Chapter 78 – Spider?….From a Hole in the Ground

The hot days continue.

My days of playing in the river continue.

It is especially hard for me because I’m weak to heat.

…..I can’t stand the cold either but the heat here is a bit unusual.


Today, I’m drifting in the river…while riding the amoeba as usual.


I looked to the side and saw the amoeba’s face.

There is something down the amoeba’s face.

It’s multiplying!

Is it dividing?

I heard that amoebas divide, ah?

How much will it increase?

Maa, I looked at amoeba 1 to see what’s going on. And when I looked around, I noticed a lot of offshoots!


….I’ll pretend I didn’t see them.

I think it’s important to have peace of mind.


I think it’s time to eat.

I made some nikujaga earlier.

Though it’s the almost all meat version.

This is the first nikujaga in the world with onion-like and potato-like vegetables.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve started making it this morning and I’m currently letting the flavor sip in.

I really want some rice.

I’m going to go to the place I’m worried about when I set up the barrier….of course, after the heat has passed a little.

It’s impossible for me to go anywhere now.


…areh? Did a spider build its web in that place?

When I looked at that place closely, I found out that it was boss-san.

There are three webs coming from its back.

And one from its front leg?

….I’m in a different world, yes, a different world.

I won’t mind that kind of thing!

…..? By the way, when did she start spewing webs?


The nikujaga is delicious.

But it was scary.

There’s been a lot of fighting recently so let’s double, no, triple the amount I cook.

I think I have to make a big pot.


—Scene Change—


Shuri’s hole is increasing.

There are two new holes near my house and in the big square.

Are those an entrance and exit?


? The atmosphere that came from those holes is a little different.

Shuri’s hole will make you feel that it’s scary to get close.

It gives off the feeling that you’ll be swallowed as soon as you get close….

The new holes are kind of…gentle?

I’m not really sure.


When I approached, it was not Shuri who popped out of the hole but a reptile!

A lizard-like thing came out!

I was surprised.

I was afraid that it would attack me but it only poked its face out of the hole and stared at me.

I stared back.

I’m not interested in a staring contest so I tried to wave my hand.


It’s getting closer, I’m in trouble.



Its shape is slightly different from a Japanese lizard.

Maa, I’m in a different world.

Even the prey looks similar but everyone’s a little different.

Also, is this lizard-like-lizard okay?

……if it’s a normal lizard, it will die in this heat.


Shuri is delighted when she sees the lizard.

Koa and the others stick their nose together with it and I feel like this is some sort of greeting.

I think it’s some sort of cross-cultural exchange.

…..definitely not.


Chai and the others are a little scared that they even lied down.

Boss-san puts her front leg on the lizard’s nose so I guess that’s some sort of greeting.

But what is it really?


The lizard and fluffy seem to be getting along pretty well.

They were flying together….flying!

How can it fly even though it has no wings?


Ah, no, fluffy is flying without using its wings even though it has wings.

Are they from the same race?

They look different but similar at the same time?

Surely no.


For the time being, it seems like we have a new companion.


—Scene Change—


Oh, they’re back.

All the dogs in our new group went out today.

I was worried since one of those dog’s physical condition was not immediately cured but it looks like it’s okay.


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It’s time to think about their names.

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  1. Bamboocha

    Am I the only one having problems remembering the names of all his companions?

    1. Airantu

      There is a couple that are easy to remember like fluffy and boss but when you start talking about the wolfs and ants my mind just goes blank.

      1. cjfawks

        Who is fluffy? I remember that Koa is Fenrir, the first one he met, Chai is dire wolf that was in cave with family of fenrirs, boss-san is spider, and Karen is phoenix.

    2. paulintka

      I recently re-read it all and made a list for myself, because the names are confusing af. Should help you ^^


      Koa (kanji: Scarlet Heart) – fenrir king, female, silver fur, red eyes, the biggest
      Soa (kanji: Scarlet Sky) – fenrir, female, silver fur
      Hio (kanji: Scarlet Sakura) – fenrir, male, silver fur
      Shion (kanji: White Sound) – fenrir, male, white fur
      Kurou (kanji: Black Sakura) – fenrir, male, black fur
      Chai (kanji: Great Tea) – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots
      Karen (kanji: Red Flame) – phoenix, sparrow-sized bird -> grew 3x bigger, whole red except wings with gradient red-to-white, bits have a gold shine
      Boss-san – spider – chuarenier, at first 2.5cm -> size of a watermelon -> as big as Koa, has small wings, female, the guardian of death
      about 25 spiderlings, at first fingernail-sized -> 2.5cm -> big
      swasowa – insect, 120cm, produces thread, poisonous
      Shuri – giant ant, ant queen, anferfurmi, the hell’s guard
      Fluffy – deep blue hairball with small eyes, has wings but doesn’t need to use them to fly
      new chibi spiders and ants – grew to 50cm
      Chaya – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots
      Chata – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots
      Charu – dire wolf, male, white fur with brown spots
      Sau – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots
      Sasa – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots
      Sami – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots
      Kisa – dire wolf, female, brown fur with red spots, red eyes
      squirrels – blue-green fur, horn on head
      7 dogs (garm), 3 smaller, leader’s name is Ai
      water spirit – floats in the river, looks like a slime or amoeba
      lizard – has no wings, but flies


      15 x 60cm, looks like youkai with 1 eye, the eye glows, made to process floors
      5 x 3 eyed, made to wind the thread from swasowa
      6 x 1 horn on forehead, made to process skins
      30 x with magic stones in foreheads (at first: 3 light blue, 3 blue, 2 green, 2 transparent), farming corps

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    1. Elite4Harmon

      Chapter 94.5 is a dedicated sub chapter for all the names/races of every animal(?) companions. I can post it now but it will spoil some details.

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        I don’t know about everyone else but I’m okay with waiting.

        Thanks for the translations.

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