Chapter 705 – Ramen is Unshakable

I can’t do anything about Clauden’s demand.

I had no choice but to ask the ramen shop.

If I use my power as the village chief of Village Five, I will be able to make the ramen shop accept that request but I don’t want to do something like that.

And so, I decided to go to the ramen shop with Beezel and Frau.

It’s because Clauden is crying.

「I’m not the type of man who’ll make an incomprehensible request like this. It’s true. However, whenever I think about that ramen, I become strange. I don’t even know how it happened….」

For now, I thought that I should at least convey Clauden’s wish to the ramen shop.


We arrived at the ramen shop.

There was a waiting line for the store and I could see that it was very popular.

Instead of directly getting into the main topic, Frau advises me to try talking after I experience being a customer.

The three of us lined up and entered the store a little later.

Following the guidance of the clerk, we sat side by side at the counter.

Probably as a result of the official instruction, there is a note “Serving is big” right next to the regular size on the menu.

In addition, the clerk points it out for people who can’t read.

「Our regular size is not really regular size. If you are not confident in the size of your belly, please order the small one.」


Is this ramen shop really that provocative?

Maa, I’m not a person that can be provoked with something like that though.

I’m sure Beezel and Frau are the same.

We looked at each other, nodded, and ordered.

「「「Regular size」」」

We were not provoked.

We were just hungry.


The taste was not bad but that’s something that differs depending on someone’s taste.

However, the serving.

The serving is the problem.

Beezel, Frau, are you okay?

You’re not.

Let’s find a place to sit and calm down.

Beezel and Frau did not oppose my suggestion.


We took a break at Kuro and Yuki, a sweets and tea café.

Kinesta, the assistant manager, looked at us with a weird expression but did not say anything.

The three of us didn’t put our hand on the tea we ordered after all.

I’m sorry.

Let us take a break.

AH, my stomach is hard.

What is my “healthy body” doing?

No, I know.

It only blocks injuries and illnesses but it doesn’t block satiety like this.

TN: He really said 怪我 which means injury from an animate object.

Even for me, it is bad to eat too much.

I can’t help but snarl.

Reflect, me.

When I return, I’ll make an offering to the gods’ statues and ask them for forgiveness.

Beezel, don’t overdo it.

If you move poorly, it might exit where it entered.

Alright, lie down.

Don’t worry.

Just lie down if you want.

Frau, don’t look down.

Look up.

Look up!

Don’t think of anything else.

Yeah, that’s for the best.

I don’t want to think of anything else too.


After taking a break for about an hour, both of them calmed down.

The cold tea was bad but it can’t be helped because it’s our fault.

As for Clauden, I don’t think his wish of working there will be granted.

I asked the manager after eating.

I asked if he’s recruiting employees.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a plan of hiring more since he just recruited a few.

Right. When we were eating there, I found that they have enough manpower and I even thought that they have too much manpower.


What should I do now?

When I was thinking, Frau raised her hand and asked for permission to speak.

「Our main objective is to bring Clauden home. It would be even more difficult to do that if he started working at the ramen shop so isn’t it great that he won’t be able to do so?」

On the other hand, Beezel said.

「Then, we won’t be able to get him out of prison, he won’t move. In addition, he is a skillful warrior. He can resist if we force him out of prison and he will definitely be injured.」

「How about we let the spiderlings deal with him?」

「Is that how we’ll treat someone from the royal family of a country that wants to build a friendly relationship with us? That will induce war.」

「Mou….you mean we can’t even use force?」

Beezel and Frau are terrible.

The spiderlings only bind gently.


「Village chief, since we can’t bind him, we have to make him leave the prison voluntarily.」

「But father, is that the reason why we came to the ramen shop? I don’t think he will return home straight away if we do that.」

「Let’s say that we will fulfill his wish but he has to do something for us first. And that is returning home. Once he has returned, we have fulfilled the request of that country and he’s free to go where he wants after that.」

「I see. However, I don’t think it is a good idea to lie that he got the job.」

「Cheating someone is a bad move.」

「And troublesome too.」

They sighed at the same time and the same way.

Father and daughter.


I paid Kinesta and left the store.

For now, we have concluded that we need reinforcements since the three of us can’t think of any good ideas.

Thus, we went to Youko’s mansion and looked for Nana since she’s one of those who captured him.

I talked to Nana immediately.

「Clauden-shi’s purpose is not to find a job but that ramen so I don’t think you have to stick on thinking about the job.」



So, if we won’t get him the job, what should we do?

「Village chief can recreate that ramen, right? If you tell him how to make that ramen, I think he will get out of prison on his own.」

I am a fool.


Clauden got out of prison.

At first, he was disappointed by the fact that he won’t be able to get the job. His mood didn’t change even though I told him I’ll teach him how to make that ramen.

However, when Nana, who’s accompanying me, told him that I ran a ramen cart and sold ramen, Clauden’s attitude changed.

「I will call you master.」

No, I’m not at that level but….

Maa, as if that will make you voluntarily go out of prison.

Beezel seemed relieved too.

Clauden also promised that he would return home if he mastered ramen making to some extent so I want to do my best too.


The training is carried out by setting up a tent at the foot of Village Five.

Beezel and Frau returned to the village.

When it comes to making ramen, I can’t be called an expert.

Nana helped by setting up the tent and when she did, she left and returned to work.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your help.

By the way Pirika, why are you here?

My guard?

Yeah, I don’t think Clauden has any plan of harming me.

Look at those eyes. I’ll be fine……

Alright, I’ll let you be my guard.

Since I moved to Village Five via Beezel’s teleportation magic, my usual guards, Gulf and Daga, were not able to accompany me.

They’ll be disappointed later.

Reflect, me.

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Two days later, Clauden is frustrated.

I’m frustrated too.

It is impossible to teach Clauden how to make ramen.

Clauden had no cooking experience and was even clumsy.

「Ugh…..all my life, I’ve left it to the servants….to think I’ll pull a foot because of it.」

By the way, his mother is not a commoner but a duke’s daughter.

Therefore, even if he’s an illegitimate child, he lived a life of comfort.


Maa, aren’t you sent here as a spy?

You’re alone, right?

What were you eating?

「That can be solved with money.」

I see.

But that’s pointless now.

What do we do?

This is the first time I’ve met someone with such a devastating cooking skill.

No, correction.

You are catastrophic.

You are much worse compared to the civil servant girls.

Before, when they were too busy, they only put ingredients on the plate.

Now, they have improved.

It is the result of the guidance of the oni maids.

I see, should I ask the oni maids for help?

When I was thinking so, help came.

One of Yuri’s friends, a musician in Village Five.

And a ramen lover.

She is commonly known as the Ramen Queen.

「I heard that you are troubled with ramen. I will help you.」

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