Chapter 9

I entered a large bookstore in front of the station to kill some time. I’m interested in new books but I have a different goal this time. After checking the floor guide, I walked over to the children’s book section.

I wondered what was popular among elementary school students today.

I picked up a book, read the synopsis, and flipped through it repeatedly.

As I was looking at a few books, I felt something hit my foot. I looked down and saw a little girl, who looked like she’s not even an elementary schooler yet. I guess she wasn’t looking in front of her or perhaps it was my foot who hit her.

When the girl noticed my gaze, she looked at me and her eyes became teary.

This is bad, this girl is going to cry. Am I so scary…..

This is not the time to be shocked. I put the book back on the shelf and got down on one knee. I lay down until my eyes are at level with the girl’s eyes and asked if she’s okay.

The girl nods a little.

「Oneechan, there’s Akari.」

I heard that voice, then

「Excuse me. Hey, Akari, you can’t just leave without permission!」

「It’s okay desu yo. I apologize for scaring her.」

I stood up and was surprised to see the person who scolded the girl. Maa, the person herself was more surprised than me.

「Wha…Eh?? Eh??」

A small children’s bag on her right hand, a small shoulder bag on her right shoulder, and the girl she was just scolding on her left hand. They are on a level that if someone said that she’s a mother that just picked up her daughter in the nursery school, everyone will believe it. Though there’s just one point that seems contradicting, she’s in her high school uniform.

What’s with Hirose?

「Oneechan, do you know him?」

The twin-tailed girl who called Hirose earlier, a junior high school student, said so. Perhaps she’s Hirose’s little sister. She doesn’t look much like Hirose but she looks the popular type too.

「Well, that’s right.」

I answered the question instead of the nervous Hirose.

「Why are you here, Amane?…, seriously, why?」

Hirose finally calms down and speaks. Why do you have to ask that twice? And why do you have to look around after?

Well, she’s not wrong to have that suspicion. Even if you’re a high school student, you won’t usually go to the children’s corner.

 「I have an elementary schooler cousin and it will be her birthday this golden week. It seems like she will come and play so I’m looking for a present for her.」

「Little cousin’s birthday huh, but why in a bookstore?」

「I thought of giving her a book since I can’t give her something expensive. Though I think it’s a waste of time since I don’t know what’s popular among elementary schoolers.」

What do elementary schoolers read nowadays? I think when I was in elementary school, serious and not serious stories about foxes were pretty popular. At least I read them a lot.

「That sounds like a good idea but, do elementary schoolers read books that much?」

That said, the restrained Akari-chan pulled my uniform, hey.

If I’m not wearing a uniform, I’d be completely okay.

「Oneechan, oneechan, what about asking Takun?」

「Ah, right. My little brother’s age is close to Amane’s little cousin, why don’t we ask him?」

How many brothers and sisters does the Hirose family have? Hirose, little sister-san, little brother, and Akari-chan, that’s 4. Are there more? I’m going to lose track of it soon.

「Ah, neechan, you’re here. I’ve been looking for you.」

A cheeky little boy showed up this time.

「Hey, what do elementary schoolers read?」

「I don’t know, I don’t read much. Playing tag is better.」

The answer to Hirose’s question is not helpful at all. Hirose can only smile bitterly. There’s no point in looking for books….that’s what I thought.

「Who is this person?」

「He said he knows oneechan.」

The little brother replied “Uhuh” as if not interested.

「I’m hungry. I’m hungry.」

Akari-chan began to whine. Looking at the watch, it is around 6 o’clock. Maa, it’s not strange that she’s hungry.

「Look at the time. I also have to decide where to eat dinner so please excuse me.」

「A-ano, would you like to eat with us? Maa, we’ll eat at a famires*.」

TN: Family restaurant

I was surprised by that unexpected invitation but it seems like it’s not only me. The twin-tailed little sister-san looked very surprised too.

「Niichan, are you going to eat with us?」

Little brother-kun seems to be looking forward to it. Even though he was uninterested in me a while ago. He’s fast at changing opinions. Perhaps because he’s only with females.

「Ah, are you going to eat with Yuna-chan? I guess you can’t.」

「No, Yuna went to stay with her friend. I’m free.」

“It’s decided!” said Hirose without minding how the twin-tailed little sister-san stares at her. She took Akari-chan’s hand and started walking. I’m left with the surprised little sister-san and the happy younger brother-kun.

「Niichan, what are you going to eat? I want a hamburger.」

「I’ll have to check what they have there first. Come on, follow me or you’ll get separated.」

While walking, little brother-kun begins to talk with me.

Perhaps she’s asking me to play with her little brother-kun. Maa, I guess it’s too hard for her to take care of a four-year-old and an elementary schooler at the same time.

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