Chapter 80 – Did My Best to Remember…..3 times? 5 Times?

I named our new dog companions.

On my own like usual.

I want to think that no one’s against it.


When I look at the dogs, I naturally notice the one who seems to be their leader.

He’s the one who looks out, worries about, and cares about his companions the most.

These new companions of mine are also very smart and seem to be very friendly.

They have no problem with the other breeds.



……our new companions look similar.

I’ll do my best to remember their names.


The dog that I think is the leader is Ai.

The three other males are Sora, Nea, and Raki.

The 3 female dogs will be Ami, Ayu, and Mira.

I thought of naming them as such because their fur color has a shade of indigo.

I’m happy with how I named them so there shouldn’t be any problem.

TN: Their names all have the 藍(indigo) character.


After a few days, they started to react to their names.

I can’t get their names wrong anymore so I’ll do my best to remember.


They have been living in my rock house until they regained their strength.

I don’t know why they wanted to live in a hut outside.

If that’s the place that is best for them, then go for it even though I’m a little lonely.


—Scene Change—


About the lizard that joined us.

It’s a little different from the lizard I know.

It’s not a problem though.


I called it flying lizard.

I thought about it a lot but its first impression to me was too strong.

It was a disappointing result but I couldn’t take the flying lizard out of my head.

Maa, you’re cute so forgive me.


Fluffy and the flying lizard often hang out together.

Fluffy and the flying lizard are often together and something, they drift down the river with me.

Me, fluffy, flying lizards, and the amoebas.

….does our group look creepy?

Maa, who cares?


—Scene Change—


Yesterday, a large number of creepy snakes were hunted.

I was even startled when I saw them but the problem now is, are they edible?

They brought them back so they should be.

I tried grilling a little and tasted it.

It tastes like chicken.

The giant rabbit was the closest chicken meat tasting meat here but this is more chicken meat tasting!


Today, I prepared a lot and I even started this morning.

Since we have chicken-like meat here, I want to make karaage

I seasoned it with fish sauce and sugar, covered it with potato starch, and fried it.

I’m looking forward to it.


The only thing I’m worried about is whether I’ve prepared enough.

The last time I cooked, things heated up.

This time, I tripled the amount so I hope it’s enough.


For garnishing, I boiled and mashed potatoes and stir fry them.

I’d like some eggs but I don’t have any so I gave up.

There are also other things I want and I’ll look for them….when it gets a little cooler.


And the usual eating scene, a struggle.

Ai and his companions entered the fray for the first time.

Does this mean that 3 times as much is not enough?

I don’t have enough hands to make more….


Karaage is delicious.

The potato salad is also good.

I’m satisfied with today’s meal.


I can’t help but feel the pain of those who lost the battle.

Come to think of it, they never tried to get mine.

If they do….should I run away?

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I don’t want to participate in that battle.

The battle will definitely be decided in an instant.

I’m not even sure if I have any other choice aside from running.

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