Chapter 83 – What is a Curse…Result of Too Much Heat (2)

How to prevent a devil summoning?

To summon a devil, you need….a magic circle.

If you want to prevent the summoning, it is best not to make a magic circle.

However, I don’t know a thing about magic circles.

When a person or an object is cursed, there is a source of that curse.

I should be able to get rid of it by doing something to the source.

The problem is the devil summoning.


Anyway, in case of devil summoning, it should start with offering a sacrifice.

Sacrifice, what a scary word.

I mean, being sacrificed is very dangerous.

Too evil.

I have to do something about it.

I don’t know what a magic circle looks like so I’ll just imagine it as a black stone.

If someone ever tries to sacrifice to the black stone, I’ll have them fall asleep because I wouldn’t feel too good to have them die.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

I don’t know what kind of technique or how do they perform that sacrificial ritual but for now, I’ll have the perpetrator sleep.

And they should also forget how to do it….good.

I don’t want anyone to go through the sacrificial ritual again so I decided to go for it.


It’s so hot I want to be in the river.


Now, I have to think on how to deal with the curse. It’s a pain so I’ll just imagine it as the same black stone.

I want to attack the source but I’m afraid of being counterattacked.

I’m afraid of the curse.

So let’s return the curse to the black stone itself.

And please forgive me if I add the torment that my companions underwent.


As for the method to prevent the curse from increasing….as soon as the curse goes out of the black stone, I’ll send it back.

In addition, I’ll lock it up so it can’t come out.


…..I think it would be better to prevent it from being created than preventing it from coming out, right?

Ah, let’s imagine that the black stone can’t create a curse.

That would be better.


If I lock it up or seal it inside, it will look like a stone in a Japanese shrine.

A black stone with rope around it….maa, I guess that’s possible too.

I don’t know what it is but I’m sure anyone will be surprised if they suddenly see a shimenawa decorating it.


Then, is the technique of summoning a devil related to 666?

No, I can’t mess up my imagination.


Let’s start over.

For the devil summoning.

If someone tried to hurt the sacrifice, put the perpetrator to sleep, and have him forget it!

For the curse.

Don’t create curse.

Ah, that was easy.

Now, start imagining it.

「What am I supposed to do? Exterminate the curse.」

Ah, that’s right, I have to execute it.

So, I’m going to execute it on the black stone, right?

Then, to the black stone it is.


I was wrapped in light but it disappeared in a moment.



My consciousness suddenly became clear.

Areh? I’m….a little dehydrated.

It seems like time has progressed while I was thinking about something.

….Hnn? I was thinking about something important but, what was it?


No, hydrate first, hydrate first.


I haven’t slept well these last few days since it’s so hot.

I might have been in danger.

….by the way, it seems like I activated some kind of magic.



Ah? Is it related to devils?

Or rather, why am I thinking of a devil in the first place?


Let’s go to bed early today.

After making the room cool with magic, I slept.


—Scene Change—


The farming corps is harvesting.

…..I joined after lowering the temperature around me a little using magic to make working more comfortable.

I worked hard.

I was sluggish because I worked hard.

Or rather, I could have continued working if I used magic from the start.

I was too late to notice.


After that, I tried my best to remember but I couldn’t figure out the magic I casted.

My mind was foggy because of dehydration and my memory seemed to have jumbled up.

I was thinking about the curse then I suddenly came up with devil.

And exterminating devil too?

I can’t remember.


If something is to happen….I’ll pretend I don’t know and ask for forgiveness.

Yeah, I didn’t do it on purpose so let’s do that.


—Scene Change—

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Is harvesting really this hard?

Harvest, harvest, and more harvest. There’s no end to this.

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