Chapter 85 – Harvesting is Hard Work….Digging the Basement!

The arduous task of harvesting is getting to me.

My back hurts.

My arms hurt.

I’m so tired.

After coming to this world, I have never been tired but now, I’m tired.

Half sitting to harvest is killing me especially when I bend!

Praise me for enduring this!


Why did Karen suddenly rub herself on me?

Could it be that she’s healing me?

Thank you.

Hugging Mira and fluffy tightly feels great.

….why are Mira’s companion coming to me?

I was healed by hugging everyone tightly.


The farming corps have brought a lot of vegetables and some of them have already been proven to be edible. Now, we’ve harvested quite a lot.

Because of that, there’s a little shortage of storage room.

…..not really a little but it’s not enough at all.

How much did you harvest?



The place I was taken by the farming corps was the fruit forest….

I see. You are harvesting here too.

It’s certainly not a surprise that we ran out.

However, why is the farming corps stocking so much?

Is it necessary?


? Next?….I’m not sure what the farming corps is trying to tell me.


Maa, I wonder what it is.

Okay, I’ll accompany you.


They are telling me about the grapes harvest.


Let’s prepare wine.

Wine is easy to make.

If you count barrels aside.


—Scene Change—


I gave up making barrels.

It’s impossible to make. I tried using magic, tried making a small one but water still leaks.

I gave up so I looked for a big tree.

I cut it down and cut 1 meter of its trunk and hollowed the inside with magic.

I made it look like a barrel and put a hole in the hollow trunk and made a cork for it too.

I made….43 pieces of those.

I used a pretty big tree.


Grapes have natural yeasts on their skin and they can be used to make wine.

In short, the only thing I need to do is to crush it, put it in a barrel, put the cork in, and store it.


I filled 38 but there are 3 kinds of grapes.

I only tasted 1 of those 3, is this alright?

Ah, let’s believe in the farming corps.

….I should expand the basement since we’ve run out of storage room.


—Scene Change—


Though I’m motivated….I’m only cutting rocks to a moderate-size one with magic and move it out.

I’m almost not moving my body. I only imagine and use magical power.

However, I’ll work hard.

Cut and move, cut and move….this repetitive work is tiring.

But I’ll work hard.

Now, the 1st basement is 3 times larger than the original.

I got carried away.


I didn’t plan carefully and just expanded the basement. Now, it has become a big mess.

I thought this place might collapse so I made pillars in the middle and reinforced them.

….I was still worried so I reinforced the whole house to make sure it won’t collapse.


I’m glad to hear that both the one eyes and the farming corps are happy.

We built more storage rooms and a wine storage room.

There’s still plenty of space of course.

I’d be scared if there wasn’t.


When I went outside, I found a huge number of chunks of rocks in the square.

…..what should I do with it?

Anyway, I processed the rocks and laid them like cobblestones on the path leading from my house to the outside.

It didn’t decrease.


Next, I tried to make a new hole near the house just right next to Shuri’s hole and the flying lizard’s hole but they declined.

Perhaps because there’s not enough room underground.

I’ve expanded the basement floor too much.

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What should I do now?

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