Chapter 2.18 – Door to the Rotten World

The room was filled with silence with only the occasional sound of Cornelia turning a page of the manuscript can be heard. Eseria and Milan are both clenching their fists the whole time. When Milan can no longer handle the tension, his white face already turned blue, Cornelia raises her face quietly and looks at Eseria.



「You wrote this, didn’t you?」


That moment, Cornelia put the manuscript in her hand on the table in front of her and raised a cheer of joy.

「Wonderful, Eseria! You are truly a genius!!」


「You are lying, aren’t you?」

Milan was stunned with those words of praise but Cornelia continued to speak with an ecstatic tone.

「You easily break the stereotype that love can only happen between men and women, and the anguished the reason why it will never be blessed by the public. While recognizing the sense of immorality, the fragility, and weakness of being unable to suppress desire, in addition to the conflict and karma between the relationship of the elder sister and her fiancé, everything’s so deep….I can’t believe that you are only nine years old when you delved so deeply into something like this and even successfully writing it up! How talented are you!? Your level of intellect is too high that genius might not be enough to describe you!!」

Eseria was pulled by her sister’s assertion and scream.

「That….I indeed thought so deeply and write it after….」

「Listening to what Cornelia-sama has said, it sounds like a very dignified piece of literature but is it really that kind of story? I can’t understand it at all.」

The confused Milan whispered to Eseria but Cornelia’s insistence with an extreme tone continued.

「And although the name and age are different, Rihanna should have been modeled from me, right?」


「She found it out as expected!」

Milan was in tears but Cornelia continued talking in a good mood and a flushed face.

「As expected! My heart was already pounding in the middle! Because what’s written here is not something you can say to anyone even if it is a mistake!」


The two thought Cornelia’s going to get angry until they saw Cornelia’s twinkling eyes. Cornelia continued to speak with the two in a good mood without noticing their bewilderment.

「” I’ll be seated at the same table as this filthy stray dog!?” as I throw wine on Najek’s face with rage. “Are you saying that I’m inferior to a man!? Shameless! Crawl on the floor and ask for forgiveness!!” I’m already excited just imagining I’m saying that to Ryell-sama while holding my fan….」


While Cornelia was saying those with an entranced expression, Milan tried to escape. Eseria, on the other hand, tried to speak with her sister carefully.

「A-ano….the models of those characters are indeed anii-sama and Ryell-sama….」

Cornelia looked at her sister’s face who looked like she offended her. She then talks to her.

「No, Eseria, don’t make that expression. You have no intention of harming them, right? You just took them in a setting that wasn’t possible in their normal lives and behavioral patterns.」

「……do you think so?」

「I’ll read it to the end, what do you think?」

「Please, continue.」

Eseria barely managed to reply to her sister. Milan whispered to her.

「Eseria-sama, I feel like something has changed in Cornelia-sama….」

While looking at her older sister who was lost in the world of reading, Eseria replied.

「Yeah… seems like this has opened the door to the rotten world for her. She can no longer turn back….」

「I don’t understand what you are saying. What is the rotten world? And would the duke be mad for recommending something strange to Cornelia-sama?」

「I’ll deal with it when the time comes.」

「You already knew and still took the defiant attitude!」

Milan, who somehow recovered his vigor, was stunned and angry at Eseria but there, Cornelia raised her face and said something she remembered.

「Eseria, when you print this out to a book, I want one like always. When I get called to a tea party, I’ll bring it with me and recommend it to my friends.」

「……yes. I’ll make sure you’ll have a copy and thank you very much for promoting it.」

「I’ll look forward to it! I will take my leave. Alana, are you not going?」

Cornelia, who had just finished reading the manuscript until the end, stood up in a good mood but at this point, she finally noticed an anomaly.

「Ara? Alana’s not here?」

「Misty’s not here either….Milan, do you know anything?」

Following her sister, Eseria also looked around the room and noticed that her maid was also not there. However, Milan shook his head.

「Well….I saw Misty sitting on the floor just now.」

「Misty was sick? Did Alana bring her out?」

「That might be the case.」

The three were convinced with that conclusion. Then, there was someone who knocked on the door. Rozea, the head maid, entered the room and greeted them.

「Cornelia-sama, Eseria-sama. Alana and Misty are relieved of their duties today due to significant mental fatigue. Please wait a little and we’ll dispatch new maids that will replace them.」

「I understand. However, what do you mean mental fatigue? They were working normally earlier.」

「Both of them are muttering something incomprehensible. Even I don’t understand what they are saying.」

「I see. Understood. Thank you for your hard work.」

Cornelia was confused and has no clue on what would make them that way. Eseria and Mila did not say anything and quietly see Rozea bow and leave.

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