Chapter 703 – The Village Girl Who Works in Village Five, Nana Foguma

I can’t believe it.

This is nothing but a lie.

I’m sure this is a scam.

Damn it.

Don’t be fooled.

Always be on the safe side.

This isn’t supposed to be like this.

This is absolutely strange.

There’s something in it.

It should be a suspicious substance.


I experienced it myself.

I won’t forget it. It was 10 days ago.

I wanted to fill my stomach so I chose a certain shop.

It was on ramen street.

Even if you don’t choose a store, there’s nothing to be worried about since all stores only serve delicious ramen.

What was served before me was a big serving of ramen.

Is this a minotaur’s serving?


Then, the clerk must have made the wrong serving.


I should have asked for a normal serving.

This is the normal serving? I see.

Since this is what I ordered, I had no choice but to eat it.

It’s not bad.

I don’t know the details but this should be a tonkotsu soy sauce ramen.

To be honest, this is my favorite.

The serving is big but the huge amount of vegetables neutralizes it.

Yeah, it has a large amount of vegetables.

Well, if I don’t eat the noodles fast enough, it will be saggy.

What should I do….

I checked the other customers to my left and right.

The customer on the right….I seem, you indeed can put the noodles on top of the toppings.

The customer on the left….asked for a small plate from the clerk and put the noodles there.

You can do that?

The clerk would not mind but I think it is better to have fewer dirty dishes.

I’ve already started eating so I just put the noodles on top of the toppings.

Then, after eating, which seemed to have taken eternity, my belly was filled.

It was also cheap.

I’m satisfied.

However, I don’t feel like eating it again for a while.

Or so I thought.

I had come to the same store the next day.

Do you get it now!

It’s strange!

There’s definitely something in there!

There’s no doubt!

If not, why would I go there every day!

Normally, I won’t even drink the ramen soup noisily!

Because I’m not that kind of guy!



My name is Nana.

Nana Foguma.

I’m a mercury made to manage the Sun Castle desu.

Currently, Pirika-sama has caught a suspicious person.

He was trying to break into a closed store.

It is currently midnight so that person is definitely suspicious.

According to the man who Pirika-sama caught, this suspicious person seemed to want to know the secret of the taste of ramen.

This has increased.

I mean people like him.

Yeah, like usual, he’ll stay in prison for a few days.

After that, he’ll be released after a certain period of community service.


This suspicious person was pretty strong so you want me to recruit him as a member of the Village Five’s guards?

He was the strongest of all suspicious people so far.


I see.

I’ll tell Youko-sama.

This is Pirika-sama’s request so she’ll probably agree.

That is if this suspicious person doesn’t do anything in prison.



I just looked at the night sky for a moment and Pirika-sama was already running.

There’s no mistake.

There should be another suspicious person.


The other suspicious person turned out to be suspicious people. There are three of them.

The three are running to the foot of Village Five mountain and it seems like they came from the top.

Only important facilities are at the top so those three should have done something and are on their way down.

No way, could they have entered Youko-sama’s mansion?

I immediately erased that in my hand.

Because that’s simply impossible.

There are spiderlings guarding the mansion.

No way they can go in.

No, they certainly can go in.

However, they can never leave.

It is close to a miracle if you manage to get out of a place with walls and ceilings like Youko-sama’s mansion if you have confronted even one spiderling.

Then, did they sneak into the Goroun Company?

I chased them while guessing what they had done.


In the forest a little away from Village Five, I caught up with the three.

They are being confronted by Pirika-sama.

No, the two of the three are already defeated by Pirika-sama.

As expected of Pirika-sama.

Only one left…..

A magic warrior?

When he waved his sword, lightning flew.

Pirika-sama did not panic and slashed the lightning….and took some distance.


I thought she was going to use that chance to get close to the other party. What happened?

Seeing Pirika-sama’s movement, the magic warrior waved lightning in succession.

Pirika-sama slashes the lightning like before and evades.

She’s not evading the lightning.

It seems like she’s avoiding something.

Is something there?


Pirika-sama answered my question.

I was hiding, how did you find out?

「Don’t let your guard down. Go behind the other party.」

Please rest assured.

It is already here.

A spiderling.

It has already set up web around this place so there’s no way that suspicious person can escape.

Pirika-sama can take care of things as you wish.

「That’s easy for you to say.」

Pirika-sama formed a stance.

She’s serious.

The magic warrior…seems to be interacting with Pirika-sama.

He started a long chant.

A stunning preparation.

Maa, Pirika-sama can’t be beaten.

She’s just waiting for the magic to be casted without moving.

She’s enjoying it.

She could have approached and slashed the other party while he was chanting.

It seems like the chant is over.

Countless of lightning balls appeared around Pirika-sama.

The balls of lightning move toward Pirika-sama….

Pirika-sama evaded them.

And performed countless of slashes.

What are you slashing?

「I just told you earlier, nothing.」



You mean vacuum?

I see.

Pirika-sama avoided or cut those vacuum attacks.

What a monster.

The magic warrior seemed to have understood their difference and obediently surrendered.

Ah, spiderling-san, please tie him up with your web.

The other two who are unconscious too.

Sorry for the trouble.

The guards will be coming soon so please secure them until then.


However, vacuum?

He’s using the easy to see lightning as decoy….no, I think lightning was formed as an aftermath of making vacuum.

Because of that, the vacuum and lightning’s positions were similar.

Even without the lightning, Pirika-sama would find him difficult to deal with.

 By the way, how did those lightning balls move unnaturally?


Pirika-sama showed a few nails to me.

「I have them for throwing purposes but I heard it was also effective against lightning.」

I see.

Let me have some.

Maybe if I’m the one who confronted him first, I would have been done for.


The suspicious person who tried to steal the ramen recipe earlier is stronger than that magic warrior?

Is that true?


The world is big.


The guards arrived.

I hide.

Ah, Pirika-sama.

Ask the purpose of those three suspicious people and if they have other companions.

When I had her ask that, another spiderling came with a letter on its back.

The letter is addressed to me.

It’s from my colleague Loch.


I see.

Originally, those three suspicious people were part of a group of 12. Nine of them invaded Youko-sama’s mansion.

Then, does that mean that these three are their support personnel since they left without invading?

The nine who broke into Youko-sama’s mansion were secured by the spiderlings.

The investigation of this case is over.

Okay desu.

I give the spiderling who brought the letter a cookie.

Ah, sorry.

I also gave the spiderling who tied up the three with web a cookie.

You two, thank you.

I hope you’ll help us again.

Please rest assured.

I will tell village chief about this case in detail.


I can’t believe that there are people who are scared of these cute little things.

I saw off the spiderlings until they disappeared from my sight. I still have things to do.

The night has just begun.

I have to work properly.

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The suspicious person who tried to steal the secret of the taste of ramen went on a rampage in the prison.

「Ramen! Let me eat that ramen!」


I will have it delivered for you so please don’t rampage.

Ah, of course, you have to pay.

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