once again.

I’m worried.


Ah, it seems like my eyes have become fiery.

I was noticed by one of the oni maids.

I’m sorry.

Maa, I’m only thinking of how to cheerfully greet village chief….by the way, where did village chief go?

And what happened to the dwarves lying around the mansion?

They thought the possibility that the alcohol in the movie is not really alcohol?

Oh well, thinking how a shooting goes on, how could they drink alcohol?

There’s no way they’ll let performers drink alcohol and get drunk.

Since they told me not to mind them, I won’t mind them. I’ll just look for village chief.


On the table in the middle of a big room, there was a five-layer cake.

The fairy queen and the children of the village are dancing around the table with the cake.

What is happening?

A dance of joy for the big, five-layer cake?

That’s what Guronde-san told me.

Thank you very much.

And orthros Oru-kun.

Don’t you remember me?

It hurts my heart that you bark at me like a suspicious person every time we meet.


Guronde-san doesn’t know where village chief is.

However, it turns out that it was village chief who made that five-layer cake.

I see.

Village chief has a lot of spare time.

If that is the case….

I went to the workshop in the mansion.

He should be making some strange things with the mountain elves.


There were only mountain elves in the workshop.


However, the mountain elves knew where village chief was.

They are helpful.

By the way, are you making magic clippers?

It is popular even in Village Five.

I think there will be a big order soon so rejoice.


I thought you would be happy but why do you look upset?

Why not?

Ah, you don’t like making the same thing again and again and again.

I see.

I understand but please do your best until the order from Village Five arrives.

This is just a heads up and I will place an order now under my authority.

For now, make 500 pieces.

No, I’m not joking.

I can only order that much.

Please do your best.

I left the workshop leaving the screaming mountain elves alone.


According to the information from the mountain elves, village chief is making something near the high elves’ residence.

What is he making?

After greeting the kuros and spiderlings, I head to the place where village chief is.


And I finally found him.

Village chief is knitting straw with the high elves.

When I tried to approach village chief, the high elves suddenly confronted me with weapons.

You too?

It’s me, me.

I’m Nana.

Nana Foguma.

It seems like they finally remembered me. I’m glad.

By the way, do you think you’ll remember me now?

Don’t ask the impossible?


How can you say words that hurt others like that?

As expected of high elves desu.

I’m going to report to village chief.

It’s my fault that you can’t remember me?

I don’t think you should blame others for not remembering them….

As expected of high elves desu.

I’ll report them to village chief and have them pay attention.

Village chief, the high elves are such a bully desu.


Village chief is on the high elves’ side.



Is village chief also going to say that it’s my fault?

I know that my presence is very small but I’m trying hard to do something about it….

That’s not what you mean?

Then, what do you mean?


Yeah, I usually wear a skirt but I’m wearing pants today.

It’s for easy movement.

Recently, I have a lot of work to do that needs running and jumping.

My hairstyle also changed to match the pants….

You can’t tell just because of those?

No, this is not even a disguise…

It’s just fashion.

I didn’t even change the way I walk, the way I smell, and the rhythm of my heartbeat.

It’s too much to change the rhythm of my heartbeat?

Of course not desu yo.

It is normal to recognize a person based on the rhythm of his heart.


I’m not lying.

I’m doing that as anti-spy measures to the spies invading Village Five.

How to change?

Just maintain a certain tension and it will change.

You can freely do it when you get used to it.

Ah, please don’t tell the children.

It’s dangerous.


The topic was lost.

How can they not recognize me just because of fashion?

Speaking of which, when I met village chief in Village Five, I was wearing a dress.

Is that it?

Reflect, me.

I should try to wear the same clothes design and hairstyle as much as possible.

If I do that, village chief will surely remember me in time.

What are you making?


You are making armor from straw?

If you paint them with boiled animal bones and skin, it will be hard and become lightweight armor.

I see.

Can I make one too?

Thank you very much?


At a later date.

I went to Big Tree Village in a serious disguise to teach them what disguise is.

As soon as I passed through the teleportation gate, I was captured by the arachne Arako.

I see, you too.


Oni maid: That way of walking, it’s Nana-san desu ne.

Guronde: You’ll recognize her with the shape of her magical power.

Oru: Who are you! Stay away from mother!

Mountain Elves: Is she someone from Village Five?

Spiderlings: Recognize her because of her presence.

Kuros: Recognize her because of her smell.

High elves: Don’t go near village chief in disguise!

Village chief: You’re in disguise, how can you expect me to recognize you?

Nana: This is not a disguise. It’s fashion!


Youko: No, she’s recognizable at one glance, right?

Nana: As expected of Youko-sama!


Hih: I’m more shadowy than Nana. You don’t even remember my existence, right?

Loch: Me too….I never had a turn….

Futa: Only Miyo has frequent appearances…kuh.

Miyo: If you can replace me, I’d be glad to give way. (Looks at a pile of documents)


AN: Oru(dog) is surprisingly judging people with their appearance rather than smell.

Boiling bones and skin of animals = glue

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