Chapter 10

At Hirose’s suggestion, whom I met by chance, I had dinner with the Hirose siblings but let me ask you something. How did it come to this?

Akari-chan is on my right while little brother-kun is on my left. In front are Hirose and little sister-san. Could I be an actual member of the Hirose family too?

「She has completely taken a liking to you, hasn’t she?」

「Ah, yeah.」

When we were on our way here, I gave Akari-chan a piggyback ride after she refused to walk and almost angered Hirose. Presently, she still hasn’t let go of my hand even though we’re already seated.

「Akari, Takuya, don’t bother Amane, okay?」


I heard energetic replies from my left and right but she’s still holding my hand. Maa, we’re not eating yet so I guess it’s okay.

「By the way, Amane, what happened to your work?」

「It’s all over. I can welcome the holiday with peace of mind.」

「Oneechan and Amane-san are like mother and father.」

「W-what are you talking about, Iori?」

Hirose’s face turned bright red in embarrassment. By the way, they said that their parents have a date today. By the way, clerk-san, it seems like the air conditioning here is not working, can you check it out?

「Oneechan, in contrast with how you look, you’re a complete beginner.」

Hirose’s little sister, Iori, started teasing her. I’m sorry Hirose, my hands are full with the little ones.

An indescribable atmosphere spreads across the table.

I hope Iori-chan’s offensive won’t head here.

「Thank you for waiting.」

The waitress came at the right time.

Nice timing!


After the food was served, there’s not much conversation since everyone’s focused on eating. “Hey Akari, don’t spill it.” Hirose was looking after Akari-chan. When she wipes her mouth, they look like a mother and daughter. It’s enough for everyone else who doesn’t know they are sisters to mistook them as mother and daughter.

I thought at that time, “Ah, this is so different when she’s in the classroom.”.

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The meal was over before I knew it and by the time we left the restaurant, it was completely dark.

「Where do you live?」

「Just a short bus ride from the station.」

「Then, I’ll go with you to the bus stop.」

Akari-chan is sleeping comfortably on my back. Even though she’s just 4 years old, she’s quite heavy when she’s sleeping.

「She’s heavy, right?」

「Well, a little but still lighter than a junior high schooler who sleeps in the kotatsu.」

Once Yuna falls asleep in the kotatsu, it will be hard to have her go back to her room.

I can try waking her up but she won’t wake up and would just say “take me” and climb on my back and then, start sleeping on my back. I won’t let her catch a cold so I won’t leave her on the kotatsu. I’ll bring her to her room but my back will hurt for a while so I’ll appreciate it if she’ll give me a break.

「If she’s too heavy, just tell me and I’ll carry her.」

It’s not that hard and we’re almost at the bus stop.

「I’m fine.」

「That’s good if that’s the truth. Today, Iori was supposed to be in charge of cooking but it seems like her club has something to do. It was decided that we’ll just eat out.」

Iori-chan and Takuya-kun have gone ahead so there’s only the three of us now.

「We don’t eat out that much so I guess she got tired because she talked a lot with Amane.」

Hirose said that with a gentle smile while patting Akari-chan on my back. I couldn’t help but fall in love with that smile so I immediately said something to hide it.

「Then, wouldn’t it be better if I wasn’t there?」

「It’s fine since Akari and Takuya were talking happily with you. They only have older sisters so I guess they were happy to have a cool older brother.」

I know it’s just a figure of speech but my cheeks can’t help but loosen.

I hate my too simple self. Calm down. She only confessed to me because of a punishment game. And I know how I look since I look at my face every morning in the mirror. Don’t misunderstand.

「Since the two of them are having fun, I’m sure Iori’s not upset.」

「You sound like an older sister.」

“Eh?” Hirose was surprised with what I said.

「No, I mean, you look at things from an elder sister’s perspective. I think it’s a good thing.」

Hirose said “I see” and then fell silent for a long time.

If I try to force a conversation, it will be awkward like that time when we walked home together. However, compared to what happened before, I feel comfortable.

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