Chapter 42 – Furnace for Me, Furnace Complete, Furnace it is(Unknown Poet)

「The bedroom is finished, oniichan.」

Since Katia is pushing her chest out, I patted her head.

Then, she said, “I didn’t report it to you because I want a head pat.” as she puffed her cheeks.

However, I didn’t miss the fact that her cheeks loosened up.

I was about to ask what kind of tsundere play is that but I don’t want to complicate things by saying that.

Anyway, I just nod and smile while thinking it was cute.

「Ah, right, oniichan…」

「Hnn? What is it?」

「You want a full-scale renovation, right?」

「Well, yeah.」

–          Private Rooms

–          Huge indoor bath

–          Kitchen

–          Living room

–          Dismantling Shack

–          Farming Shed

–          Sake Brewery

–          A few multipurpose huts

Those are just to name a few things we want to be built.

To secure water, we also need to dig a channel from the river and dig a well too.

There is a lot of work to be done.

「Then, we have to build a furnace.」


「Yes. I have some metal materials with me but it’s a hassle to run to the dwarf village when I need something.」

「Hmmm….even though it’s a long term construction project, you don’t have to go that far, do you?」

「Because we have to make a lot of things in the future, don’t we? I’ll also live here from now on so….furnace is necessary.」

She just said something I can’t ignore.

「Eh? Katya’s going to live here?」

Then, Katya’s cheeks dyed red, and spoke again.

「O-o-of course….! O-o…..niichan is like my husband after all!」


「I’m not casual you know.」


When I was tongue twisted, Katya hugged me.

「……I……I….I love you.」


「I can’t believe you’re actually….forcing a girl to say this to you. Unbelievable.」

The grumbling Katya said so.

This girl, she’s really cute.

Maa, for the time being, it seems like it is confirmed that a new official permanent resident has come.

It’s really getting crowded.


My current roommates are Sonja, Maria, Ouroboros, and Katya.

The ten elves will probably leave at some point but they’ll stay here for a while first.

In addition, Arisa comes here at least twice a week and the elf queen comes once a week and stays for a night as part of her farming inspection.

I’m not sure if I can continue like this….my body, I’m sorry.

But it’s not like I dislike it.

Yeah, I don’t dislike it at all.

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「Ah, then, after you’ve built the private rooms….and the well, you are free to build that furnace.」

「I see. I understand, oniichan.」

Good good.

The plan to make more facilities in this place will proceed smoothly with this.

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