Chapter 6

School hours ended in a flash. I tried to pretend that I had forgotten but I was caught at the end of HR. Apparently, someone was asked to watch my back.

「Miyano-sensei, he’s here.」

「Amane, I’m glad that you came as soon as you were told. It’s good that you don’t have to taste my fist first.」

What a terrible start. It seems like my life was saved. However, who the heck would say those words in this time and age?

「Now, let’s hear your excuse for skipping almost half of my class yesterday.」

She looks in a good mood. Is she looking forward to punishing me that much?

「I’ll forgive you if you have a legitimate excuse. I already gave you a day to thing so you must have thought of something, right?」

No, I didn’t even bother thinking of one. However, if I tell the truth, my punishment will be more serious and access to the rooftop would be strictly enforced. If that were to happen, I would inevitably face the condemnation of every rooftop user in the school. I don’t want to further narrow my already confined friend circle in the school so I have to say something appropriate.

「I was taking a nap. It was a nice day so I thought of lazing around. I woke up at the right time but I was late to go to class because I have to do my routines first.」

She stared at me like a cat looking at its prey. Then, looked for something from a pile of papers on her desk as if she came up with something. I wonder what she’ll ask me to do.

「Your punishment has been decided. Follow me.」

Miyano-sensei walked with her heels making sounds. I pretended to follow behind and tried to escape when she was getting further away. However, it looks like she’s already expecting me to do that and gave me a brilliant blow that damaged my internal organs. By the way, I’m walking side by side with her now.

I don’t want to walk behind her. Who knows if she suddenly nails me down if I acted like a stalker.

「So, where am I being taken?」

「You’ll be in a place you’re familiar with so you don’t need to worry. Also, your prison time won’t be long.」

「Prison time….I don’t remember getting involved in a crime.」

「It’s the same thing since you were late for my class. Punishment for crimes, rewards for merits.」

What does she mean by “rewards for merits”? I can’t imagine. I can imagine her giving rewards.

I’m not sure if she knows what I’m thinking but she gave me a hard glare from the side. I returned to thinking about my punishment.

「Here we are. You’ll be working here.」

I was brought to a conference room. Certainly, I’m familiar with this place. However, I don’t feel good.

「Ladies and gentlemen, I brought your accountant. Use him to your heart’s content.」

「What do you mean by accountant? At least explain.」

Miyano-sensei returned to the faculty room after saying “I’ll leave the rest to you”. No wonder you couldn’t get married.

「I’m Amane Souta of Year 2 Class 2. I was brought here without any idea what to expect so if you could explain everything to me, that would be great.」

「Right, Amane-kun, welcome to the student council office. I’m Kamagaya Haruto, the vice president. The one behind is the president, Izumi Rin.」

Student council? So, what am I supposed to do? Is it even okay to have an outsider do something like being an accountant?

「You’ll be a helper. Haruto, explain it to him.」

The president, who was doing something with her laptop, raised her face and said that. She’s beautiful. She had silky brown hair, her eyes were big and beautiful, her nose was well-defined, and she had a slender figure. Nine out of ten would certainly say that she’s beautiful.

「Okay, then, where do I begin? Did you know that the student council election will be held after golden week?」

「Yes, I do.」

「However, before that, there will be a budget meeting for club expenses at the end of this month. This falls under the jurisdiction of the student council.」

Right, the student council does a lot of work. Some people think that they only have to elegantly sip tea after school but that is nothing but a manga story.

「We manage to get through this very busy time every year but this year, we have one less officer probably because of the lack of interest of students to be part of the student council. In addition, our excellent treasurer moved to a new school. We are already very busy and now, we don’t have enough manpower. This is our current situation.」

Okay, I completely understand. That means I’ve been brought to a very bad place. This is not a punishment you’ll give to someone who was late for class. I’ll never be late for Miyano-sensei’s class again. The weight of punishment is simply out of proportion.

「We consulted Miyano-sensei, the adviser of the student council, about this. She said she had just the person for the job and brought you here.」

Why is my homeroom teacher even the adviser of the student council? Do you have that much free time? You better devote that free time to marriage meetings instead. Don’t tell me you want to get married without making an effort. Maa, if I tell her that, I might have to say goodbye to this world so I won’t.

「I understand. However, are you sure you’re okay with an amateur like me?」

「Oh, I’ve already heard about your excellence so don’t worry.」

What excellence is he talking about…..

Perhaps it is about that? Yeah, I was in charge last year. However, I’m in trouble. I just promised Yuna that I’ll no longer get involved in something like this.

「If you have something you don’t understand, just let me know. It will only be for a period of time but, let’s work together.」

Kamagaya-senpai smiled at me. Do I really need to agree?

Suddenly, I felt something and looked behind. Miyano-sensei is standing behind me.

Didn’t she leave?

It looks like I can’t say no.

「Yeah, please take care of me.」

I wonder what this feeling is. This is probably how a person feels when a door-to-door salesman knocks on his door with a scary oniisan waiting behind.

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