Chapter 8

Familiarity is a scary thing. By the 4th day, I no longer feel that I’m being forced to work as punishment. Like last year, my aptitude for being a corporate animal shows up. I think I’m suited to black companies more than expected. I hate it.

I hope that companies will actively promote workstyle reform and stop being so black. I’m planning to go to college so it will only be a little over 6 years until I find a job. I think I have quite a bit of time left but, is that really the case? I continue to look at the monitor of the computer while thinking about that.

「Hey hey, how are things going?」

The student council president came over to me as if she had finished her work.

「Maa, almost done desu yo.」

「I see, good.」

While saying so, she peeps into the monitor.

She doesn’t believe me at all. Maa, as the person who assigns work, I understand that it’s more convenient to check how much work is done and at what speed. If someone who can’t do that is in charge, they’ll just continue to work until hell befalls.

President, close, you’re close. You’re too close.

Also, vice-president, don’t stare at me like that. Don’t worry, I won’t touch your girlfriend so don’t stare at me like that.

「You’re better than I thought. You were really excellent. Okay, this much is fine. I can take the rest. Your work is done.」

「Is that okay?」

After hearing the president’s words, the vice president lowered his back and looked at my monitor from the other side.

The two were talking while looking at the monitor but when they finished talking and raised their faces, they blushed upon noticing that their faces were too close to each other.

Pure. I want to support this kind of couple, I thought to myself.

「I also confirmed it and it looks like there’s no problem. The rest would be some adjustment and preparation to take over. Let’s report to Miyano-sensei that his work is done. You’re a lifesaver, thank you.」

Areh? My work is done? My prison term expired? Was I really that good?

「Are you sure my work is done?」

I will confirm it first. I have to make sure or Miyano-sensei will strangle me or increase my prison term. Or perhaps both.

「Ah, yes. Thank you for your hard work these last four days.」

「You’re so good that I wanted to recruit you to the student council. We’re still recruiting candidates for the student council election, it will only be a hand-raising system.」

Hahaha, I can only reply with a dry laugh to the president.

I bowed and left the conference room.


「Oya? Aren’t you supposed to be working? Are you trying to escape? 」

When I was walking through the corridor leading to the faculty room while suppressing my urge to skip, Miyano-sensei came from the other side. Why are you always cracking knuckles when you talk to me?

「It’s over desu yo. I’ve done enough. Sensei’s prison term has expired desu yo. 」

「I see. It ended unexpectedly quickly. Do you want to do something extra? 」

I could feel my facial muscles tensing up.

Eh? What’s with this system? I mean, do you have more things like this? This school must be in trouble.

「What? I’m only joking. There’s no need for you to look so disgusted. 」

「Really? 」

「Thank you for your hard work. If you learn your lesson, you should never be late.」

Finally, she winks and flicks my forehead.

That hurts. I heard a bang. Am I going to be okay? Is my skull fractured? Isn’t it about time for her to learn to go easy on me?

As I rubbed my forehead, my cell phone rang.

I don’t remember ordering anything. When I opened my mailbox, I found a message from Yuna.


Oniichan, I’ll be staying at a friend’s house so eat dinner alone!


I don’t eat out much and I don’t know much about the restaurants around so I’ve always been leaving the choice to Yuna. However, it looks like I can’t rely on her today. It might be a good idea to take a stroll in front of the station and find a suitable place to eat.

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I changed my shoes at the entrance and left the school building.

The sunset was so dazzling. As I walked past the schoolyard towards the main gate, I saw the members of the sports club shouting and working hard with their club activities.

I looked around to look for a familiar face and I saw him running while being cheered at.

Since he was able to return to club activities, I would assume that he was able to pass the retest. However, that guy’s so popular. That will get him into some kind of trouble sooner or later. I’ll let him suffer that time. He’s more popular than most people so he’ll have to work hard to keep his balance.

I passed through the main gate and came out onto the main street that led to the station. There is no bike lane between the sidewalk and the road and cars are constantly coming and going on the roadway. That’s basically the reason why I gave up riding my bike to school.

The city broadcast, arranged from a children’s song, came one which means it is five o’clock.

In the past, once I heard that, I would hurry back home which made me feel the passage of time. When I was in elementary school, I felt like I had a lot of friends so what exactly happened? When I thought of it, I finally arrived at the station which is my destination.

It’s still too early to eat dinner, should I kill time somewhere?

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