Chapter 79 – Garm Ai 2

-Ai’s POV, which is definitely a dog-

Everyone’s out of the house and it’s kind of noisy.

Most are outside when his lordship is out but it is rare when everyone’s in one place.

I’ll go there with my companions.


My companions and I stopped in our tracks.

In front of us is….the earth dragon.

It looks far from what it looked like before but given its magic and presence, it is definitely the earth dragon.

We were already surprised when we saw the water dragon earlier and now the earth dragon is here too.


His lordship….accepted it plainly.

I was a little scared but when I tried to get closer, his lordship looked worried.

He often comes to check on us, especially our companion who’s still in bad shape.

I’m glad that my companions are not that scared and even wagging their tails.


The water spirits are playing by peeping from the river and diving into the water.

When his lordship notices them, he waves his hand and seems to keep them company and plays with them.

It looks like the water spirits are increasing. This place is simply amazing.


—Scene Change—


We ran at full speed through the forest.

There are things we have yet to be able to do.

We had not moved our body all these times so it can’t be helped.

It will take time before we’ll be able to move as we did before.


The dire wolves Charu and Chata are running with us.

It seems like his lordship ordered them to go with us since he’s still worried about our condition.

To be honest, I’m grateful.


There are enemies in the forest that we can’t fight against yet.

I don’t want his lordship to grieve because of our recklessness since there will always be a chance.

We decided to go home after we got used to running with this body of ours.


It’s getting hot every day.

I can see that the season that had disappeared from the forest is coming back.

His lordship is amazing after all.


—Scene Change—


His lordship is making sure that the golems have entered the house.

The day must have ended.


I was surprised when I first saw the number of golems working in the field.

Too many.

I had no idea that his lordship was supplying all the magical power needed in this place alone.

Maintaining the barrier, circulating magical power, and maintaining the golems.

His lordship’s magical power is amazing.


It’s time to eat.

His lordship seems to have set time for eating and we all follow it.

The food his lordship makes is strange and very delicious.

There are many things that I have never eaten before.

It has become one of the things I look forward to.

Both my friends and the other races here seemed to be looking forward to it as well and the atmosphere is kind of enjoyable.

We’re too scared to participate in serious battles though.

In particular, the battle between the Koa-san and fenrirs against boss-san and her arumeareniers.

We also can’t get close to the battle between Shuri-san and her abimfurmi against the ratatoskrs.

We don’t want to get close to either, they are too scary.


Even today, strange food was served and it was delicious.

Is evil serpent really this delicious?

Areh?….it seems like we participated in the battle without realizing it.

It’s kind of funny because we’re too afraid and were avoiding them.

But it can’t be helped since it’s too good.

I wish our original strength would return soon so we can at least last till the end.


—Scene Change—



His lordship has been calling me “Ai” lately.

When I asked Chai, he told me that it was probably my name.

I like the name he gave me even though it sounds a little strange.

It seems like my companions have been given names too so we are doing our best to remember them.

Since I learned my name, I’ll learn my companion’s names as well.

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