Chapter 11

The weekend is over and it is currently Monday. Only three days left until the long holidays.

If I skip school for three days, my holiday would have been extended to five days including weekends but I decided to come to school. I didn’t know what Miyano-sensei would make me do after my vacation so I’ll only be depressed then.

I walked into the classroom door and headed for my desk.

I’ve been feeling a lot of stares this morning. Did I do something? I don’t know. They are staring at me like I’m a cheat-wielding protagonist in another world. Unfortunately, this is the real world and in my case, I’m not even good-looking, much less a cheat wielder. Do I look more gloomy today? Or did I have a bird shit on me or something? Areh? I don’t have bird shit on me, right?

「Amane, when did you become a father?」

As soon as I sat down, Shinozaki asked me that.

「Good morning Shinozaki. That’s a very unusual greeting. The pronunciation is very similar to Japanese but, where is it used?」

「Sorry, good morning.」

「So, what’s up?」

Shinozaki has the kind of brain that would get him red marks in any subject but he’s the kind of person that judges things calmly and he also hates rumors. As soon as Shinozaki said that, all the boys in the class strangely became more vigilant as if awaiting an interesting rumor.

「No, it’s about this.」

Shinozaki showed his cellphone to me. On the screen is the most common app that high school students use. A photo is projected on the screen. It was a photograph of Hirose and me walking together with Akari-chan on my back.

「This was posted in the group chat of the boys of this class.」

What is that? Why don’t I know about it? I’m also a boy in this class. Maa, it’s not like I’ll even bother to look at it even if I’m in.

I’m not sad!

I tried to say that in my mind like a tsundere girl but I’m only left with emptiness.

Well, that picture was taken last Friday when we were walking towards the bus stop after having dinner with the Hirose siblings. However, only Hirose and I are in that photo and it’s kind of dark so we’re kind of unrecognizable. In this kind of situation, the best thing to do is to play dumb.

「Are you saying that it’s me? Isn’t that another person that looks similar?」

「Well, I thought so too but can you say the same with this next picture?」

He slides his finger on the screen and the next photo comes out.

High school students these days have good phones, aren’t they?

No, there’s no point to escape reality. That photo is a clear photo of me and the Hirose siblings at the family restaurant. There’s no point in pretending I don’t know. This obviously shows that the couple in the previous photo are indeed me and Hirose given our accessories.

However, don’t high schoolers have the concept of privacy? This is obviously a violation of privacy.

「By the way, one of our classmates was a part-timer in that diner and he’s the one who took your order. You didn’t seem to notice though.」

「Haa, the one I’m carrying on my back was Hirose-san’s little sister. I met them by chance after school and we had dinner together at her suggestion. If you think I’m lying, ask Hirose-san.」

I said that and plopped down on my desk. I’ve been feeling a lot of stares inside the classroom since a while ago and I don’t think I can stand long if they are all listening too. I don’t know why people are so interested in finding out about other people’s affairs. They even started taking pictures….

If it had been Shinozaki instead of me, it would have been a bigger deal and the rest of the class would have to come to the hallway to watch and listen. Thinking about it, I’m glad I’m not popular.

「Good morning Amane. You too, Shinozaki-kun.」

It was Hirose, the other person of interest, who spoke to the slumping me. The classroom becomes noisier.

「Ah, good morning.」

「Hirose-san, good morning.」

When I looked around thinking why she’s not with Ashi-san today, I found Ashi-san in a bad mood and the other cronies trying to appease her. That group seems to be difficult to belong to.

「Amane, this is from Akari and Takuya. They want to play with you again.」

I sat up and got a very cute envelope from Hirose. When I opened it, I found two pieces of paper with words saying they wanted to play with drawings.

「I’ll play with them. Just let me know when can I meet them.」

「You two, what are you talking about? Does that have to do with this picture?」

Shinozaki interrupts me and Hirose while showing the photo of us.

「Eh, what. That picture…」

「It’s from the other day. It seems like some idiot who doesn’t know anything about privacy took that photo and circulate it.」

「How dare he! I’m with Amane.」

If you’re at my side, then it’s great. I know that a lot of people are interested in this kind of topic. It’s a shame that I can’t say it directly. I don’t know who took this photo in the first place. But well, I bet he’s currently in this classroom.

However, the fact that Shinozaki publicly said that he’s on my side seems to be quite effective. This guy’s popularity with girls is off the chart. From the point of view of a high school boy at our age who doesn’t want to be disliked by girls, the fact that Shinozaki, who’s popular with girls, said that he was evil is like being told by the girls that he’s evil. At least that’s what I think.

「But who’s that little girl in this picture?」

「Ah, that’s my youngest sister. She fell asleep so Amane helped me carry her.」

「Amane, when did you become their family’s man?」

Shinozaki, don’t say unnecessary things. The others around finally understood the situation so don’t add an issue.

「He’s not. At least not yet.」

Not yet. What do you mean? I almost misunderstood but thinking about the future, anything can happen.

As if to help me, who’s drowning in foolish thoughts, the bell rang to announce the start of the morning HR.

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