Chapter 41 – All Characters in This Novel Are Over 18 Years Old (Absolute Truth)

So, that night was a tough one.

It was a newly made bedroom and the only bed was as sturdy as ordered.

Or rather, it was big.

That night….aside from the usual Sonja, Maria, and Ouroboros, ten elves broke into the room.


The next day….

The exhausted me was watching the yellow sun after doing my farm work.

Then, Katya, a dwarf, came to me during her carpentry work break.

「Hey there」

「Hnn? What’s the matter?」

When I looked at her, I saw that she brought some rice balls with her.

Apparently, she wanted us to have lunch together.

So, we washed our hands and sat down on a rock that was big enough to be chairs.

「These onigiris are delicious. Did you make them?」

「Yes. My interest was piqued with how delicious the rice here is. I had Maria teach me how to make them.」

They were very salty.

When I took a bite of the onigiri, Katya smiled happily.

「Good, right?」


Katya smiled happily.

「What’s the matter?」

「No, I’m just trying to get to know you.」

「What do you mean by that?」

「Last night…..I was sleeping in the next room.」

Ah, a lot of moaning should have leaked out.

As proof of that, Katya’s cheeks were bright red.


「Ano….that….I also….like I said before….I’m interested in that…..」

Katya’s face turned redder and said “No, it’s nothing!” and ran away.

「What was that……」

I saw off the running Katya.

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That night, we had a party.

All the women were drunk and sleeping together in the living room.

I crawled into the bed thinking I can finally sleep alone today.


Katya was hiding under the futon.

That….made me speechless.

「I’m also….a girl, you know. I’m….interested in that.」

「But there are problems, right?」

I knew she was interested in that but….no way I’ll lay my hand on a young girl.

If I lay my hand on this girl, aside from the guilt I’ll feel, I’ll be looked at like a scumbag by everyone around.

That’s why I decided to stay away from her….but now….

And then, Katya’s body glowed.

「I….can get bigger or smaller. Dwarves are blacksmiths, you know. If you’re a girl, you won’t have enough muscle strength in doing heavy work so you have to strengthen your body. This is the application of that.」

「…..I see.」

It feels like a metamorphosis.

Katya suddenly turned into someone in her late teens.

She has a nice body. Of course, have I mentioned that she’s a beauty.

No, but, I think someone under 18 years of age is still a no.

Katya nodded as if she knew what I wanted to say.

「…..I’m….one hundred and twelve years old….you know… hundred and twelve….」

Then, there’s no problem.

I heard that dwarves are also a long-lived race and it looks like it’s true.

No, even so….I still feel a little resistant…..

「What’s wrong? What’s with that expression? Could it be that….you dislike me?」

And so, I said this with my honest feelings.

「I don’t dislike you at all.」

Since she’s of legal age and she transformed into a big beauty, there’s no problem at all.

That means I can lay my hands on her without being persecuted.

I hugged Katya.

Then, Katya laughed mischievously and spoke.

「Later…I can transform bigger or smaller if you like.」

「What are you trying to say.」

「I can get bigger and smaller instantly. There are only the two of us now so we don’t have to worry about being seen. I’ll leave the rest to you.」

「Don’t joke around.」

When I said that, Katya laughed mischievously—she’s bewitching after all.

「I really don’t care which size do you prefer.」

So, a lot happened that night.

As for the details, maa, ….I’ll just say I’m an evil guy.

—and, maa, that’s the reason why Katya started to call me “oniichan” from “you”.

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