Chapter 44 – Of course, a Shadow in Battle!

—the next day.

「Areh? Where are the hand-riding rabbits? I haven’t seen anyone of them today.」

After completing my farm work, I asked Sonja.

「Fufufu. They are out, hunting desu yo.」

「Eh? All of them?」

Normally, half of the hand-riding rabbits will stay with Sonja in the name of guarding the queen.

No, to be precise, to do things for Sonja.

「I heard it from Maria desu yo. Our family budget is in a pinch desu♪」

Sonja said that while lying on the sofa in the living room and looking at the offering box catalog.


I froze on the spot.

These girls….are really good girls.

「Fufufu. We discussed it together and decided that in the end desu yo. 」

Sonja pointed her head after saying so.

It seems like she wants me to pat her head but she’s the queen so she basically does nothing but eat.

The hand riding rabbits are great but she’s not.

I mean, they have a bit of bourgeois…perhaps there will be a coup d’etat someday.

When the elf queen showed up before, they immediately wanted to run away since it’s not related to carrots. They don’t seem to see their queen’s majesty at all.

「Eh? Are you not going to pet me? 」

Ah, no. She’s getting teary-eyed.

It’s just like at night but if I ignore her like this….there will be trouble.

When she’s in a bad mood, she’ll puff her cheeks and when you try to talk to her, all she’ll say is “I’m pouting right now desu! I’m pouting right now desu!”.

The good thing is, you can just leave her alone for three days and once she gets bored, she’ll treat you normally again.

「Ufufufu. Being pet feels great desu ne. 」

While I’m petting Sonja, I heard the sound of someone knocking on the door.

「Oh? Arisa? Is today the day you’ll pick up the materials? 」

「No no. 」

Arisa shook her head and came into the living room. Then, she began to spread her luggage on the table.

「Since you talked about a dismantling shed, I brought a lot of tools. 」

Saw, various types of knives, grinding stones, tongs.

She spread them on the cloth laid on the table.

「This will be our dismantling set. I was more of an assistant to a party, you know. I’ve been a non-combatant member of different parties so I can do all sorts of non-combat chores. 」

「Areh? But, aren’t you pretty strong yourself? 」

“Haha” Arisa laughed.

「Like I said, I’ve been a member of different parties. I’ve been in a few parties in my life but I’ve never shown my ability to anyone. 」


「Nothing is more valuable than life! If they knew my ability, they’ll force me to fight!」

Arisa said proudly while she sticks out her thin chest.

「I’m like a hawk that hides its claws! The moment the party is in danger, the best choice is to flee the scene!」

「Is that something you should be proud of?」

You’re such a selfish woman.

「However, why did you show us your skills when we were in the elf village?」

Arisa’s cheeks suddenly turned vermillion red.

「Tatsuya-nii has seen everything… have seen everything there is to see in me. Will there be a point in hiding…..」

Maa, I guess that’s true.

However, I don’t feel bad about you being honest with me about something that no one else knows.

「So, this is our dismantling set. Where should I put them?」

「The dismantling shed has yet to be built. When Ouroboros, who’s currently washing clothes in the river, comes back, let’s have her decide where to put them temporarily.」

And then, Arisa smiled at me.

「Are you free today until dusk tomorrow?」

「Yeah, I’m free today. As for tomorrow, I’ll be as free tomorrow too. But I might think of doing something so might be busy.」

「Which is it?」

「There’s no immediate farm work to be done but there’s no end to what needs to be done in the future.」

「I guess it’s settled then.」

As she said that, Arisa grabbed my arm and hugged it. She pressed it against her chest with my elbow in a folded position.

「Oi, what are you doing?」

「Tatsuya-nii, why don’t you go out to town with me for a while for a date?」

「A date?」

「I’d like to apologize for ripping you off. I’m going to buy you all kinds of drinks.」

Maa, I guess it would be great to be treated with a meal or two.

Come to think of it, our daily necessities were also running out.

Basically, we have Arisa to buy goods in the city for us but she can only carry as much in one go. I also wanted to see the market of the city.

Yes, I can order anything I like using the offering box but that’s such a gold-eating thing so it’s not as good as buying in the market.

「Okay. Then, let’s go. Hey, Sonja, want to come too?」

Sonja, who was lying on the sofa, turned her face to me and laughed meaningfully.

「Fufufu.I have some work to do later desu yo.」

Hnn? Work?

Sonja, who has always believed that to work is to lose, is going to work….?

I was wondering what she meant but at that moment, Arisa glared at Sonja.


「Ahahaha. I….said something stupid desu」

It’s pretty obvious. These girls seem to be hiding something from me.

Maa, it doesn’t really matter.

「Then, let’s take Ouroboros with us. The only thing she had are the maid clothes from the demon world.」

Well, she still had her behind the scene oneesan clothes.

As for Maria, she has a high-exposure bikini armor.

I wonder if demons prefer those kinds of clothes. No, Cornelia is completely different from them.

「Ouroboros-san has something to do desu yo」

「Hnn? Ouroboros?」

「Maria too. By the way, Katya included.」

Sonja laughs.

I mean, there is obviously something happening.

「I already expected you to be terrible but…..」

Arisa can only hold her head after hearing Sonja.

It seems like she no longer has the intention to hide whatever they’re hiding from me….

「Maa, let’s just go to the city with the two of us.」

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