Chapter 81 – Mage of a Certain Country

-Emperors Kingdom, High Mage’s POV-

The big magic stone is in front of me.

A vertical crack has appeared on the magic stone.

Since there was an order to repair it, the mages began to prepare.

I did not participate in the preparation to repair it since I’m investigating the cause.


The chief mage is the leader of the mages.

The chief mage reported one thing to the king.

The magic stone barrier has not been broken. After examining it, there’s neither damage nor hole.

The attack was carried out inside the barrier of the country.


I remember the king’s expression when that report was mentioned.

His whole body oozed with an air of refusing to believe.

However, it’s real.

No matter how we look at it, there’s nothing wrong with the barrier.


A few days later, an order was given to give top priority on investigating the cause.

The chief mage’s face was filled with bitterness.

I, as his assistant, could understand the difficulty.

How are we supposed to investigate it?

We don’t even have any idea where to start.

Everything is normal except for the attacks.

There’s nothing wrong with it so how can we examine it?


I look at the magic stone and in the corner of my mind, I thought maybe we deserve this.

I don’t even remember how many lives have been sacrificed to strengthen the magic stone.

Even though it was an order, the ones who did it are us, mages.


More specifically, it is the chief mage and his assistants.

The king used the mages as trial before extending his own life.

Those mages are the chief mage and his three assistants.


The people that were killed prolonged their lives.

These four are the only ones who know the exact number.

How many lives were poured into the magic stone.

And how many lives were wasted before they succeeded.


Even now, I can still remember.

One girl stared at me in the face until the very end. She did not look away even in an instant.

At that time, I was happy that I succeeded in extending my lifespan and that I was superior to others.

Because of that….I didn’t like the girl’s eyes and punched her repeatedly.

Still, she didn’t look away.

Even so, I was immersed in my sense of superiority over her.

I only thought of one thing back then, being strong is all that matters.


Since that day, everything has been going smoothly.

Corpse piled up non-stop.

But now, I can’t erase the girl’s eyes and the words she shouted in my mind.

「The world will never forgive you.」

The words she said, I can’t get it off my head.

I can feel my fellow mage next to me shivering.

He is one of the mages who came here as my assistant.


The kings of the forest should have been suppressed by the magic stone.

No, they have been suppressed.

If that is the case, then the one attacking this country right now is not the king of the forest.

It means that there was a higher being or even a higher existence there.

The forest is the center of the world and a higher existence showed up.

Perhaps that existence is what our king sought to be.

An existence that could be called the king of the world.

Or perhaps the kings of the forest summoned him to protect the world.


This country has incurred the wrath of the king of the world.

As retribution for what it had done.


The sense of guilt that I should have already abandoned is eating my heart away.

The things that were unnecessary to serve the king, things that are considered hindrances.

I should have thrown them away already.

However, I guess they are not possible to throw away.


I stare at the magic stone.

It was supposed to be the strongest thing in this world.

How could it have cracked like this?

How many more lives would be sacrificed to repair these cracks.

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….will the king of the world allow it?

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