Chapter 43 – Wanting to Do a Lot of Things

「Isn’t that too wide for a vineyard?」

Maria’s sexiness is reduced by half when she’s in her work clothes but I like the serious atmosphere around her.

If she puts on some glasses, she’ll look like an intellectual oneesan.

Actually, I prefer the sweaty construction site girl….like the architect who has been dispatched for site inspection from the head office. It is only the education system that says ladies don’t suit that place.

But that’s not important.

Anyway, Maria wiping the sweat accumulated because of farm work with a cloth looked very beautiful.

「Yeah, I’m planting to make sake.」

「Sake, is it?」

「Actually, our family’s finances are in a pinch.」

「….Eh? With the high-class materials supplied by the hand riding rabbits and the cyclops that you and Sonja hunted….shouldn’t we have a lot of money?」

「We spend money like idiots to expand and renovate our house, we spend money like idiots when it comes to seasonings and more than anything….」

「What? 」

「You party like there’s no tomorrow.」

That’s right.

We’re getting a lot of alcohol from Earth that it’s getting really bad.

Everyone seemed to be fond of chuchai in can. Well, I drink it too.

TN: Chuchai is a brand of alcohol.

That cost five thousand yen for a case of 500ml cans….in other words, 5000 pieces of gold coins.

Basically, I order sake from either the elf village or the dwarf village but when it’s party time, sake from earth is still the best so we drink that.

It’s not their fault but mine for ordering them.

In any case, the balance in the offering box is less than 2000 yen and I’m intensely contemplating about it.

「That’s why I’m thinking of making wine and sake. Because of that, I had to expand the vineyard. Once this work is done, I plan to expand the paddy next.」

That means a waterway is a must.

We’ve been growing a small amount of rice but with my farming skills, we only used little water for our paddy.

「If we use the grapes made by Tatsuya-sama, I’m sure we can make an out of this world wine.」

Well, I can easily adjust the sugar content and everything through seed creation.

If I can make it feel like a half fermented juice wine, I might be able to please everyone, even Katya who’s not good with sake.

「Then, let’s make wine vinegar too. The elves and dwarves will like it, right?」

「They should. Especially the dwarves since they are alcoholics….it is rare for someone like Katya to show up.」

「I think we’ll make a good profit if we sell it to them. Of course, we better make sure that we’ll calculate our consumption and only sell the surplus.」

「Do you think Cornelia-sama likes wine too?」

「Ah, perhaps she does.」

Are curry and wine a good match….

I’m not sure if curry and wine go together or not.

Let’s try cooking katsu curry next time.

I’m sure it will be a good snack for sake if it is served without rice and add some egg like a curry donburi.

Maa, and that’s how I’ve decided my future farming plans.

For now, let’s concentrate on sake.

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I also want to eat bread so I’ll probably make a wheat field too.

I’m sure everyone would love pizza.

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