Chapter 84 – Dire Wolf Chai (2)

-POV of Chai, who was mistaken for a dog-

His lordship is harvesting with the golems.

Honestly, it’s a mysterious spectacle.

The golems are here to work for his lordship.

His lordship working with them is just too strange.


Until a while ago, his lordship seemed to be feeling a little ill and everyone was worried.

He’s using too much magical power after all.

We were afraid that he would collapse so we made sure that there should be at least one who’s by his side to check on him.


Now, his current appearance is close to his previous problem-free state.

His magical power must have calmed down.

And that’s good.


But I was surprised by what happened a few days ago.

A huge amount of magical power was suddenly released by his lordship.

I never thought that I would see so much magical power in my whole life.

I was surprised not only by the quantity but also the quality of the magical power.

The magical power was pure without any turbidity.

I’m constantly amazed by his lordship.

However, I’m not only surprised, I’m also frightened.

If you lose all your magical power at once, your life would be in danger.

My head went blank for a moment.


While everyone was gathering at the river, his lordship calmly gets out of the river and drinks some water.

He seemed to be thinking about something but when he saw us gathered there, he was surprised.

I guess it’s probably because everyone in the house had gathered there.

For the next few days, no one left our home except those who went hunting.

Everyone’s still worried.


However, our daily lives are slowly returning to their previous routine.

His lordship is also returning to the way he was before he got sick.

The magical power flowing inside the barrier is as calm and gentle as usual. It can be said that there’s no problem.

I stared at his lordship once again, I guess he’s fine now.


Perhaps the balance in his body broke because large amount of magical power was needed to expand the barrier.

I don’t know what’s the cause of the mass release of magical power but it may have been necessary to retain the balance.

Maa, as long as his lordship is fine, there would be no problem.


—Scene Change-


I’m going hunting with Koa-san today.

As usual, we hunted several prey quickly and returned home.

「His lordship has not sent any image.」

The first person his lordship met was Koa-san.

After Koa-san, he met me with Koa-san’s companions.

In the early days, his lordship used to send us images.

He couldn’t understand what we were saying and neither could we.

I guess that’s the reason he’s sending us images of important things.

When he wants to tell us something important, he’ll send us images. However, the number of images he’s sending is decreasing day by day and now, he’s using hand gestures.

I’m not complaining though.

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「It is probably his lordship’s kindness. Being forcibly sent with images inside the head is a burden to the one receiving. 」


If an image is sent unexpectedly, the receiver will be damaged or burdened.

But we’re okay with it.

「Chai, our connection has not broken. 」

….I was read by Koa-san.

Even if it is one way, I feel a strong connection with his lordship.

I’m sad that it’s gone.

「I know but… 」

「Maa, I certainly feel a little lonely. 」

Koa-san laughed and started running with her prey floating in the air.

As I follow her, I can’t get it out of my mind.

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    1. otakukamikazes

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