Chapter 86 – Mage of a Certain Country 2

-Emperors Kingdom, High Mage’s POV-

Slaves with tense expressions are lining up in front of me.

Their lives are necessary to repair the crack of the magic stone.

This is a necessary ritual because the magic stone needs to be restored to its original state.

However, there is an unknown feeling spreading through my heart.

This day arrived without me being able to know what it is.


The first batch of slaves was 100 and the number will increase depending on the condition of the crack.

Slaves are being forced to bear children in this country and all of them fall into that category.

They are born to become slaves.

They will either be disposable warriors or research materials.

Born slaves are always given compulsory work and are at the bottom-most layer of this country.

It is common knowledge in this country.

The people of this nation know that slaves are not human beings unlike themselves.

On the contrary, there are many people who think that they are a necessity in order for their lives to be better.


All those who have objected have been publicly executed as examples.

Presently, no one would dare raise their voice no matter what their heart tells them.

That’s how this country works.


The slaves we gathered are all under the age of 15.

They were wounded by a knife on their arms and were thrown into the magic circle as if objects.

Because of slavery magic, they won’t be able to resist but you can see with their expression how miserable they feel.


I can feel the chief mage arriving next to me.

The investigation of the cause of the problem has been a waste of time and has yielded no result.

He will eventually eat the wrath of the king.


 The magic circle begins to glow black.

I sighed and turned around to leave the room.

The next thing that will happen is an ivy showing up from the magic circle that will stab the slaves to death one by one.

Then, it will pull the slaves into the magic circle.

I can already imagine that happening next.

It is something I’ve seen a number of times after all.


The moment I tried to step out.

White light attacks the room.

I hear screams everywhere.

I wondered what had happened.

I waited for the light to disappear and after I regained my normal eyesight, I looked around.


That’s the voice of the chief mage.

Indeed, what happened.

The mages around the magic stone all have fallen.

The slaves were looking around wondering what had happened.

I visually checked them but it seems like no slave has lost its life.


I tried to speak with the chief mage but he’s staring at something.

I followed his gaze.

An unknown object is tying up the magic stone.

It is something I’ve never seen before.

I don’t know what it is but I know it is not just a thing.


Suddenly I heard groans.

It seems like those mages who had fallen have woken up.

I rushed up to them and asked them.

When they saw me, they looked very frightened.


Knights who noticed that something happened rushed into the room.

I’m relieved a little when I saw them.


A knight gave instruction to take the mages out.

At that time, I remembered those mages were acting a little strange so I thought I should visit them later.

I arranged the slaves to be moved back to their original place and prioritized handling the situation first.


However, there’s nothing we could do about the magic stone.

And we have to report this incident to the king.

However, I’m sure no one can accurately explain what had occurred.

Even so, I’m sure something happened to the magic stone.


—Scene Change—


The face of the king turned blue after hearing the report of the chief mage.

After that, he also reported that the mages lost their memory.

The king can only stare at the chief mage with his eyes wide open. The audience hall fell silent.


This country has made a mistake. 

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